10 Highest Celebrity Monthly Expenses

The rich and famous aren’t always shy about spending. While there are those who do budget their money, others are known for their frequent, extravagant splurges. However, the extent of their spending isn’t always obvious until perusing over their monthly bills, which aren’t always available for public viewing, but which at times become accessible through, for example, legal documents obtained through divorce proceedings.

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We are not trying to judge them. They work hard for their millions, and their extravagant finances come at a huge cost in many instances. Still, many fans are curious as to what the lifestyle of the rich and the famous really costs. Here are 10 of the most expensive celeb monthly bills.

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10 Erika Jayne

She insists it’s ‘part of her job’. Still, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne spends a whole lot each month. At least she is upfront about how much. She tallies her monthly expenses at $40 000 each month. This amount covers mostly clothes and shoes, and the upkeep of her professional appearance. I suppose it is part of her job… but still!

9 Kim Kardashian

Most fans would expect Kim to have a high monthly bill. The star is just so flawless in appearance and everything about her is glitzy. Legal documents obtained from her divorce with Kris Humphries reveal Kim’s monthly expenses at $44 000.

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That’s probably one of the highest monthly bills of the rich and famous. This high figure was given in 2014 so who knows what she spends now! The trendy star spends as much as $27 250 on clothes, and just $6 000 for travel.

8 Johnny Depp

Divorce documents belonging to Johnny Depp reveal he accumulated a monthly bill of $2-million a month while he was married to Amber Heard. Shockingly, $30 000 of this expenditure went to wine alone. Still, it would seem Depp has a big heart for others. He spent $150 000 a month on security for his children and his team of 40 staff members collectively enjoyed a handsome monthly salary pay-out of $300 000.

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It would seem Depp has it made when considering these figures. However, the star is rumored to be $40-million in debt!

7 Jennifer Aniston

She’s beautiful and stylish and well-groomed. However, this flaw-free façade of Jennifer Aniston’s hasn’t come without cost. The talented actress spends $8 000 per month on her diet and skincare alone! This amounts to many, many workouts and skincare treatments.

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No-one has yet gotten hold of her monthly bill but this high figure of $8 000 gives an indication of what it might be. Of this amount, $3 500 goes towards yoga sessions, $2 700 towards dietary services, and $350 towards monthly rejuvenating serum.

6 Beyoncé

Estimates of Beyoncé’s monthly expenses put her monthly rent at $500 000, and her monthly travel costs at $75 000. This travel expenditure is focused specifically on jet rental. Beyoncé also has a live-in chef, whom she pays a handsome monthly salary of $7 500 and a publicist (monthly salary of $10 000). Her net worth is around $350-million, so it would come as no surprise than that she has a bodyguard, who is paid $8 000 a month by the starlet to keep her and her asset’s safe.

5 Britney Spears

She might have taken a bit of a backseat as far as being in the limelight is concerned but Britney Spears’ financial expenditure, it would seem, is going as strong as ever. Legal documents put the singing star’s monthly expenditure at $150 008.

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Of this, $10 250 is for utility bills, $17 000 for transportation costs, $16 000 for clothes, and $4 758 for takeaway food. This exorbitant expenditure was revealed during her and beau Kevin Federline’s divorce.

4 Amber Heard

Johnny Depp might be an extravagant spender – but it looks like his former wife, Amber Heard, is hot on his heels. Her monthly expenditure tallies at around $43 700, with as much as $2 000 of this being used solely to eat out! And she is so skinny! Court documents show she spends $2 000 on monthly groceries and ‘household items’. Still, while her monthly expenditure is so high… court records shows her average income to be around $10 000. Let’s hope she doesn’t go into debt, as husband Depp did.

3 Mike Tyson

Boxer Mike Tyson is serious about staying big and strong, but it would seem he is as committed to keeping his pet Bengal Tigers, as muscular and lithe as he is. His monthly expenditure on food for the tigers is estimated at around $15 000 each month. That’s around $5 000 per tiger.

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He spends around $200 000 each year on food for them. And that’s just his tigers. One has to wonder how much the man of steel spends on his own food, and on his training expenses.

2 Shaquille O’Neal

‘Hey Big Spender!’, that well-known song, could very well have been written for Shaq who spends $12,775 each month on just food alone, according to legal documents. The avid traveler spends $110,505 on vacations each month, and around R23 950 on clothes.

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Still, it would seem he has his priorities straight: $60,417 goes towards gifts each month and R46 500 towards child care. We sure would not mind getting a gift from the star! He also spends a staggering $468 245 each month on mortgage payments on three houses, making him possibly one of the biggest spenders on the celeb list.

1 Linda Hogan

One has to take their hat off to Linda Hogan who, despite exorbitant expenses on her monthly bills, according to divorce documents, clearly shows a love for animals and a warm, fuzzy heart. When she got divorced from Hulk Hogan, the papers showed that each month, she spends around $1 374 for pet expenses. This is a greater amount than she spends on her own grooming, which is estimated at $801 per month. It is very clear that Linda cares quite a bit about her pets.

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