Strictly’s Gorka Marquez captures sweet family moment with baby Mia

Gorka Marquez is one proud papa! The Strictly Come Dancing star treated fans to a sweet family snapshot this week, as he enjoyed some precious downtime with girlfriend Gemma Atkinson and their baby daughter Mia. The Instagram photo shows the proud parents doting on their little girl as she lays in her mum's arms, playing with a set of interlocking colourful rings. "Nothing better than sharing coffee and a slice of cake with my favourite girls," Gorka, 29, captioned the picture.

Gorka Marquez has shared a sweet family photo with his fans

It's a special time of year for Gorka and Gemma; not only are they gearing up for little Mia's very first Christmas, and their first as a family of three, but Gemma is set to return to Strictly to take part in the Christmas special. Confirming the exciting news this week, 34-year-old Gemma said: "I had the absolute best time on Strictly and it completely changed my life so I am absolutely overjoyed to be returning to the dancefloor this Christmas with a new challenge, and of course to be back with the gang!" Of course, the icing on the cake would be if Gemma was partnered up with Gorka on the show – but there is also a possibility that the couple could go head-to-head and compete against each other on the dancefloor. A Strictly spokesperson has confirmed that "the professional dancers and pairings will be revealed in due course".

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Gemma Atkinson has confirmed she will dance in the Strictly Christmas special

Other famous faces set to take part in the festive special include Chizzy Akudolu, Debbie McGee, Joe Sugg, Mark Wright, and Richard Arnold. Joe last appeared on the series in 2018 and has gone on to date his pro partner Dianne Buswell and host the official Strictly Come Dancing 2019 Podcast. Speaking of his return, he said: "I’m really excited to have a go on the strictly ballroom floor again this Christmas. Strictly feels like a home away from home for me so I will be giving it my best shot and ending the year on a high."

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Best Tips To Slower Down Aging Process

Staying young forever is the high demanding aspiration of men and women these days. The population is redeeming for anti-ageing products like face cream, lotions, pills and also surgeries. The heel on the clamor for slowing down the ageing process is growing day by day. The global rate of Anti-aging market is going to hit the leader board this year with all stakes up. The beauty market has found its Messiah; The Anti-aging products are the highly demanded cosmetics from the past decade. But the thirst of demand is still unsatisfied. Click on this link to learn more about anti-ageing products
Here are few best tips to the slow down the ageing process

Start your day early mornings

Early to bed, early to rise is not just a saying. This old saying is an effective answer for most of the age-old quests for long-lasting beauty. The mornings and evenings are the most productive duration of the day. Picking a time either morning or evening to kick start your healthy habits. Sunrise can relax your body and can increase the blood dynamics and monitor the water balance, which in turn restores the glow of your skin and can exhibit freshness for a longer duration.

Right diet

Health is a direct reflection of the food that we intake. Consuming healthy food means insulating good health. Food and health is a chain reaction, once gone wrong very difficult to bring in back on track. The bodybuilders train their body in such a way that, after a certain period of time, the body follows the instruction of health and healthy eating, living. There is no protocol to monitor perfect eating habit, but inhibiting the same can fetch you long-lasting health benefits.

Vitamin C

The C type of Vitamin is the critical redeemer of an ageing nightmare. We all want to look younger than our true age. Every morning we welcome the day with lots of hope and energy. Vitamins behold a rich set of health bounces. These detoxing agents clean the skin and help restore the glow and charm of the face for eternity. The lemon pulps are amazing drivers that can give you instant shine and remove dark spots and lightens the dark skin.

Consume less fat

Saying no to processed food can grab you an immense quantity of health and beauty perks. The processed food is the key driving force of fast ageing and loosening of skin. The bad fat accumulates under the skin and darkens the tone. The rigid fat requires a lot of detoxing and good food intake and balance the process of ageing. The bad fats are very stubborn in nature and provide great health risks. Monitoring the amount of fat intake can minimize the risks and provide a quality lifestyle.


Exercise is the best pal of a healthy body. Exercising not only keeps your body active but also perks the wellness of living. An active body symbolizes a peaceful lifestyle. Early morning exercises are greatly effective. It rebuilds the mental stability and memory power, which in turn contributes to the younger-looking skin and monitors the skin transformation. The process of loosening of skin is slowed down and restricts the wrinkles for a long duration. The skins spots will be controlled, and the fatigue is delayed. The sweating balances the pH value and body temperature. This adds to the glowing of skin.

Avoiding soft drinks

Prevention is better than cure. According to the research, doctors say that soft drinks which have an enormous amount of glucose and other undesirable agents contribute to the fastening of the ageing process. Avoiding the intake of such soft fluids can cut down the ageing bars by amazing strikes. The Ageing dunes are not easily crossable. Hence slowing the process is the smarter way of getting rid of it for a longer time. Opting fresh fruit juices, vegetable juices can complement to the beautification of skin and elevates the tightening of wrinkles.

Avoiding irregular sleeping pattern

A systematic lifestyle involves several sets of rules and plans. One among the set is sleeping pattern. A good sleeping habit can help to attain the best health goals in a very short period of time. Sleep is an essential need of every living organism.

The sleeping window is one during in which the process of growth initiates. After a working day, the body deserves a tight peaceful sleep, during this window, the body system shuts down, and it undergoes a rejuvenation process. During which the sensitive task is achieved. Having a wonder resting time can place your body system under reconstruction and attain repairing of skin and gain back the charm of the body.


Kylie Jenner's Superlong Fairy Nails Are Pure Magic

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last night was magical 🧚🏼‍♀️

A post shared by Kylie ♥️ (@kyliejenner) on

Kylie Jenner dressed up as a fairy this past weekend for her sister Kendall Jenner’s birthday party, and the magical beauty look would make even Tinker Bell jealous. The reality star posted images of her ethereal costume to Instagram, which featured a platinum wig, false pointed ears, and green contact lenses. However, what really stood out in the shots was her superlong, square-shaped iridescent manicure.

While we’re yet to get a close-up of the manicure, it looks like the nails are light pink with a shimmering effect, similar to the ones her sister Khloé Kardashian wore earlier this month. While we can’t say for sure, it’s likely that her manicurist applied a nail powder on top of her polish to get the dazzling finish.

Check out the nails ahead.

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What exactly is Jamaican black castor oil good for?

Natural remedies are all the rave. People are switching to natural remedies for the long term benefits and sometimes even cost efficient results they give. Castor oil is just one of the many products amongst natural oils that have become extremely popular.

Castor oil is made by extracting oil from the seeds of the ricinus communis plant, known as castor beans. It is commonly used in medicines, skin care products, and even industrial lubricant uses (via Healthline).

But what is Jamaican black castor oil?

According to Byrdie, while traditional castor oil is colorless or a pale yellow, Jamaican castor oil can be a rich amber or deep brown color. The color is the result of the ash from roasted castor beans, whereas regular castor oil is cold pressed. And there are plenty of amazing ways to use this natural game changer. As with all home remedies, be sure to try a small test spot before diving in to make sure you’re not allergic.

Try Jamaican black castor oil in your hair

You’ve probably heard all the benefits of coconut oil for your hair, but did you know Jamaican black castor oil can help improve hair growth by strengthening your strands? Not to mention, it works well with all hair types. 

The natural rich nutrients in Jamaican black castor oil help not only moisturize hair but also treat issues like itchy scalp, dandruff, and hair breakage. According to Naturally Curly, it increases blood flow to the scalp, which supplies valuable nutrients to hair follicles, resulting in thickened and strengthened hair, which helps promote growth.

Use Jamaican black castor oil on your lashes

Not only can you use this oil on your hair, but on your lashes and brows, too. Put the Vaseline aside and try this multipurpose oil on your eyelashes and brows to get a fuller look. Without the cost of extensions and annoyance of having to get them refilled, you can just help promote lash growth with Jamaican black castor oil as it is said to nourish the hair follicles. While there is only anecdotal research done on the benefits, many swear by it. Applying a drop or two apparently with a cotton swab every night can get the job done (via Stylecraze).

Who needs extensions when you can get natural and beautiful lashes at home?

Try Jamaican black castor oil on your skin

Stylecraze also notes that Jamaican black castor oil is a reliable way to heal scars naturally. Applying the oil to a scar discourages new skin growth resulting in scar removal, the site says. The oil is also said to help smooth out fibrous tissue in skin, which makes them less visible. 

Not only can the oil improve the appearance of skin, but it can leave it feeling soft and moisturized. Jamaican black castor oil has also been used to treat acne and chapped lips. 

With all the benefits of Jamaican black castor oil, it seems safe to leave your coconut oil for cooking and invest in an affordable bottle of this natural remedy instead.

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You Need This: We tried the cheap face mask that beauty gurus rave about

Our editorial team is dedicated to finding and telling you more about the products and deals we love. If you love them too and decide to purchase through the links below, we may receive a commission.

You Need This helps you discover the products that you can’t live without. Our hosts, Melanie and Darleen, talk viewers through the purchases and product roundups that are the hottest on the market right now, from the viral Amazon coat to the best beauty dupes.

When a beauty product becomes famous enough to achieve a cult-following, we have to take notice — and the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay has done just that. This face and body mask is less than $10, and there is hardly a beauty guru out there that hasn’t tried it. Find out what we thought in the video above and keep reading for more details on this must-have.

The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay currently has over 18,000 reviews on Amazon and a whopping 4.4 out of 5 stars. This mask, made of 100 percent calcium bentonite clay, is perfect if you are in need of some deep pore cleansing or healing, and on the brand’s website it’s described as “the world’s most powerful facial.”

Shop: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, $9.99

The clay in the mask is “from Death Valley, California, where it is sun-dried for up to six months in temperatures that sometimes reach 134 degrees” and apparently does wonders for acne and blemish-prone skin.

While the mask is free of fragrances, additives and animal products, it’s super powerful, so you’ll only want to leave it on your skin for five to ten minutes. Into The Gloss editor Olivia J. Singer warns not to use the mask more than once every two weeks (the brand says once a week is fine) due to its drying powers, but shares that “nothing unclogs my pores better or more satisfyingly.” Some people even use the mask from head to toe!

If you want to try out this hero product (that’s been featured everywhere from Vogue and Allure to Business Insider), you can shop it right now for just $10 here.

Find some fall beauty favorites below!

19 PHOTOSBeauty essentials with pumpkinSee GalleryBeauty essentials with pumpkinNaturopathica Pumpkin Purifying Enzyme Peel, $43.50 (orig. $58)BUY ITSUMMER FRIDAYS Overtime Mask, $44BUY ITEpicuren Discovery Pumpkin Apple Spice Peel, $37.88 (orig. $50.50)BUY ITKATE SOMERVILLE ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer, $65BUY ITPETER THOMAS ROTH Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Enzymatic Dermal Resurfacer, $60BUY ITTracie Martyn Resculpting Neck and Body Serum, $73.50 (orig. $98)BUY ITneuLASH Lash Enhancing Serum, $112.50 (orig. $150)BUY ITTOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Pumpkin 24K Gold Sheet Mask, $8BUY ITMyChelle Dermaceuticals Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser, $12 (orig. $16)BUY ITGlo Skin Beauty Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub, $28.50 (orig. $38)BUY ITThe Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter, $21BUY IT

Bliss Pumpkin Powerhouse Resurfacing & Exfoliating Enzyme  Mask, $15

ELEMIS Superfood AHA Glow Booster, $32

One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover, $33.60 (orig. $42)

Earth to Skin Super Greens Green Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, $6.96

KAT VON D Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick, $20

Urban Skin Rx Purifying 2-in-1 Pumpkin Pore Detox Mask and Scrub, $17.99

Derma e Illuminating Rosehip & Cranberry Face Oil, $12.38 (orig. $16.50)

Skin Actives Pumpkin Spice Face Exfoliating Mask, $18.99

See Gallery

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Gigi Hadid Paints Her Face Green For Hilarious ‘The Mask’ Costume At Kendall’s Halloween Party

Gigi Hadid slayed Halloween this year when she dressed up as ‘The Mask’ & painted her face bright green for Kendall Jenner’s costume birthday party in LA on Oct. 31.

Gigi Hadid, 24, always has the most amazingly creative Halloween costumes and this year her look may just be our favorite. The supermodel looked amazing when she dressed up as Jim Carey’s character from The Mask, for her BFF Kendall Jenner’s 24th birthday party in LA on October 31. Everything about Gigi’s costume was perfect, as she took the look quite seriously and her hair, done by Laura Polko, as well as her makeup, done by artist Patrick Ta, was the best part. Gigi’s hair was slicked back into a long straight ponytail, while her entire face was painted a bright green, including her ears, eyebrows, and lips, which were decorated in darker green. Every nook and cranny was covered in the bright color – it was perfect. As for her eyes, Patrick added a feminine touch to her look with dark black, super long cat eyeliner on the top and bottom lids, topping them off with voluminous lashes.

Gigi rocked a bright yellow suit featuring high-waisted cropped flare jeans with a white button-down shirt tucked in and a matching yellow blazer on top. Around her neck was a black and white polka dot tie while a matching pocket square and suspenders completed her look. As for her other accessories, Gigi donned a yellow top hat, high white socks with black patent leather chunky platform oxfords and massive yellow tortoise hoops.

Aside from Gigi’s amazing costume, Kendall, who turns 24 on November 3, was the birthday girl and she opted for a fabulous costume as well. Kendall looked like a fairy princess in a shiny metallic gold feather mini dress. Her look was completed with sparkly gold wings and pointy ears, making her look like the most glamorous fairy we’ve ever seen.

THE MASK @gigihadid Hair By @laurapolko Makeup By @patrickta Assisted By @livmadorma Styled By @mimi

A post shared by Makeup Artist Patrick Ta (@patrickta) on

From Gigi to Kendall – the celebrity costumes this year were absolutely amazing and you can see all of their Halloween looks when you click through the gallery above!

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Sick of Boring Ab Workouts? Try These Hollow Holds.

Hollow-body holds are a highly effective way to train your core. But if they ever start to feel “easy,” the only solution isn’t to tack more seconds onto your holds. Instead, try these three weighted progressions from trainer Jay Maryniak.

Your focus on the hollow hold is to drive your lower back into the ground. This challenges your entire core, and it also creates a body position that can easily be rocked in all directions (which is partly why hollow rocks are a good ab move in their own right). Maryniak’s variations take advantage of that instability. Weights will try to pull you out of position from different directions. Your core’s job: Fight to stay in position no matter what.

“One of the most important pro tips on the hollow body is to keep you lower back pinned to the floor,” Maryniak writes in a recent Instagram post. If you break that position during any hollow holds (and especially with loaded variations like these), you take the challenge out of your core and risk aggravating your low back.

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Level up your core game with these 3 hollow body variations🔥The hollow body alone isn’t the sexiest of exercises but let me tell you, it is a one of the best core strength builders. These weighted variations are great ways to take the hollow body to the next level and really challenge your core. One of the most important pro tips on the hollow body is to keep you lower back pinned to the floor! Give these three combos a try and let me know how it goes💪🏻 – – DB Offset Hollow Hold DB Hollow Chest Fly Negatives 2 Point Weighted Hollow Hold – – 💯💯Training programs available at or click the link in my bio!💯💯 – – #calisthenics #bodybuilding #functionaltraining #kettlebells #kettlebellworkout #core #crossfit #fit #fitness #workout #wod #legday #deadlift #wod #gymnastics #mobility #functional

A post shared by Jay T. Maryniak (@jtm_fit) on

For the first move, the dumbbell offset hollow hold, grab a light dumbbell in each hand, and extend one arm behind you and in line with your neck and the other straight out to your side. Both palms should face up toward the ceiling, and if you feel a strain in either elbow, allowing a slight bend can help.

Next up, the dumbbell hollow chest-fly negative. Use the same set of light dumbbells, hold them straight above your chest with a neutral grip to start. Maintaining a slight elbow bend, lower them toward the floor over the course of 4 seconds. Then, pull the weights into your chest and press them back up to start, really focusing on challenging your chest eccentrically, and just using the press as a “reset.”

In the last and most-challenging move, the two-point weighted hollow hold, place one light rubber weight plate (or some other counter load) on your legs, centered around your knees, and hold another with both hands behind you and in line with your neck.

For all of these moves, the number-one priority should always be on owning that pinned low-back position. Start with light weights, and if you are unable to keep your low back pressed firmly into the floor at all times, raising your arms and/or legs slightly closer to vertical will decrease the lever arms that your muscles have to fight.

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You're Doing Triceps Kickbacks Wrong

The triceps kickback is a valuable addition to your training routine that can help to pump up your arms, but are you sure you’re even doing the exercise correctly?

For this movement, you shouldn’t settle for anything other than perfect form—especially because it’s such a killer exercise that can serve as a highlight of your training plan. Let Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. and associate fitness editor Brett Williams guide you through the move’s subtleties, saving you from the bad habits that are keeping you from unlocking your fitness potential.

Before you hinge over and start swinging dumbbells, take note that it’s extremely important to pay attention the movement here. Hitting the proper form is essential to make sure you’re getting the most out of the exercise—particularly because of the subtle details with the position and your arm action that will make it effective. Let’s break down everything you need to know.

Men’s Health

Upper Arm Parallel

Eb says: Keep your upper arm parallel to the ground throughout your entire set of triceps kickbacks. Two of the most common errors during kickbacks occur when you don’t think about this. Sometimes people over-focus on keeping their upper arm high, and they wind up with their elbow being the highest point during the kickback; then they don’t face the full force of gravity in the straight-arm position. Don’t do that.

The more common error is even worse: If you start with your elbow below your shoulder, then you have to swing your upper arm upwards, a motion that recruits the lats, not the triceps (a.k.a. the muscle you’re trying to train). Avoid these issues and really focus on maintaining an upper arm angle with both elbow and shoulder on the same level. Use a mirror if you can, at least at the start of your set.

Own the Position

Eb says: Your triceps’ responsibility is to straighten your arm at the elbow, and that’s when it’s at peak contraction. So, just as we’d squeeze our biceps at the top of a good biceps curl to get more out of that moment, take a moment to squeeze your tris when your arm is fully straight during a kickback. Don’t just rush back down; instead, hold your arm straight for a one-count.

It’s here that having your upper arm fully parallel to the ground yields its greatest benefit, too, because the forearm lever is at its longest. Don’t hike your upper arm once you get here either; battle for a straight arm and you’ll feel it in your tris.

Light Weight

Eb says: The triceps kickback isn’t a move that’s going to let you move a massive amount of weight. When you use it that way, you’re destined to cheat with your form.

So bury your pride and operate with a lighter weight, but prove to yourself that you can own that straight-arm position and get a great triceps squeeze. You’ll get a lot more from a 12.5-pound kickback set done properly than you will from a 40-pound kickback set done with a ton of swing and sloppiness.

Want to master even more moves? Check out our entire Form Check series.

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Our junior beauty writer reveals her 10-step scent and light sleep routine

Written by Ava Welsing-Kitcher

Ava Welsing-Kitcher is Stylist’s junior beauty writer and resident curly girl. She’s addicted to lip balm (who isn’t?!), wearing eyeshadow as blush and lipstick and all things hair.

How well do you sleep? In a our series of diary entries from women across the UK, Stylist is exploring one of our most prolific obsessions…

Setting the tone for the night looks different to everyone, but junior beauty writer Ava Welsing-Kitcher relies on comforting food, scents and lighting, plus an calming bathroom session, to unwind and clear her head.

Name: Ava Welsing-Kitcher

Age: 25

Profession: Journalist (junior beauty writer at Stylist)

Ideal amount of sleep: 8 hours

Actual amount of sleep: 7

Describe your sleep quality in three words: Patchy, light, anxious.

Rate your sleep out of 10: 7/10

I’m a decent sleeper. Some nights, I’ll be out like a log and wake up refreshed and ready to take anything on, and the effects of that sleep often dictate the entirety of my day. Other nights, I’ll really struggle and subsequently drag myself through the day, with equal doses of moodiness and lethargy. There’s no way to control which kind of sleep I’ll end up with, which is something I’ve gradually had to learn and accept.

I’ve consciously changed my relationship with sleep over the past couple of years, as I used to really worry about not getting enough and thought I was abnormal because I wasn’t a solid, dead-to-the-world sleeper like some of my friends and family. Now, my sleep routine is less focussed on ensuring I get a perfect night’s sleep, and much more relaxed, which in turn actually helps me to settle rather than toss and turn in frustration.

I have a few items which I use with intention to create some calm, and it’s more about the association I have with them than the actual products themselves. That might not make much sense now, but hopefully all will be clear by the end of this article. And just to note: every beauty product mentioned has been sent to the Stylist beauty team in the past as a press sample, but I would definitely spend my own money on each of them.

8.30pm: I’ll switch on the TV if I’m home alone (it makes me less scared) and bring my speakers into the bathroom with me to play whatever playlist I’m in the mood for. I try and listen to mostly podcasts while on public transport so that I have something about my commute to look forward to, and by the time I get home I want to zone out rather than listen to conversations.

I light candles and incense, and if I feel drained or like I’ve carried a lot with me all day, I’ll light a stick of palo santo or sage, crack the window, and let the smoke cleanse the space and my body. It’s an ancient spiritual ritual originating from South American communities, and I recently learned that the popularisation of both in Western wellness culture has meant that the palo santo tree and white sage bushes are being farmed unsustainably. This makes it difficult for those communities to access what’s rightfully theirs, so I’m using up what I’ve already bought – any substitute suggestions are very welcome!

Anyway. I then take my make-up off before having a bath or shower using a FaceHalo, £7 – these replace 500 make-up wipes and remove every scrap of make-up, and I think I’ll use them for the rest of my life. They’ve replaced my micellar water and cotton pads, require water only, and they’re so much better for the environment. 

FaceHalo Makeup Remover

In the shower, I use Dr Bronner’s Organic Lavender Castile Soap, £11.69, to help me relax, then finish with Isla Apothecary’s Beat The Blues Bath and Shower Oil, £29, if I need some extra TLC. I’ll occasionally use Herbivore’s Amethyst Scrub, £38 (it feels so indulgent and the jasmine sambac scent is heavenly), or a couple of generous handfuls of bath salts by Westlab, £6.99 – they’ve got different scent blends like Cleanse (lemongrass and grapefruit) – or any other brand that I come across in our beauty cupboard. I go through bath salts quicker than toothpaste!  

I have to moisturise and oil my body right after the shower, and this will never change. I love Superdrug’s Vitamin E Body Cream, £3.49 (I occasionally get eczema and this is a saviour), or Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, £18 – the salted caramel-pistachio scent gives me a big sugar craving and the texture is decadently rich. I finish with Liha’s tuberose-infused Idan Oil, £39, which smells like nectar of the goddesses and was created by two brilliant British-Nigerian women in Hackney.  

I use CeraVe’s Hydrating Cleanser, £9.49, then use May Lindstrom’s Jasmine Garden Facial Mist, £62, for its amazingly uplifting scent. It seriously shifts my entire mood. I alternate between Herbivore’s Prism Exfoliating Glow Potion, £52, and their Bakuchiol Serum, £45, each night to exfoliate, then finish with CeraVe’s Facial Moisturising Lotion, £11.99. I’ve found that having a simplified skincare routine that’s also oil-free has given me the best skin of my life, and frees up a lot of time for me. 

When I have the energy, I use an amethyst roller or rose quartz gua sha to iron out the tension that’s built up in my face (my jaw is almost permanently clamped shut), and really work my products in deeper. I’m lucky if I do this even once a week, to be honest – I feel so much better post-massage, and get well and truly lost in the action of it. It’s like meditation.

9.30pm: Right, it’s time to drag myself out of the bathroom. If I didn’t scoff dinner down as soon as I came in, then I’ll cook it now. Sometimes I’m guilty of having lots of pitta or naan bread and tzatziki for dinner (which is not clever or funny, I know) or a million cream crackers with loads of butter, but I find that I sleep really badly when I don’t have a proper meal. Now that it’s getting colder, I try and make one-pot dinners that hug me from the inside out and keep me full until I fall asleep. I’m currently obsessed with a sweet potato, salmon and coconut curry with lots of turmeric and herbs that I experimented with last week. 

I’ll curl up with this on the sofa and watch something – I’m loving Wife Swap US, and Netflix’s Big Mouth and Living With Yourself right now, or  South Park or Peep Show if I need a proper laugh. During this time, I’ll do what I call a mind dump: dropping everything I need to do, big and small, into my Reminders app. This can be anything from ‘take the bins out’ to ‘write that article’, and it means that all those niggly little reminders aren’t buzzing around in my head while I’m trying to sleep. 

11pm: Waking up to a tidy room has made a huge difference in what mood I’m in when I wake up, so I try and put my clothes away and sort everything out before I get into bed. I’ll light incense and candles again, spray the room mist version of that Isla Apothecary bath oil – one spritz fills the room with happy neroli vibes, and the scent works its way to the rest of the house. An old flatmate once demanded to know what the smell was while on another floor, because it made her so immediately uplifted.

Isla Apothecary Beat the Blues Room Spray

I crack my window, and smudge my room with palo santo again. I occasionally get sleep paralysis, and as woo woo as it might sound to some, I’ve recently been speaking out loud while smudging to set and solidify intentions, clear out fear and negative energy, and create a safe space. Whether this actually works doesn’t matter to me – I think there’s strength in mindfully declaring these things for the sake of feeling like you have some kind of control over them.

As soon as I’m done tidying, I turn off the overhead light to send a message to my body that it’s time to relax. I put on my fairy lights and pink Himalayan salt lamp, £24.99, to turn my room into a glowing womb-like grotto. I’ll set my Lumie Bodyclock Luxe, £199, to sunset mode before I get into bed. I’ve had it for a week and I’m in love – it emits either a warm sunset/sunrise-toned light or a stark white light as you settle down to sleep, which gets darker and darker until fully out.

I get SAD pretty badly at around this time of year, and I’ve already noticed that I wake up in a brighter, more optimistic mood in the morning. I get unreasonably anxious about my alarm not going off in the morning and often wake up at intervals beforehand to check I haven’t overslept. Since getting my Lumie lamp and using the sunrise setting (that gradually gets lighter from half an hour before my alarm), I can gently crack my eyes open, see that the fake sunlight is still quite dim, then calmly drift back to sleep. The lamp is quite pricey, but they have lots of other options from £39.98 at 

Lumie Bodyclock Luxe Wake-Up Lamp

I put a few drops of Spirit of Hemp CBD Oil, £33.75, or Aime’s Sleep and Glow Melatonin and Ashwaganda, £32, under my tongue, and spray This Works’ Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, £16.50, all over my pillows. While the tinctures seriously mellow me out (more sluggish and snoozy than relaxed, though), the combo of them with the pillow spray usually makes me drift off within twenty minutes. Not always, so I try not to rely on them or swear by them, but enough to make a difference. 

I generally fall asleep between 11 and 12.30 watching Netflix (bad habit, but it drowns out my brain chatter). I’ll wake up maybe an episode later to close my laptop lid and turn out the lights, then plug my earplugs in. I’ve worn them every night for over eight years now along with a silk eye mask (although I usually rip this off midway through the night), as I’m a super light sleeper and trust I’ll hear a fire alarm or burglar through them. I should wean myself off them but… not right now. I also hold a little ball of selenite crystal while I drift off. It’s soothingly smooth, so I kept picking it out of my crystal collection to sleep with, and later discovered that it’s said to be perfect for insomnia as it calms and clears the body and mind. 

I used to get really anxious and pretty angry if I struggled to fall asleep, or woke up during the night. Since reading Fast Asleep, Wide Awake: Discover the Secrets of Restorative Sleep and Vibrant Energy by Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, I’ve learned that humans are wired to wake up at intervals as a safety precaution, so there’s nothing wrong with it. The book really has opened my eyes (ha) to how we value sleep, how we’ve been sold the idea that we’re not getting enough sleep (that’s a whole other article), plus free practices like in-bed yoga and helpful positive sentences to play in your mind when you can’t nod off. I can’t recommend this book enough.

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These $19 Yoga Pants Have More Than 4,000 Positive Amazon Reviews

If you’re anything like me, the last time you donned a pair of bootleg yoga pants was way back when Miley Cyrus was still a Disney darling. But let’s be real: You’ve probably been missing the undeniable comfort of a stretchy set of flared pants for the past decade or so.

The good news? You can now score a pair of bootleg bottoms that are apparently so soft, so lightweight, and so flattering that they’ll make you finally forget about those perfectly worn-in SoLows from high school (#tbt).

Meet: the Spalding Women’s Bootleg Yoga Pant, a nearly 100 percent cotton creation that has racked up a whopping 5,209 Amazon reviews—4,208 of which are positive—and costs less than $19. Head’s up, though: Apparently they’re so amazing they’ve given one buyer “hoarding status.”

Available in three colors—black, charcoal heather, and ultra navy—each pair of these classic pants provides light compression around the tush and thighs, making for a flattering fit on every type of body. Don’t believe me? Just take it from this passionate purchaser who, btw, calls them the “best workout pants” she’s ever bought: “They are so flattering and make your shape look nice. I think they would make any body type look good honestly.”

But that’s not the only perk of this flared find. According to the thousands of raving reviewers, the part-cotton, part-spandex jersey yoga pants are thin enough to stay cool and comfy mid-sweat sesh but thick enough to avoid any see-through snafus.

And apparently they stay this way through months, if not longer, of wear and tear.

You’re a wizard, Harry Spalding yoga pants! A wizard!

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How to Tell Your Trainer You're Not 100 Percent

There’s nothing worse than being injured. While you’d rather be hammering through a WOD at the CrossFit box or tackling a long run come Saturday morning, you’re confined to an altered routine that involves a whole lot of Netflix and complain.

When you do ease back into working out, the last thing you want to do is draw extra attention to whatever’s been acting up. Cue the dreaded instructor question: “Does anyone have any injuries I should know about?”

You stand there, like a deer in headlights. Not wanting to tarnish your cool-guy image by raising a hand in front of the rest of your fellow sweat hunters, you proceed as if it’s business as usual. And that’s where you’ll really put yourself in harm’s way.

Injuries aren’t just something you should ignore, says Charlie Meredith, an instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp. “The last thing you want is to make matters worse,” he tells Men’s Health. “Speaking up can make you feel more successful in your workout.”

So what should you really be doing in this situation? And how can you handle anything else that could put you in an uncomfortable position once class gets going, like an overzealous instructor putting you in harms way? We talked to experts to get the lowdown of navigating injury and avoiding further on the bench—no risking that cool-guy image required.

Peter MullerGetty Images

1. Speak up before class gets going.

Not like, when prompted when everyone else is in the studio. Instead, do yourself a favor and get there a smidge on the early side, suggests Katherine Mason, founder and CEO of Sculpthouse.

“Arrive to class a few minutes early to discuss the issue with your instructor before other people pile in,” she says. “They should consider your injury with their class program and offer a different move when necessary.”

2. Don’t be afraid to look for additional guidance during class.

If you don’t know how to modify a certain move to tailor to your injury or condition, that’s okay. That’s why you’re paying to go to a facility where there is an expert in charge. Lean into them for their skill set.

“There is nothing wrong with seeking out help from your instructor as the time goes on,” says Mason. “They are there to make sure you’re getting a safe and effective workout, and the best ones make you feel like you are getting a personal training session in a group class.”

3. Understand that there is a big difference between discomfort and pain.

When you’re moving your body in a different way than you may have been doing before, things are going to take some getting used to. While moves may push you a little outside of your comfort zone, that doesn’t mean that they’re bad for you.

Listen to your body, and proceed with caution. “If something is painful, stop immediately and/or modify,” says Meredith. “Be your own best advocate. It’s your body, and you know it better than anyone else.”

4. It’s OK to be skeptical.

You have paid good money for a class, so don’t be afraid get the most out of it. This means that if the instructor cues up something during class that makes you feel unsure, it’s okay to be unwilling to take their instructions at face value. “Your workout should make you feel great during and after class,” says Mason. “If you don’t feel comfortable at any time during a class, then feel free to sit a certain move, modify it yourself, or politely excuse yourself from class.”

If a certain cue really gets under your skin, either approach an instructor about it after the workout’s done, or feel free to raise it to the attention of a studio manager—as long as you do it in a polite way.

“Your instructor wants you to be good, and should be comfortably addressing your concerns,” says Mason. “They can talk to you about why they cued this way, then offer a modification so that you keep coming back, have a great experience and stay injury-free.”

5. Give yourself permission to look elsewhere.

Remember: We’re learning every day. Maybe your go-to workout isn’t the ideal method to load up on endorphins while you’re dealing with a specific injury. Think of this as an opportunity instead of a hassle, where you can try other things and get exposure to other sweat styles. Reap the benefits of a different modality, and you might even open up yourself to new possibilities and make some new friends in the process.

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10 Rules Reese Witherspoon Follows To Achieve Success

Reese Witherspoon is a household name. We have watched her grow on screen and develop into an incredible woman. Not only is Reese a great actress, but she has also branched out into many other fields. She is a strong, positive role model for women of all ages. She is unafraid to step into unknown territory and take on risky roles. On top of being a hugely successful movie star, Reese also shines at home. She is a loving mother and wife and has never forgotten her Southern roots. She has set herself apart from the Hollywood crowd and is here to stay. Let’s learn a lesson from ten rules Reese Witherspoon follows to achieve success…

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10 Doesn’t listen to gossip

9 Multi-tasker

8 Healthy lifestyle

7 Loving family

Having a strong family dynamic can really strengthen someone in many ways. It is not vital in becoming or remaining successful but it sure helps. Reese has been lucky to have been raised in the South with strong morals and a great family. Both her parents were successful doctors and instilled the importance of education early on in her life. Reese believes that her family and upbringing gave her a good sense of tradition. Her parents always believed that she had a Type A personality and we couldn’t agree more. Reese’s parents supported her in every endeavour she has taken on since day one.

6 Well-spoken (Oscar speech)

In every actor’s career, there is always a defining moment for them. One of Reese’s many defining moments was her acceptance speech for winning an Oscar. Winning this iconic award is one of the biggest achievements for actors. Reese’s acceptance speech resonated with the audience and is quite memorable. Reese said: “I’m just trying to matter and live a good life and make work that means something to somebody. And you have all made me feel that I might have accomplished that tonight.” She is able to speak very well and this allows her to captivate her audiences whether it be on-screen or accepting an award.

5 Stylish

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Whether Reese is running errands, working out or at an event, she always looks amazing. It is refreshing to see a Hollywood face who has stayed true to her Southern roots in every way, including style.

4 Good Role Model

Being a good role model seems like a rarity these days when it comes to Hollywood women. Thankfully Reese is one of the rare gems that have managed to portray a good image. She radiates class, confidence, kindness and success. A great thing about Reese is that she does not take herself too seriously. Maintaining a sense of humor in a somewhat serious world can be difficult to do. She is able to laugh at herself but always crush goals like no other. She is unafraid to involve herself in projects that may be out of her comfort zone yet she always succeeds.

3 Brave and courageous

2 Empowers women

Reese is bold and unafraid to speak her mind, especially when it comes to empowering women. She believes that an ambitious woman works hard for their family and their community not only for themselves. She believes that women should have an attitude of enthusiasm and assertiveness. She knows the power women have and believes that actions speak the loudest. She advocates for women to empower each other and not tear each other down.

One of her most powerful quotes reads: “We are our mother’s children and our grandmother’s children, but it’s our world now, to give to our daughters and our sons. We get to define what that looks like—what is a woman now.”

1 Ambitious

To obtain the level of success that Witherspoon has, it takes an ambitious woman. It takes a woman who is able to look at the world in the eye and not be afraid. It takes a woman who is able to put one foot in front of the other despite that challenges that can be in her way. Reese has the ability to maintain a vibrant and fulfilling life surrounded by wonderful people. She strives to empower other women and continues to embark on new projects. She is a jack of all trades and she continues to make us proud.

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  • 10 Rules Reese Witherspoon Follows To Achieve Success

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Crush Calories Quickly With This Total-Body Dumbbell Routine

Sometimes, you don’t have a whole hour to work out, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s why I created this 15-minute, total-body routine that’s designed to target all your major muscle groups with just a set of dumbbells in a quarter of the time. Better still, this is one of the workouts that helped my client transform her frame from head to toe, and it will help you see major results too.

Time: 15 minutes

Equipment: Light and medium weights

Good for: Upper body and core

Instructions: Complete 10 reps of each exercise, then immediately move to the next one. Once you’ve completed all five moves, repeat the full circuit from the time a second time through.

Surrender To Shoulder Press

How to: Start by standing with your feet together and a dumbbell in each hand, held at your shoulders. Bend your right leg and lunge backward until your knee touches the ground. Then do the same with your left leg. As your left knee touches the ground, lift your dumbbells overhead. Reverse the movement. That’s one rep. Complete 10.

Bent Over Row Tap Back

How to: Start in a high lunge with your right leg back. Hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands. Extends your arms to frame your left knee, palms facing each other, and lower your torso toward the floor over your front leg. Engage your back muscles and lift your elbows up moving your hands toward to your rib cage. Lower back down. That’s one rep. Complete 10. (Alternate forward and back leg on second set.)

1/2 Turkish Get Up To Push Up

How to: Lie face up with your left leg straight and right knee bent, foot flat. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand, with your arm bent. Press the weight into the air at shoulder height. Keeping your eyes on the weight, roll up through your spine until you’re supported on your left forearm. Now, lift your hips off the mat and push down through your right heel to flip your body over, landing in a high plank position. Complete a pushup, then reverse the movement. That’s one rep. Complete 10. (Switch sides for second set.)

Runners Lunge Curl

How to: From a standing position, take one step forward, then lower down until both knees form 90 degree angles. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. From here, curl the weights toward your chest. Return to start. That’s one rep. Complete 10. (Switch leg position in second set.)

Plank Triceps Kick Back

How to: Get into a high-plank position with your feet slightly wider than shoulders. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand, elbow bent until your tricep is in line with your torso. Extend your arm back, until it’s completely straight. Then return to start. That’s one rep. Complete 10. (Switch arms for the second set.)

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How To Avoid Sensitive Skin After Shaving, According To A Dermatologist

We’ve all been there: One minute, you’re rushing to get ready, and make an impulse-decision to quickly shave, the next, your skin feels hyper-sensitive and irritated, and you immediately regret jumping the gun. If you’re curious as to how to avoid sensitive skin after shaving, I turned to a professional dermatologist to get the deets — and I’m not just talking about shaving your legs; this goes for underarms, the bikini line, the face, and/or wherever else you fancy a little hair removal. Nobody has to shave, but if you’re someone that wants to, be sure you’re approaching the process the right way so as to avoid any potential irritation.

To get the scoop on the world’s oldest form of hair removal, I spoke with Deanne Robinson, MD, a dermatologist in Westport, Connecticut, on all things shaving-related. My first ask was why skin gets so sensitive post-shave in the first place, and of course Dr. Robinson had the scoop. "When we shave, we are tugging at the hair follicle, which can cause inflammation while simultaneously exfoliating the skin as a whole," Dr. Robinson explained, adding, "If there are dead skin cells in excess on the skin’s surface those two will get ‘tugged at’ by the razor." She also notes that sometimes, skin can be totally fine during the actual shaving process, and react poorly afterwards as a result of products applied post-shower. "This has to do with what is applied topically after shaving while the pores are open and vulnerable to irritation," says Dr. Robinson.

Is There A Right Time To Shave?

Personally, I’ve always shaved whenever felt most convenient in my daily routine, but according to Dr. Robinson, there’s a proper time and place to do the deed. "I always recommend to shave last in the shower routine," she advises, adding, "The warm water will soften the hair making it less coarse against the razor’s pull." If you’re the type to end your shower with a cold-water rinse for extra-shiny strands, get your shaving done beforehand, as Dr. Robinson notes warm water is key.

How Often Should I Be Shaving?

At this point, you might be questioning your entire shaving routine, but don’t freak out! Next, I asked Dr. Robinson how frequently should someone shave so as not to cause irritation and sensitivity. Her answer? "It depends on the speed of any one individual’s hair growth cycle," she insisted. "On average, I’d say to wait at least three weeks for bikini area, two days for underarms and 2 to 3 days for legs," she advised. Noted!

What Products Should I Be Using?

To avoid dead skin buildup messing with your razor, exfoliating pre-shave is key. My personal favorite product for this is the L’Occitane Almond Shower Exfoliating Scrub ($34,, as it gets the job done without being too harsh on my skin, and smells like a dream and a half. When it comes to my razor of choice, the Venus ComfortGlide 3-Blade White Tea Women’s Razor ($8, is a great option with moisturizing bars of soap above and below the blades. A fresh blade is key when preventing sensitive skin, so subscription services like Billie that deliver you new razors as often as you’d like are also fantastic options.

As for shaving cream? Dr. Robinson has some preferences. "I recommend using a shave gel, or even hair conditioner, which can be great at softening the hairs and creating a smooth barrier between the razor and the skin." The Flamingo Foaming Shave Gel ($5, certainly fits the bill, thanks to its ultra-conditioning formula with aloe vera.

What To Do Once I’m Done Shaving?

As Dr. Robinson said, it’s important not to slather on heavy products immediately post-shave, when your pores are especially open and vulnerable. When you are ready to hydrate, though, Nécessaire’s The Body Serum ($45, is a fantastic choice, with ingredients that suit the body and face, including hydrators like hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5, as well as replenishers like ceramides and barrier protectors like vitamin B3. Another cool product is the Oui Shave Deep V Bikini Line Sheet Mask ($38 for 5,, a medical grade serum on a biocellulose sheet mask that can be used post-shower to prevent irritation and give skin some extra TLC and hydration.

The proper prep, execution, and aftercare are all key to nailing a great shave, but when all is said and done, it’s not that difficult! Don’t forget to remember Dr. Robinson’s tips and give your bod a little extra love next time you reach for the razor.

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Tommy Dorfman's Dotted Nail Art Is Minimalist Perfection

Tommy Dorfman’s Minimalist Manicure

Tommy Dorfman is serving up inspiration for your next manicure. The 13 Reasons Why actor posted a photo of their new negative-space nail art to Instagram, crediting editorial manicurist Steph Stone for the design.

Their nails were short and squared with a coat of clear polish as a base. On top, Stone presumably used a dotting tool to randomly place a small yellow or black circle on each nail. The look is so subtle, you might miss it, but it’s a supercool way to wear a low-maintenance manicure. Not only is it easy to do at home, but due to the clear base, you’ll also never have to worry about chips or your polish growing out.

Check out a close-up of Dorfman’s manicure ahead.

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Cat Halloween makeup that’s easier than it looks – and you ONLY need 6 products!

In the past, I've never really dressed up for Halloween. I, like many others, didn't know the best way to nail a great makeover. I'd give up before starting and revert to a night in with more treats than tricks, enviously scrolling through Halloween makeovers on Instagram.

But that all changed when the team at HELLO! mentioned a Halloween makeover at Urban Decay. Naturally, I jumped at the chance and was so excited to get some tips on how to create a purrfectly (sorry) fierce and fun cat makeover. And, amazingly, achieve the look using only six products that, chances are, most of which you will already have in your makeup bag. With just some black liner, trusty glitter, and the new gorgeous Urban Decay Naked Honey palette, you can create a fabulous look that will make you Halloween party ready. Watch the video below for the results…


VIDEO ABOVE: Watch HELLO!'s Francesca get a feline makeover

Sure, it looks complicated. But it's actually much easier to achieve than you'd think. After applying the Urban Decay Naked Honey palette, £42, and Heavy Metal glitter to the eyes, all that's left is to do is apply a base, finish off the cat features and dig out some cat ears – and you're set to go!

The perfect look for Halloween

Products used

For the eyes, my trusty professional makeup artist used a few shades from the Naked Honey palette: Swarm, Golden, Keeper and Sting. Afterwards, she opted for the individual eyeshadow 'Blackout', £15, to add even more dramatic effect. Don't forget to coat the lashes in jet-black mascara – we used the Urban Decay Perversion mascara, £21, but any drugstore find should do. And it wouldn't be a party without some glitter. We used the Heavy Metal glitter in Dreamland, £14.50, to finish off the eyes, adding extra sparkle.

To complete the cat look, the Perversion liner, £18, is what you need. With its precision tip and jet black finish, it's the perfect tool to create the nose and whiskers. Bonus: it's also waterproof, so no need to worry about any party drinks spills. Use the Pure White Pro Customiser, £20, underneath the whiskers for a feline finish.

This article contains affiliate links, which means HELLO! may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase. More information.

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Kate Hudson Just Struggled To 'Reconnect' Her Abs After A Workout In Hilarious Video

  • Kate Hudson shared a funny new post-workout video on her Instagram stories.
  • In the video, the actress strains and grunts as she attempts to “reconnect” her abs.
  • Kate appears to be dealing with diastasis recti, which occurs when the abdominal rectus muscles separate.

Kate Hudson just shared a video to Instagram stories to open up to her fans about the problem: her not-quite-reconnected abs.

In the post, the mom of three has just finished her workout and filmed herself in the mirror. (She looks ah-mazing and super fit in her sports bra and leggings ensemble.) Kate strains and grunts as she attempts to reconnect her abs. It seems the mom may be dealing with diastasis recti.

FYI: “The condition happens when your abdominal rectus muscles separate and the tissue between the muscles thins,” Melissa Walsh, M.D., ob-gyn, attending physician in the department of obstetrics, gynecology, and women’s health at Montefiore Health System, previously told Women’s Health. The (sort of) good news is that although diastasis recti can be uncomfortable (sometimes causing lower back pain), it’s more of a cosmetic issue than a medical one.

Kate doesn’t seem concerned. After all, while there are measures you can take to minimize your risk, it’s not always possible to prevent diastasis recti. And strengthening the core postpartum usually helps resolve the issue. She laughs and lets out groans in the video: “Did my workout. My abs. Arghhhh. Arghhh. Can’t get ‘em. Arghhh. It’s not working!” She also writes on the video, “still trying to reconnect I guess.”

Tbh, her not quite reconnected abs are looking very defined. (Kate’s post-baby abs already made their grand debut when she modeled her friend’s underwear line). The actress says she’s been working hard in the gym and eating healthy as a Weight Watchers celeb ambassador after giving birth to her youngest, Rani, last October.

Kate set a weight loss goal of 25 pounds in December and has shared progress updates along the way. She previously shared: “Health and wellness is my number one, and I always say what works for me doesn’t work for everyone.”

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23 of Ashley Graham's Most Stunning Beauty Looks — Try Them If You Dare

23 of Ashley Graham’s Most Stunning Beauty Looks — Try Them If You Dare

Model Ashley Graham is undoubtedly one of the greatest style icons of the last decade, and we’re seriously inspired by her best beauty looks over the years. She makes it look easy to go from casual neutrals for everyday wear to glamour and drama for red carpet events; she even looks amazing in some of the unusual makeup that’s required on the runway from time to time! There are dozens of reasons Graham is one of our style faves, and we’ve rounded up some of the very best. If you’re looking for some beauty inspiration from a pro, keep reading for some of her best looks and learn more about what makes them really pop!

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15 Wigs You Can Wear Long Past Halloween

15 Wigs You Can Wear Long Past Halloween

This Halloween, take your costume to the next level by adding a wig to your beauty look. After all, what’s mermaid Princess Ariel without her red hair? If you’re being really practical, however, you’ll want to pick a wig that looks so good, you’ll want to wear it long past Halloween.

We’ve rounded up some of the best, highest-rated wigs around so you can ensure you choose a style you’ll want to wear time and again. Now, the next time you have the urge to dye your hair a different color, you can turn to your wig collection instead.

Check out the best wigs for Halloween ahead.

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Little girl desperate to have birthmark removed as other kids call her 'ugly'

A four-year-old girl is desperate to have a birthmark removed from her face after being bullied by other children who call her ‘ugly’.

Little Laila McLatchie said other kids and adults ‘point and laugh’ at the ulcerated hemangioma growth on her face, which she has had since birth.

Her mum Laura McLatchie, 33, has been left ‘heartbroken’ at her young daughter getting picked on by cruel children who refuse to play with her.

The devastated youngster has become extremely insecure and withdrawn, often asking her mum why can’t she just be ‘normal’ and look like her sister.

A hemangioma is a collection of small blood vessels that form a lump under the skin. Their cause is not fully known.

Hemangiomas can be superficial or deep, with a raised, red area on the surface of the skin, and a bluish swelling of abnormal blood vessels deeper in the skin.

Laura said doctors promised to remove the growth by the time Laila was four-and-a-half but the schoolgirl has now been put on another waiting list for two more years.

Determined to get the surgery as soon as possible to stop the bullying, Laura – who runs her own laundry services business – plans to take her daughter for private surgery.

But it’s going to cost around £3,000 for Laura to take Laila to a private clinic 140 miles away in Newcastle.

Laura from Cumnock, East Ayrshire, said: ‘This is the largest it has ever been.

‘She’s being teased at school and in the street by adults and children.

‘People pass her in the street and point and laugh or ask questions and she really doesn’t like it.

‘She’s very conscious of it she doesn’t like anyone talking about it or touching it.

‘People point and laugh at her saying she’s ugly it’s really bothering her.

‘She feels she needs to explain what it is to everyone because no one wants to play with her.

‘My daughter is being teased at school for the “lump” as they call it.

‘We were told by the NHS that is a lot of cases they would perform surgery at the age of four-and-a-half.

‘We attended the hospital for her birthmark removal to be told she had been placed on another one to two years waiting list due to the lack of paediatricians for cosmetic surgery.

‘I have found out that I can get the same treatment much sooner on private health care in Surrey but need help.’

In a bid to stop the bullies and ‘funny stares’ Laura has launched a fundraising drive and has so far raised £260.

She added: ‘As a mother I cannot let her go through this for another two years.

‘Especially when it can be taken away.’

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Glossier’s New Futuredew Serum Will Make You Look Like You Just Did Your Skin Care ALL Day Long

Glossier’s approach to beauty has always been focused on skin. From its sheer coverage Skin Tint to the Super Serums, the brand’s dewy, healthy glow is what the brand is known for. Now, Glossier’s Futuredew is taking the brand’s skin first, makeup second philosophy and upping the ante.

Futuredew is the company’s latest skin-focused launch and combines nourishing ingredients and new innovations to create a long-lasting skin care formula, one that doesn’t leave behind a greasy feel when it imparts a glow. The hybrid oil-serum centers on that freshly applied serum look, the glow you have after using your favorite skin-loving products but also the glow that disappears after a few minutes away from your mirror. To achieve this feat, Glossier used a combination of oils and plant-based extracts that won’t make your skin feel slick but will give you a shine that makes you look like you just got the world’s greatest facial.

Inside Futuredew, Glossier fans will find jojoba, grape seed, evening primrose, and rosehip oils that give skin deeply-penetrating moisture and a shiny (in a good way) gleam. Next, the fruit extract evodia rutaecarpa helps to improve brightness immediately as well as over time while plant-based squalane seals everything into the skin.

Glossier’s latest goodie, however, has a second purpose. Of course, Futuredew is great for the skin, but it’s also all about making sure your glow never dies. That’s why the brand included light-reflecting minerals to have you beaming throughout the day — regardless of when you first applied Futuredew.

The best part? Futuredew is available now on the Glossier website for $24.

While Futuredew is, at its core, a skin care product, the new addition to the Glossier line-up isn’t just a hybrid between an oil and serum. It also provides a combination of the brand’s two branches: skin care and makeup.

According to a press release from the brand, Futuredew is meant to be used as the last step in your skin care routine but not just because it’s oil based. The product imparts that signature Glossier gleam while light-reflecting minerals give the skin a soft-focus effect that usually is only achievable with makeup. When applied last, it acts almost as a makeup product. While yes, Futuredew is great for your skin, it pushes a bit further just inside Glossier’s makeup category as well.

Yes, Futuredew offers a glowy, blurred look to the skin sans makeup, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be worn with your daily beauty look. The oil-serum will impart the same sort of gleamy, freshly-applied skin care look even underneath your foundation.

If you’re worried about the innovative hybrid oil and serum formula, the product has been formulated to be compatible with all skin types, and the brand has made sure that Futuredew is hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, cruelty-free, vegan, and non-comedogenic.

For Glossier loyalist, Futuredew represents an approach to beauty that will be familiar while still exciting. The mix of nourishing skin care that works for all skin types coupled with ingredients that provide a glowy, soft-focus finish all day long is essentially the brand’s skin care first, makeup second mantra in a bottle.

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Strictly’s Pasha Kovalev and Rachel Riley know the gender of their baby

Former Strictly Come Dancing pro Pasha Kovalev and Rachel Riley are set to become first-time parents in December and are looking forward to welcoming their baby. And on Thursday, Rachel stepped out to attend an afternoon tea at Claridge's hotel in aid of charity Street Child who partnered with HELLO! to mark the International Day of the Girl. While there, the Countdown presenter revealed that they have already found out the gender. However, the couple are wanting to keep it a secret for as long as possible, so fans will have to wait until the end of the year to find out.

Rachel Riley spoke to HELLO! at the Street Child event last week

Rachel has already been inundated with baby gifts for her child since announcing her pregnancy earlier in the year, and the star made the decision to donate some of them to those in need. On Tuesday, the 33-year-old revealed that she and Pasha were giving away presents to wildlife charity Tusk, of which Prince William is royal patron. On Instagram, she explained: " This baby's incredibly lucky, it's already been given so many gifts by generous companies and lovely Countdown viewers. Pash and I are very grateful and the last people who might need freebies so to pay it forward will be donating to charity as a thank you. There's definitely a wildlife theme here so @tusk_org seem like a worthy recipient! Thanks #TinyLove #sophielagirafe #frugi #ewanthedreamsheep #milestonecards #babystuff #gifts."


The pregnant TV star was spotted in the background of the photo, sitting cross-legged at the end of her bed. Her burgeoning baby bump could be seen in full bloom as Rachel wore a red, white and black printed dress. Among some of the gifts she received were babygros, cuddly toys, baby cards and a playmat.

Pasha and Rachel will welcome their first baby in December

It's been a whirlwind year for Rachel and Pasha, who tied the knot in Las Vegas after announcing their baby news. The pair went away in secret and shared the news on Instagram afterwards, writing: "Introducing the new Mr and Mrs Kovalev. We both said yes!" Speaking to the Radio Times last year, Rachel gushed about her romance with the Russian dancer. "I am in love now," she shared. "I don't feel I have to get married. I don’t think I need that pressure anymore. I don't worry about getting married or whether he is taking a long time in the morning or whether he has done the dishes. That does not really bother me in the long term. I feel settled." She added in the interview: "I don't feel the need to do it again. If I'm with someone and I'm happy, that's enough." And touching on children briefly, she said: "I don't see myself with or without children – whatever will be, will be."

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Costumes Are Great and All, but Rhinestone Makeup Is Where It's at This Halloween

Sparkly Rainbow Spikes

For a new twist on Halloween costumes, an elaborate rhinestone Halloween makeup look might be exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re a beauty buff more than a fashionista, or if you’re just looking for something totally unique, an intricate face full of colorful sparkles will definitely make you stand out at any Halloween bash. Ahead, we’ve rounded up over 30 of the best, most creative ideas for Halloween rhinestone makeup looks from Instagram. Whether you’re looking for something deeply spooky, light and glittery, or bold and colorful, there’s sure to be an idea that’s just right for you. Keep reading to see our favorite picks — and maybe find your next Halloween style!

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This Galaxy Makeup Look Is Out of This World — and So Easy to Create!

Ready to get intergalactic planetary? If you’re thinking outside of the box (er, universe) when it comes to your Halloween makeup this year, we’ve got the perfect look for you. Not only is this galaxy look out of this world, it’s also really simple to put together! All you need are pink, blue, and purple eye shadows or highlighters — we preferred Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlighter Duos — white eyeliner, and glitter. Then go to town! Learn how to create a galaxy mask by watching the video above, and let us know how you plan on stying it for a costume (we’re partial to a simple all-black look so that your eyes shine like the stars).

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5 Huge Nail Color Trends That'll Rule Your Mood Board This Fall

5 Huge Nail Color Trends That’ll Rule Your Mood Board This Fall

If Summer is the Elle Woods of nail polish colors — bright, fun, the perfect accoutrement to holding fuzzy pink pens — then Fall is the Wednesday Addams. It’s darker, moodier, and bold as hell . . . and definitely not traveling to Harvard Law School for a man.

Like both characters, though, the upcoming season’s coolest nail trends are full of surprises. Where you might expect to see your traditional burnt orange shades or forest greens, NYC-based manicurist and founder of her eponymous brand Jin Soon Choi predicts a new crop of colors, each with an unexpected twist.

“The shift from Summer to Fall generally moves from bright to dark polishes, and aside from nudes (I expect mattified nudes to be all the rage this season), the overarching theme will also be about nail polish finish. We’ll see shades with solid cream to pearly to satin matte to metallic finishes that will make this Fall’s nail shades more interesting.”

Ahead, Choi is breaking down the five biggest nail polish color trends you’re about to see everywhere. Not necessarily “all together ooky,” per se, but we have a feeling you’ll dig them anyway.

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10 Most Expensive Outfits North West Has Worn

North West is only six years old, but she is a mini fashion icon. She grew up wearing some of the most expensive brands in the world, and her wardrobe reportedly costs over $1,000,000. The oldest child of Kim and Kanye is growing up following fashion shows and her parents are also big names in the fashion industry. Unsurprisingly, she already has a sense of fashion and already has some fans among designers and fashion specialists.

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Of course, some of her clothes cost thousands of dollars, and she has a priceless purse collection. Here are some of the most expensive outfits North West.

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10 Fendi outfit – Over $1,000

North West is only five years old, but she has access to some of the most exclusive brands in the fashion industry. Earlier this year, she appeared wearing a red tracksuit designed by Fendi when she went to have dinner with her aunt. The brand’s logo was attached to the sides of her outfit. She also wore shoes from the brand.

According to some sources, the tracksuit costs at least $1,000. There is no information about the price of the shoes, but we know they are not cheap.

9 Leather Moto Jacket – $ 1,295

A few years ago, Kanye West appeared with North West wearing one of her fashion looks. She was wearing a Burberry leather moto jacket, that is evaluated on $1,295. It is a huge price, especially considering that she would wear it just a few times. But the price has never been a problem for the family.

Kim Kardashian was a big fan of fur and leather, but she has changed in the last years. So probably we are not going to see her children wearing it anymore.

8 Givenchy dress- $1,500

North West was just a toddler when she made her debut in the Paris Fashion Week. She attended the event with her mother, and both had matching outfits. Of course, it was a high-fashion choice, and they both wore Givenchy dresses. There is no information about the official price for North’s outfit, but Kim’s cost approximately $1,500. If we consider that North wore a small and exclusive version, it probably wasn’t cheap either.

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Kim received many critics for bringing North for those events when she was a baby. However, after she grew up a little, she seemed to love fashion.

7 Balmain blazer – $2,300

In 2015, North West appeared wearing some of her cutest outfits ever. She went to her ballet classes wearing a tutu, but of course, her parents added a fashion element on it. North wore a customized Balmain blazer, that gave her an even cooler look. According to Daily Mail, the outfit costs nearly $2,300.

It was an exclusive gift from the brand that sent North two other blazers, Kim revealed on her social media. “Baby Balmain!!! Thank you so much @ORousteing & @Balmain for making North these one of a kind jackets!!!’ ‘I’m so honored that Northie is your little muse! Can’t wait for her to wear them!!!’

6 Colorful outfits – Unknown

North West didn’t seem to enjoy the fashion events she attended with her mother. However, as she became older, she seems to have fun dressing up, and her style has changed. Bright colors replaced the black looks, but her looks are still fashionable. She also matches it with cool accessories like sunglasses.

North West is also a fan of Yeezy, the brand of her father. Although there is no information about the price of her recent looks, we are sure they are still expensive.

5 Fur Coat – $3,500

In 2015, Kanye West released his new collection with Adidas, and he had some special guests on the event. Kim Kardashian and North West attended the event, but North stole all the attention with her controversial outfit. She appeared wearing a fox fur coat that is evaluated on $3,500.

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The Kardashians said it was a gift, but they did not mention if the fur was real or not. It raised a lot of discussions. Kim Kardashian was famous for her fur collection, but some years ago, she replaced them for fake ones.

4 Paris Fashion Week Gifts – Unknown

Kim Kardashian attended the Paris Fashion Week when North was only three months. Of course, the baby did not join the mother for the fashion shows, but many fancy designers didn’t forget about the child and sent her exclusive fashionable presents. Kim shared a glimpse of the presents on her social media.

According to People, she received “along with cute fashions from Lanvin, the 3-month-old’s chic booty included a leather dress from Alexander Wang, a mini white lab coat from Maison Martin Margiela, a custom Bambi tee from Givenchy and cozy menswear-style sweaters and snakeskin slip-ons from Céline.”

3 Alexander Wang gifts

When North was just a baby, she received a leather dress from Alexander Wang. Kim and Kanye seem to be fans of the designer and later, she appeared wearing a cool jacket that costs nearly $1,500 from his brand.

The brand also loves North West, which is a mini fashion icon, and often sends her presents. Last year, she received two Alexander Wang bags on her birthday. According to Elle, the small gift costs more than tickets to Bora Bora.

2 Disco Ball Dress – $11,000

In 2015, Kim Kardashian and North West attended Kanye’s Monday show at Madison Square Garden wearing matching outfits. Of course, when it comes to Kim Kardashian’s mother and daughter, matching clothes have to be a fashionable moment. The pair chose disco ball sparkling dresses evaluated on $11,000, according to TMZ. A bargain for the Kardashians’ standards.

Of course, the mother and daughter had all the attention of the photographers. Although she was looking cute, North West was not looking very happy with the attention of the photographers.

1 Expensive bags – Priceless

Each Kardashian/Jenner has a priceless collection of designer bags. North West is no different, and we have seen her several times using multiple bags that cost thousands of dollars each.

When North West was only 13 months, she posed with a Chanel bag, that was worth nearly $1,800. Since then, we have seen her wear several models, like a $1,000 Louis Vuitton Speedy and a $2,000 Fendi bag. Her cousin, Stormi, also has some expensive purses that would make any grown-up woman envy.

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YouTuber Manny MUA reveals how he built his popular beauty blog empire

For the first episode of In The Know: Profiles, we went to BeautyCon — a festival in L.A. that hosts panels and meet-and-greets with the beauty industry’s biggest stars and influencers — to meet with Manny MUA, a make-up artist and beauty blogger on YouTube who’s amassed more than 4.8 million subscribers since he started his channel in 2014.

“For me, my goals were like, ‘I want to be a beauty influencer, I want to have a brand,'” Manny said to In The Know. “Those were the goals I kinda, like, set for myself. I didn’t plan for any of it to happen.”

In the years since he started his channel, Forbes has listed Manny as one of the top influencers in its 30 Under 30 list, and he was picked to be the first man to star in a Maybelline campaign.

Manny never set out to achieve any of this. He started making YouTube tutorials because people were asking him about his foundation routine on Instagram. What he says set him apart from other YouTubers who were starting out within the beauty community at the time is how he incorporates his personality into his videos.

“When I started YouTube those years ago, I felt like people weren’t being their authentic self — in the beauty space, specifically,” he said. “I feel like when I started, I wanted to able to treat YouTube as almost like my diary or my journal, and I would just kind of just be who I am.”

It’s a tactic that’s clearly worked. People at BeautyCon who met Manny were visibly overwhelmed with both gratitude and awe.

“Something about him just makes me feel so happy,” one girl told In The Know.

Men, in particular, thanked Manny for helping carve a space in the beauty industry for them too.

“He’s basically helped us all — the boys in beauty — helped us come out with our make-up on,” one BeautyCon guest said. “I mean, if you see, there’s a lot of boys in make-up. So, he basically helped me basically come out.”

Being authentic in his videos and on social media has been a cornerstone of Manny’s success and the emotional ties to his millions of fans.

“You don’t think of yourself as someone, like, who’s, like, going to be this inspiring person who helps people,” Manny said. “I literally did YouTube because it was a passion of mine. Like, I wanted to do it and I wanted to teach how to do make-up. And by doing so in an authentic way, it resonates with other people and it really does make a difference in other people’s lives. It makes me feel really proud.”

Watch the In The Know: Profiles video above to see the full interview with Manny MUA.

11 PHOTOSThe 11 richest YouTube stars in the USSee GalleryThe 11 richest YouTube stars in the US

11. Liza Koshy 

Subscribers: 13.5 million

Liza Koshy, formerly a prominent Vine comedian, started to gain a massive following on YouTube in 2016 with humorous videos that she produces weekly. Koshy has since gone on to star in the Hulu series "Freakish!" and Tyler Perry’s horror-comedy "Boo! A Madea Halloween."

10. Jake Paul 

Subscribers: 13.5 million subscribers

2017 estimated salary: $11.5 million

Jake Paul started out as a personality on the now-defunct Vine, creating comedic shorts with his older brother, Logan Paul (the eighth most popular YouTuber in the US). Paul now posts comedic videos, original music, and other material on his personal YouTube account. He has also become something of a villain in pop culture, as has his brother (see No. 8).  

9. Roman Atwood 

Subscribers: 14.260 million 

Roman Atwood is an Ohio-based vlogger who posts prank videos and other humorous daily-life updates that often involve his girlfriend and three kids. In November, Atwood premiered his own YouTube Red series, "Roman Atwood’s Day Dream," which focuses on "extreme stunts."

8. Epic Rap Battles of History 

Subscribers: 14.269 million

Epic Rap Battles of History started as a live improv skit by two friends, but quickly become an online sensation. Founders Peter Shukoff (NicePeter) and Lloyd Ahlquist (EpicLloyd) pick two figures from history or pop culture and imagine what it would be like if they faced off in a rap battle. The videos are entertaining, with characters as varied as Darth Vader, Adolf Hitler, Abraham Lincoln, and Chuck Norris verbally battling one another in full costume.

7. Logan Paul 

Subscribers: 16.6 million

2017 estimated salary: $12.5 million

The former Vine star and older brother of Jake Paul has over 16 million followers on his personal YouTube account, where he posts vlogs and reaction videos. Paul drew intense criticism in January for filming the body of a man hanging from a tree in Japan’s Aokigahara forest. YouTube withdrew some of its backing of Paul in the wake of the controversy by removing him from Google Preferred and putting his YouTube original projects on hold. 

6. Fine Brothers Entertainment (FBE) 

Subscribers: 16.7 million

Brooklyn natives Benny and Rafi Fine are the two online producers/writers/directors who created the successful React video series. In React’s various iterations — Kids React, Teens React, Elders React, and YouTubers React — the brothers show viral videos to people and film their reactions. In 2016, they were involved in a controversy over trying to copyright the React video form that drew widespread backlash and led to a campaign to unsubscribe from the duo’s channel.

5. JennaMarbles 

Subscribers: 17.83 million

JennaMarbles (real name Jenna Mourey) has long been one of the most recognizable stars on YouTube. Though she started her career with BarStool Sports, Mourey soon moved into video after posting "How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking," which quickly blew up. Her channel features comedic videos about being a young millennial woman.

4. Markiplier

Subscribers: 19.5 million

2017 estimated salary: $12.5 million

Mark Fischbach, known as Markiplier, is a YouTuber focused on gaming. He has an energetic style. Fischbach has ambitions beyond YouTube, as well. He once told Variety that he wanted to "push [himself] into music and acting." 

3. NigaHiga 

Subscribers: 20.4 million

Ryan Higa, who goes by the username NigaHiga, was one of the first major YouTube stars. Higa produces a variety of comedy videos, including sketches, music videos, and short commentaries on pop culture. His videos have high production value and a professional touch, with a quick, funny, and incisive sensibility.

2. Smosh 

Subscribers: 22.8 million

2017 estimated salary: $11 million

Smosh, started by comedy duo Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, was one of the first YouTube sensations, becoming well known for the duo’s slapstick comedy videos that parodied video games and pop culture. Anthony Padilla left the Smosh channel in June 2017 to create his own solo YouTube account, which now has over 2 million followers.

1. Dude Perfect 

Subscribers: 26.8 million

2017 estimated salary: $14 million

Dude Perfect is a channel from twins Cory and Coby Cotton and three of their college friends from Texas A&M, all of whom are former high school basketball players. They do sports tricks and comedy, some of which makes fun of sports stereotypes.

See Gallery

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'How I Got Sun-Kissed Highlights Without Damaging My Virgin Hair'

Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to dye my hair. No matter how badly I wanted lighter locks, my mom barred me from going to the colorist because she didn’t want me to damage my strands.

It wasn’t until the age of 25, when I received a writing assignment about hair color, that I got the highlights I’d always dreamed of. I strutted right out of the salon, ribbons of honey and auburn flowing, and never felt cooler. However, I never went back to retouch my new look. The upkeep was a lot for me. I switched my entire haircare routine to color-safe products and invested in some really expensive hair masks to keep my locks healthy. Although my highlights were subtle, my natural hair is so dark that the coloring process had caused some stripping. Those streaks felt a bit drier and more brittle than the rest of my hair (Mom was right!).

Afraid to put my strands through even more damage, I let them grow out so far that they eventually fell into a really pretty ombré. Then, after several trims, I was back to my virgin hair. I learned to love my dark hue, especially swimming in a sea of women in Los Angeles who colored religiously. But, I can’t lie: A head of dimensionless brown strands gets boring after a while. That’s why, four years later, I jumped at the chance to add semi-permanent highlights while leaving my virgin hair in tact.

Sounds impossible, right? Here’s the secret: I-tip extensions.

I wore some extensions on my wedding day, but it wasn’t until a meeting with the wig brand Bellami that I thought about using them for highlights. Sitting with Kat Lewis, Bellami’s head of education and hair extensions specialist, I learned that extensions can add color with zero damage to your hair.

Before (left) and after (right) I-tip application. You can see there’s more of a light ombré at my ends.
Stephanie Montes

“When lightening hair, you’re removing natural pigments, which can lead to dry, damaged, and dull strands,” Lewis says. What’s more, on naturally dark brown hair like mine, it can be tough to achieve your target color. That means multiple salon visits and potentially more wear and tear on your hair. That’s where extensions come in.

“Using extensions gives you the ability to add color without chemically altering your natural hair,” Lewis says. “There’s no commitment to color whatsoever.Plus, you have the target color right in front of you. No surprises—just beautifully blended hair that’s ready to be applied.”

I-tip extensions start at $105, and they look like a wisp of your own hair, but with a copper bead on one end. They’re installed by looping each bead onto a few strands of your own hair, then set in place using a clamp (it looks like tiny pliers).

Bellami is a premium extensions brand, but you can find countless others from beauty-supply stores. Some other brands include Satin Strands, Hair Couture, and Hairtensity. I liked Bellami’s extensions because they have copper beads lined with a protective silicone that prevent snagging, pulling, or tearing.

When installed properly, they last up to six months, with the occasional maintenance visit to slide each bead up after your hair has grown out a bit (similar to a fill-in on acrylic nails). Plus, it’s Remy human hair (which is considered the highest quality and most realistic-looking because its cuticles are kept intact and grown in the same direction). That means it can be curled, dyed, straightened, blow-dried, cut—anything you’d do to your own mane.

My natural hair before I-tip extensions (left), and after (right). Hello, highlights!
Stephanie Montes

After one hour of application, I had this head full of high-contrast blonde highlights distributed throughout. My hair looked thicker, fuller, and had tons of dimension. The same day, I took a swim in my new extensions, and I let them air dry. They looked and felt just like my real hair, down to the wavy texture. I barely felt the beads installed at my scalp, and nobody could tell where my hair ended and the extensions began. I finally had blonde highlights—without sacrificing the health of my hair.

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10 Crazy Expensive Things Ellen DeGeneres Has Bought

Ellen DeGeneres is one of the wealthiest celebrities on television. The TV host has a $450 million net worth, and she doesn’t hold back on spending her millions. She is also famous for making a fortune on the real estate, buying and selling several homes during the last two decades.

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DeGeneres had a humble childhood, and she explained in an interview she wants to enjoy her fortune. “I am always going just to get what I want. I’m going to do what I want. Because I know there is an abundance and I will always have enough,” she says. “That’s how I live my life. You shouldn’t live your life in fear of money.”

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10 Mansion in Beverly Hills

Ellen DeGeneres made her most recent lavish purchase this year. In May she bought an impressive $45 million Tudor-style home in Beverly Hills. Her new place has 10,376-square-foot, five bedrooms, and 12 bathrooms. The master suite features a terrace, a lofted ceiling and a walk-in closet with lots of space. There is also a wood-fired oven, a lounge and a gorgeous swimming pool outdoors.

Ellen is not the first celebrity to own the house. She bought it from Adam Levine. Before that, the home belonged to Max Mutchnick, Will & Grace creator.

9 Santa Barbara home

The mansion in Beverly Hills was not the only real estate investment Ellen did this year. In February the TV host and her wife Portia spent $27 million in a mansion in Santa Barbara. It seems like an insane value, but it was a great deal considering the initial price was $35 million.

The mansion is at the Montecito hills and is inspired by the Balinese and Asian style. The 8,188-square-foot house has three bedrooms, and there is a lovely pond outdoors. The impressive home has lavish materials like black limestone, oak floors, bamboo ceilings, and afrormosia wood accents.

8 Porsche Cayenne

Ellen DeGeneres also loves cars and she has a particular preference for Porsches. DeGeneres has some vehicles made by the German luxury brand in her garage. In her collection, there is a Porsche Cayenne that is worth $84.300. According to the website, the vehicle features a twin-turbocharged 4.8-liter V8 its motor produces 550 horsepower.

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“I really don’t speed that much, but I was speeding another time,” she said in an interview. The TV host also admitted she got rid of a ticket after the police officer recognized her.

7 Charity

Ellen DeGeneres has an incredible net worth, and she doesn’t use it only for buying things. The TV star also uses her wealth to help people, and she supports several causes. She donated $50.000 for military families living in poverty, $1.000.000 to help the Hurricane Harvey victims, $25.000 for scholarships and the list goes on. DeGeneres often uses her show to support charity causes.

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To celebrate her 60th birthday in 2018, her wife created the Ellen Fund, to “protect and study endangered mountain gorilla,” according to the website.

6 Vacation

Ellen DeGeneres works very hard, and she also deserves some time off, right? Almost every summer, Ellen and her wife Portia have a romantic holiday. Their favorite destination is often in Europe. This year, they spend some days in Amsterdam. In 2018, they spent their holidays in Mallorca, Spain. Last year the couple also went to Kenya, where they seem to have a lot of fun.

However, several tabloids claim the couple is not getting along, and they are getting a divorce. Ellen often shares a glimpse of her vacation on her social media, but she never confirmed the divorce rumors.

5 Watch Collection

Ellen DeGeneres has a taste for the most excellent things and that includes watches. In 2018 she gave an interview to Jerry Seinfeld Netflix show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and she appeared wearing a Rolex that costs $175,000.

According to Business Insider, the 1969 Rolex “Paul Newman” Daytona Reference 6241 on a steel bracelet, became famous after Paul Newman appeared in public wearing the model.

But this is not the only expensive watch Ellen has. The TV star has a collection that is worth thousands of dollars. It includes a Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Everose, a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date, a Patek Philippe Grand and a Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time.

4 Gifts to the audience

Ellen DeGeneres show is famous for surprising the audience with amazing gifts. In 2017, during the Days of Giveaway, that is part of her show, she gave to 425 people on her audience a six-night trip to Dubai. In 2016, the destination was to Abu Dhabi.

Last year, she gave $1,000,000 to her audience.

“You’re all going to share this gift. It’s the biggest gift I’ve ever given anybody ever. And I hope you continue to pay it forward and share all the good. Hold on to your Cheerios because all of you are splitting $1 million.”

3 Thousand Oaks horse ranch

Although Ellen doesn’t hold back on spending money on other things, her highest investments are on properties. In 2008, she bought this 26-acre horse ranch in Los Angeles for $8.5 million. The place dates from 1920 and belonged to the actor William Powell.

After that, it became a monastery, a rehab center and a barn. Ellen and Portia had to spend a lot of time ( and money) on the renovation.

“We lived in every cabin as we decorated and restored them one by one. When we finished one, we’d move in and begin work on the next. The first cabin we lived in didn’t have a kitchen, a bathtub, or any other amenities to speak of. But it was fun,” Ellen told Vogue Magazine.

2 Beverly Hills compound

Ellen and Portia bought a home in Beverly Hills for $29 million. However, they probably felt they needed for space and purchased the adjacent houses. That meant a total investment of $48 million.

The couple lived in the 9,200-square-foot home for five years. DeGeneres sold it for $38 million for Ryan Seacrest in 2012, and it meant a $10 million loss, compared to the money the couple invested. At the time there was a drop in the prime of houses in Los Angeles, and it was probably the best deal she could get.

1 The Brody House

Ellen Degeneres spent $39.88 million in this home in Beverly Hills. Like most of her real estate purchases, it brings in a lot of history. The house dates from 1949, and it belonged to Sidney and Frances Brody, who were wealthy art collectors. According to the New York Times, it was one of the top five homes in Beverly Hills.

Although it was a phenomenal house, Ellen sold it just seven months later to Sean Parker for $55 million. That means that she had a $15 million profit.

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Maisie Williams Matched Makeup with Her Boyfriend During Paris Fashion Week

Couples that match together stay together. Game of ThronesMaisie Williams and boyfriend Reuben Selby got that memo while attending yesterday’s Thom Browne womenswear Spring/Summer 2020 show during Paris Fashion Week, in which they coordinated not only their outfits but also their makeup.

Clad in red, white, and black plaid jackets; white collars and ties; and black knee-high socks, Williams and Selby looked positively posh in their front-row seats. But it was the bright pink eye shadow smudging their eyelids that stole the show.

This isn’t the first time Williams and Selby twinned. While attending fellow Game of Thrones costar and bestie Sophie Turner’s wedding to Joe Jonas, Selby dyed his hair hot pink, complementing Williams’s signature pastel hair color; the couple also opted for similar white jackets. “White party for the bride and groom,” Williams wrote then, captioning a photo of the two of them.

View this post on Instagram

white party for the bride and groom 🎉

A post shared by Maisie Williams (@maisie_williams) on

Earlier this month, Williams flaunted her beau’s fashion chops when she wore a dress that he partly designed during the 2019 Emmy Awards.

“I’ve always wanted the perfect custom red carpet dress—something that I feel really confident and comfortable in,” Williams said in a statement. “I asked Reuben if he would design something with me in mind; my height, my shape, my likes and insecurities. I love collaborating on the dresses I wear, I wish I could do it more. Being five feet tall it is almost impossible to wear something straight off the hanger.”

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