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Waffle House customers help out after staffing mix-up

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No employees? No problem.

A Waffle House restaurant in Birmingham, Ala., got some much-needed help last weekend when some customers filled in during a staffing mix-up.

Some miscommunication resulted in just one employee showing up for a Saturday night shift, so one patron grabbed an apron and started working behind the counter – and soon other customers joined in, reported.

“It was the most fascinating thing,” customer Ethan Crispo told the news outlet. “It was just one of the most wild instances of really, really cool people just coming together.”

“It was the most fascinating thing. It was just one of the most wild instances of really, really cool people just coming together.”

A Waffle House restaurant is seen in Athens, Ga., in 2011.

The first volunteer did a little bit of everything – bus tables, wash dishes and stack plates, according to the report. Other volunteers took care of customers.

“It was almost comical,” Crispo recalled. “Here’s this pretty woman in heels and a dress … just trying to help, and the next thing you know she’s stacking cups and running orders and bussing tables.”

“It was almost comical. Here’s this pretty woman in heels and a dress … just trying to help, and the next thing you know she’s stacking cups and running orders and bussing tables.”

Crispo snapped some photos of the volunteers – whose earned praise from the Waffle House corporate office.

“We really appreciate their efforts,” Pat Warner, Waffle House director of public relations and external affairs, told, “though we do prefer our associates to be behind the counter.

“The key to our concept is, we’re there to serve you,” he added, “not the other way around.”

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Popeyes employee, customer throw trays each other in fight caught on video

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich: Chain announces official return date for sold-out item

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is back. The chicken chain has announced its official return date. Let the second-round of chicken wars begin.

Trays were sent flying at a Popeyes restaurant in San Antonio on Tuesday during a fight between a customer and an employee.

The two unidentified women are seen throwing food trays at each other in a dispute caught on video and posted on Twitter.

The woman who filmed the altercation said she was in line to pick up some of Popeyes’ popular chicken sandwiches when a woman who she believes was initially in the drive-thru line came in through a side door.




"I'm not really sure what happened but the lady and the employee were yelling at each other and the cashier just started throwing trays," the woman, identified as Valerie, told KSAT.

She said the employee also threw what appeared to be tea at the customer.


The two unidentified women are seen throwing food trays at each other in a dispute caught on video and posted on Twitter. (Photo: Getty Images/ Jim McKinley)

A man wearing a veteran’s hat is seen in the video holding the customer back and pulling her away.

"The veteran took the lady outside and the manager followed them outside … and they physically got into a fistfight," Valarie said of the customer and manager.


That altercation wasn't caught on video, she said.

The tray melee happened just one day before a man was stabbed to death outside of a Popeyes restaurant in Maryland.

Police say the stabbing occurred after an altercation that began when one of the men cut a special line reserved for the much sought-after chicken sandwich.

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Eddie Hall Helped This Guy Lose 30 Pounds in 6 Weeks

If you’re looking to make some changes to your life and get in shape, you could do worse than having strongman Eddie “The Beast” Hall as your trainer. The former World’s Strongest Man winner has a new show with LADbible on Facebook Watch called Beasted: each episode sees him showing a new guy the ropes in the gym and setting him off on his own transformation journey.

In the first installment, Shaw works with salesman Sam Parcell to kickstart a lifelong change with a six week transformation challenge. Sam is interested in taking a more proactive approach to his own health and fitness, as his father passed away from a heart attack and he wants to decrease his risk of going the same way. Now that he and his wife Amelia are thinking about starting a family of their own, he wants to be able to keep up the energy to run around after kids and be healthy enough to stick around for a long time.

Strongman and strength conditioning coach Luke Fullbrook and sports rehabilitation specialist Chris Peil join Sam and Eddie for day one of the challenge, which starts with six exercises designed to test Sam’s strength, agility and endurance: a 220 kg deadlift, a 140 kg bench press, a goblet squat, a shoulder press, a frame carry, and the SkiErg.

Once he knows his way around the equipment, Sam is left to his own devices for the six weeks. After just one week on his training program and new meal plan (consisting primarily of chicken, rice, oats and greens), he’s already noticing that clothes are starting to fit better.

“I can’t believe after having so much time out of the gym, doing that strength stuff, how strong I’ve got so quickly,” he says at the halfway mark. “It was vital to do something like this,” he adds. “What it’s done it put everything in perspective.”

Sam weighs in at 130 pounds at the start of the six weeks, with 30.5 per cent body fat. By the end of the challenge, he’s dropped a staggering 30 pounds, and has considerably improved his stamina and gym technique: he only managed five reps on the shoulder press to begin with, but six weeks later he smashes out 18.

“The number’s incredible, it’s more than tripled,” says Hall. “Absolutely incredible.”

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Starbucks Holiday Cups Are Back – And They're Giving Reusable Ones Away For Free

There are a few ways we determine whether or not the holiday season is really here, from the first Christmas decor popping up at Target to the 4 pm sunsets we get courtesy of Daylight Savings Time coming to an end, but nothing ushers in the holidays so flavorfully as Starbucks releasing its holiday cups and beverages. Well, that means that tomorrow, November 7, is the official start of the holiday season, because that’s when Starbucks is bringing back its seasonal holiday beverages, releasing FOUR holiday cups and one reusable holiday cup that they’re giving away for free.

That’s right. If you head to Starbucks on November 7th in the US and Canada, you’ll get a free reusable red holiday cup, while supplies last. Even better? Bring that reusable cup back to Starbucks between November 7 and January 7 and order a grande holiday beverage after 2 PM, and get 50 cents off your purchase.

If you aren’t lucky enough to get your hands on one of the reusable red cups, you still have the standard holiday cups to look forward to. There are four designs this year: Polka Dots, a red cup with green polka dots; Merry Dance, a white cup covered in red and green letters spelling out the word Merry; Merry Stripes, a dark green cup that says “Merry Coffee” in white lettering; and Candy Cane Stripes, a red and white striped cup that says Starbucks all over it in black letters.

Along with the release of the new holiday cups comes the return of the store’s classic holiday handcrafted beverages: the Peppermint Mocha, Toasted White Chocolate, Caramel Brulee Latte, Chestnut Praline Latte and Eggnog Latte; as well as holiday food items: the Holiday Turkey & Stuffing Panini, Cranberry Bliss Bar, Sugar Plum Danish, Snowman Cookie, Gingerbread Loaf, Peppermint Brownie Cake Pop and Snowman Cake Pop.

There are a couple of other fun benefits that come with the new cups.

If you take an Instagram Story of your Starbucks holiday cup, you’ll be able to access fun AR features to enhance your photo or video.

And, stranger still, if you show up to an Alaska Airlines flight with a Starbucks holiday cup from November 7-10, you’ll get priority boarding, and on some west coast flights guests will be on a holiday-themed plane that has Starbucks treats for each passenger. Random, but cool!

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Starbucks’ Holiday 2019 Cup Designs Will Have You Feeling Festive

Starbucks no longer rings in the holiday season with a single red cup. The coffee brand’s celebration gets better and better every year, and this holiday lineup might be the best one yet. Seriously, the Starbucks’ holiday cup designs will have you singing "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

For the most wonderful time of the year, Starbucks drinks will be sold in one of four new designs: Polka Dots, Merry Dance, Merry Stripes, or Candy Cane Stripes. The new holiday cups at Starbucks were designed to wrap up your Peppermint Mocha like a gift, according to Jen Quotson, vice president of Starbucks Creative. In the release, Quotson shared, "We wanted coming to Starbucks to be like uncovering a present." The festive AF designs will be the perfect gift for your followers on the ‘Gram.

You can start making your season merry very soon, since these cups will be available at Starbucks stores across the United States and Canada on Thursday, Nov. 7. Evoking "mini moments of joy" is the company’s goal, so each cup is like its own wrapping paper design with a modern twist

Starbucks’ Polka Dots design is classically festive with cute little green dot versions of the famous siren on a red background.

Merry Dance has a snowy white background and a lively red-and-green graphic, spelling out "MERRY COFFEE" all around the cup.

Merry Stripes totally reminds me of old holiday wrapping paper, with its Starbucks green background and classic white text, which fittingly reads "MERRY COFFEE."

The final design, Candy Cane Stripes, brings all of the traditional holiday colors into one design, with a red-and-white candy cane background and bold green text that spells out "STARBUCKS."

Last year, Starbucks featured a free reusable cup giveaway during the holiday season, and it’s back for 2019. If you order a holiday drink — Peppermint Mocha, Egg Nog Latte, Toasted White Chocolate Mocha, Caramel Brulée Latte, or Chestnut Praline Latte — at Starbucks on Nov. 7, Starbucks will give you a free limited-edition reusable red cup with a Merry Dance design. This offer is at participating locations in the United States and Canada while supplies last. Then, when you bring your reusable red cup back into a Starbucks store from 2 p.m. local time until closing any day from Nov. 7 through Jan. 7, you get 50 cents off a handcrafted grande holiday beverage.

With a tasty deal and new cup designs to unwrap, the holidays are looking up at Starbucks.

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Antoni Porowski Is Not Here for Your Nasty Garlic Powder

Everyone has a favorite Queer Eye member and personally, mine is Antoni Porowski. Karamo, Bobby, Jonathan and Tan — please don’t hate me, I love you all! But the food editor in me has a particular soft spot for the avocado-loving culinary genius that is Antoni Porowski. I mean, who would have ever thought of adding sour cream to GUAC?!

We’ve watched Antoni whip up countless creative and amazing dishes for several seasons now, but do you ever wonder which groceries Antoni really stocks up on and what he really eats on lazy Sundays? Well, we were lucky enough to chat with him recently and not only did he answer all of our foodie questions, but he also let us take a look inside his fridge to see what the food god himself actually eats.

SheKnows: Tell us a little bit about what’s in your fridge.

Anthony Porowski: I travel a lot so these days it’s all about evergreen go-tos  I can rely on whether I’m in town for a day or a month, like my oat milk, staples like Dijon or sriracha, or freezer faves like frozen peas or a selection of Gorton’s fish sticks.

SK: What was your most memorable meal?

AP: I’d say Christmas Eve dinners with my family when I was a little kid. It was always hectic but I loved having us all at the table together, sharing a meal, stressing about making it to church on time, which, by the way, we never, ever did.

SK: I see at least three bags of Gorton’s fish in your freezer! What kind of meals do you like to create with those?

AP: My favorite is simple and nostalgic: Gorton’s fish sticks with ketchup, but recently I’ve been loving using them for fish cakes or as sliders. They’re great on their own with some fresh lemon, too. I love their versatility. How I make them part of a meal depends on how my day went, typically. A few extra minutes and you can totally reinvent them into something different. The fish cakes, for example, are perfect because you don’t need to use bread crumbs as they’re already coated with the perfect amount. I love a good spin on something that’s already tried tested and true. That’s what makes cooking continually interesting to me.

SK: What would you consider the ultimate comfort food?

AP: It’s more about who I’m with these days. If it’s friends or family, it can be burnt toast for all I care.

SK: What’s the one ingredient you hate to work with or encounter in someone else’s dish?

AP: Garlic and onion powder are hard for me. I much prefer the real thing but understand how they can help with rubs for meats.

SK: Pumpkin spice: yay or nay?

AP: Live and let live! Every fall I indulge in one small pumpkin spice latte then don’t need one for another year.

SK: What does a typical breakfast look like for you?

AP: Iced espresso or iced oat milk latte. If I’m working out I’ll have a plant-based protein smoothie, but typically only consume liquid calories as of 12pm. Sundays are different and I start my day with a bagel and whatever I feel like eating.

SK: What’s the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

AP: Fermented egg with its shell.

SK: Would you eat it again?

AP: Nope.

SK: Do you have any controversial food opinions?

AP: Not really except for the objective fact that ketchup does not belong on hot-dogs.

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Woman transforms £3.50 chocolate cake from Tesco into adorable hedgehog

If you’ve got a vision of your dream birthday cake, but don’t fancy investing time in baking it yourself or spending a load of cash to get a professional to make your dream a reality, learn from Rebecca Adshead Williams.

When Rebecca was planning her 40th birthday party, she had her heart set on a hedgehog themed cake – but she couldn’t find one in any supermarket.

Rather than giving up on her dream cake, Rebecca got crafty.

She picked up a plain chocolate sponge for £3.50 from Tesco and set to work transforming it into her birthday hedgehog.

Lucky for us, she shared a video of the DIY project on her Instagram, in case anyone finds themselves in the same predicament.

The cake makeover only took about 20 minutes – so it was far easier than making a cake from scratch.

She began by slicing the sides off the chocolate sponge and placing these sections on to the base of the cake, curved side up. Then the front of the cake was trimmed into a triangle to form a pointy nose.

Rebecca slathered the cake with a thick layer of icing, added rows of chocolate buttons for the hedgehog’s spikes, and placed two white buttons on the face for eyes. The cake was finished with a chocolate nose.

The end result does look rather like a hedgehog, doesn’t it?

Rebecca’s friends and family were pretty impressed – as was everyone on the internet.

‘I had looked in all the supermarkets for a [hedgehog cake] but no one had any,’ Rebecca told

‘I love hedgehogs! My cake couldn’t have been anything else!

‘It was only made because I wasn’t able to find one in the shops and after all this, I’m so happy that I couldn’t.’

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The 6-Quart Instant Pot Is 40% Off On Amazon Right Now

  • The Instant Pot 6-Quart pressure cooker is on sale for 40% off on Amazon.
  • The six-quart model can replace seven appliances and prepare food for up to six people.
  • The Instant Pot is $59.99, discounted 40% in Amazon’s Daily Deal.

How does replacing seven bulky kitchen appliances with one compact do-it-all gadget sound? Too good to be true? Nope, the Instant Pot is that good. And today, it’s on sale as an Amazon Daily Deal. So, you can score the trendy, space-saving appliance for 40% less.

The red Instant Pot 6-Quart pressure cooker is $59.99 in the sale (originally $99.99). This model can replace seven appliances. It’s a pressure cooker, slower cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, and warmer. It can also sauté your fave ingredients.

The Instant Pot is smart, too. The appliance monitors pressure, temperature, and tracks time. It can even adjust heating intensity and duration to make sure your delish dishes come out juuust right every time.

There has never been a better time to join the Instant Pot fan club and finally add one of the most popular kitchen appliances to your counter. (How great would this festive red Instant Pot look in your home?)

It’s been months since Amazon’s best-selling pressure cooker has been priced this low, and it won’t last long. Today’s sale is on for less than 24 hours. (Sigh, but it is a daily deal, after all.) Plus, there’s no telling if discounts this deep will return again on this 6-quart Instant Pot, so adding it to your kitchen arsenal ASAP is a no-brainer.

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Krispy Kreme orders Minnesota student who bought, resold doughnuts to 'shut down operations'

Half a dozen things you didn’t know about doughnuts

Did you know there are actually two National Doughnut Days? Or that Emily Post issued rules on dunking? We’ve sorted through the Internet to find six of the tastiest facts you might not know about doughnuts.

The people of Minnesota appear to once again be without Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

A Minnesota college student who drove 270 miles to Clive, Iowa, every Saturday to buy up to 100 boxes of doughnuts and drive them back has been told to shut down his moneymaking gig by the doughnut giant itself.

The student, who charged $17 to $20 per box of 12 doughnuts and had some customers pay $100 per run, was reportedly told his side gig was a liability for Krispy Kreme.
(Deanna Weniger/Pioneer Press via AP)

Jayson Gonzalez, 21, would drive to the nearest Krispy Kreme roughly four hours away and pack his car full of boxes of doughnuts to then drive the four hours back and serve them to his Twin Cities-area customers.

Gonzalez, who studies accounting at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, was about to make his 20th run to Clive, according to his Facebook page, when Krispy Kreme contacted him to tell him to “shut down operations.”

“I bear some bad news,” a post from Gonzalez’s business Facebooks “Krispy Kreme Run Minnesota” reads. “Unfortunately the run for this Saturday will not be taking place, as I have been told I have to shut down operations. I figure it would come eventually, but it arrived early with the surrounding articles.”

Gonzalez referred to the article St. Paul Pioneer Press wrote about his entrepreneurial spirit a week earlier, which put him on Krispy Kreme’s radar.

The student, who charged $17 to $20 per box of 12 doughnuts and had some customers pay $100 per run, was reportedly told his side gig was a liability for Krispy Kreme, the Associated Press reported.

Jayson Gonzalez, 21, would drive to the nearest Krispy Kreme roughly four hours away and pack his car full of boxes of doughnuts to then drive the four hours back and serve them to his Twin Cities-area customers.
(Deanna Weniger/Pioneer Press via AP)

In a statement from Krispy Kreme to the Associated Press, the doughnut chain said it is investigating the situation.

"We appreciate Jayson's passion for Krispy Kreme and his entrepreneurial spirit as he pursues his education," the statement read.

There has not been a Krispy Kreme outpost in Minnesota for 11 years, which prompted the high demand Gonzalez saw.

However, the student is taking the news in stride.

On his Facebook, he ended his statement informing his customers he would no longer be delivering doughnuts with a “thank you” to his followers and a hope for the future.

“Life happens, and it could be a sign that something else it meant to be. Appreciate everyone’s love and support to make this happen, couldn’t have done it without you all,” he wrote.

“Also, you can add me on Facebook as well as maybe I will have another entrepreneurial adventure you will be interested in as I would love to follow some of you as well!” Gonzalez added.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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What to Order If You Want to Eat Healthy at Chipotle

If had a side order of guacamole for every time someone asked me “Is Chipotle healthy?” I’d probably put the avocado industry out of business.

As a registered dietitian, I understand where this question comes from. Chipotle, as a company, has brought ethical eating and farming to the forefront of quick-service food discussions.

While you can applaud the company for pushing food quality values, it’s important to know that how food is raised or grown doesn’t mean that that food is good for your diet in large amounts.

From a nutrition standpoint, Chipotle is like McDonald’s or Panera or Red Robin or any other restaurant and meal: It’s about choices.


One of Chipotle’s strengths is customization. That customization can allow you to add more lean protein, more high-quality vegetables, and more deliciousness to your meal. Or it can encourage you to stuff yourself with a 1,500-calorie burrito.

For this reason, it’s best to head into Chipotle with a plan.

Other dietitians agree with me. “With so many choices and their build your own approach to meals, it’s fairly easy to make it a healthy meal,” says Brierley Horton, M.S., R.D. “On the other hand, it’s also easy to go heavy on calories … you need to be aware of what you’re getting.”

Let’s say that you order a burrito bowl with extra chicken, rice, beans, queso, pico, corn, cheese, fajita veggies, and sour cream. It doesn’t sound like much, but you’ve just racked up more than 1,000 calories.


Add in chips, guacamole, and a soft drink (or beer) and you’re above 2,000 calories. In other words, when you build your own meal, it’s easy to see how quickly a scoop of this here and a scoop of that there all add up.

So what should you order?

Jim White, R.D., owner of Jim White Fitness Studios in Virginia Beach VA, advises his clients on how to make smarter, very specific choices when eating at Chipotle. “A healthier option at Chipotle would be a burrito bowl including chicken, white or brown rice, beans of choice, the fajita veggies, and pico, with a bottle of water.” This meal would clock in at around 500 to 600 calories.

Jeol Efthimiou / EyeEm

Another great meal option: a veggie bowl with lettuce, fajita vegetables, pico, corn, rice, and beans. This adds up to about 470 calories.

“Both of these meal options are more balanced on caloric intake for a meal size,” White says.

And when in doubt, Chipotle’s kids’ menu offers good ways to cut back on portions, yet still order many of the same options, says Horton.

And me?

I opt for the veggie bowl and add protein. I use beans as my base (love me some fiber) and the veggie bowl seems to include more than traditional bowls. I prefer guacamole to cheese and sour cream. Protein. Fiber. Healthy fats. Simple. Easy. Delicious.

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Morrisons launches footlong vegan sausage roll

Vegan sausage rolls have been big news all year.

Ever since Greggs launched its now-iconic plant-based classic, other retailers have been jumping on the bandwagon and trying to pull in the vegan pastry-loving crowd.

In the latest pastry wars one-upmanship, Morrisons has gone all out with a gargantuan roll that could feed an entire vegan family.

Weighing in at a whopping 466g, the gigantic vegan roll is double the length of its competition and nearly four times the weight – and it only costs £1. We will take seven, please.

Available from today, the Vegan Foot Long replaces Morrisons’ traditional sausage-meat with a seasoned soya mince that is blended with a mix of herbs and spices then wrapped in golden flaky pastry.

Freshly baked in-store by Morrisons Market Street bakers, the massive vegan roll is available to buy hot from Morrisons Pie Counters, but it is so heavy it even needs its own tray to take away.

The mammoth roll is the brainchild of Morrisons pie and pastry experts who wanted to go one step further following the success of their vegan ‘no sausage’ roll and vegan ‘Corn-ish’ pasty earlier this year.

It also follows the original footlong sausage roll, which launched in 2017.

‘Our original foot long sausage roll caught the imagination of the nation so we’ve worked hard to make sure everyone – including vegans – can now tuck into our creation,’ says Morrisons Pie Expert, Steven Halford. ‘Sharing is optional.’

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The Sweetest Solutions for Leftover Halloween Candy


Maintain your sugar high (while squeezing in some nutrients), thanks to Dorie Greenspan. The pastry chef mixes M&M’s with cornflakes, coconut, nuts and dried fruit for a bite-sized treat. Get the recipe HERE. 

Maintain your sugar high (while squeezing in some nutrients), thanks to Dorie Greenspan. The pastry chef mixes M&M’s with cornflakes, coconut, nuts and dried fruit for a bite-sized treat. Get the recipe HERE. 


When even turning on the oven sounds like a chore, Dylan’s Candy Bar founder Dylan Lauren has just the cure with her no-bake recipe made up of crisp rice cereal and peanut butter candies. Get the recipe HERE. 

When even turning on the oven sounds like a chore, Dylan’s Candy Bar founder Dylan Lauren has just the cure with her no-bake recipe made up of crisp rice cereal and peanut butter candies. Get the recipe HERE. 


Dominique Ansel knows a thing or two about combining two foods to make something delicious (he invented the cronut, afterall). He takes the one candy that can be a hit or miss for many and adds it to a moist corn bread. Get the recipe HERE. 

Dominique Ansel knows a thing or two about combining two foods to make something delicious (he invented the cronut, afterall). He takes the one candy that can be a hit or miss for many and adds it to a moist corn bread. Get the recipe HERE. 


When you simply can’t bear to eat your Halloween treats on their own anymore, chop them up and throw them into a pan of blondie batter, as shown here.  

When you simply can’t bear to eat your Halloween treats on their own anymore, chop them up and throw them into a pan of blondie batter, as shown here.  


What makes chocolate candies taste even better? Mixing them in between layers of brownies, whipped cream and chocolate mousse. 

What makes chocolate candies taste even better? Mixing them in between layers of brownies, whipped cream and chocolate mousse. 


Add a twist to your next batch of homemade cookies with this finger-licking good tip: Mix in peanut butter candy bits for an extra crunch and even more buttery flavor. 

Add a twist to your next batch of homemade cookies with this finger-licking good tip: Mix in peanut butter candy bits for an extra crunch and even more buttery flavor. 


Because breakfast can be a time for candy too — sneak your extra Almond Joys into crescent rolls and voila! The day’s most important meal is served. 

Because breakfast can be a time for candy too — sneak your extra Almond Joys into crescent rolls and voila! The day’s most important meal is served. 


Leftover apples from the orchard and leftover candy? We’ve got just the answer with this Snickers-packed pie. 

Leftover apples from the orchard and leftover candy? We’ve got just the answer with this Snickers-packed pie. 


Combine buttered popcorn with chopped chocolate bars and you’ve got a delicous movie night meal.  

Combine buttered popcorn with chopped chocolate bars and you’ve got a delicous movie night meal.  


Get rid of the rest of your kid’s trick-or-treat collection by combining different candy bars with melted chocolate for a delicious bark. It’s sure to be a hit at home and in the office with your coworkers.

Get rid of the rest of your kid’s trick-or-treat collection by combining different candy bars with melted chocolate for a delicious bark. It’s sure to be a hit at home and in the office with your coworkers.

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Kids with Allergies Can Trick-or-Treat Safely at Houses Marked with Blue Pumpkins on Halloween

If your child has food allergies, it doesn’t mean they can’t trick-or-treat this Halloween.

The Food Allergy Research and Education organization is once again promoting the Teal Pumpkin Project, started in 2014 to raise awareness of food allergies and promote inclusions of all trick-or-treaters.

How does it work? Teal is the color that symbolizes food allergy awareness, so homes displaying pumpkins painted blue signify they’re handing out allergy-friendly treats.

The nationwide movement offers an alternative for kids with food allergies, as well as other children for whom candy is not an option. Instead, the trick-or-treaters can receive small toys, games, stickers, glow sticks or other inexpensive gifts.

According to the organization, one in 13 children in the United States has a food allergy — that’s roughly two in every classroom. For these children, even a tiny amount of their allergen has the potential to cause a severe reaction, and many popular Halloween candies contain nuts, milk, egg, soy or wheat, some of the most common allergens.

How can you participate? Simply place a blue pumpkin in front of your home to signal your involvement and add your address to the Teal Pumpkin Project map. If you don’t have time to paint your pumpkin, you can print out this free sign to post on your door.

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A Pro Poker Player Made a $100,000 Weight Loss Bet With Himself

How much would you be willing to bet on your ability to lose weight? For most of us, maybe a couple-hundred bucks would be motivation enough. For professional poker player Bryn Kenney, that’s less than small potatoes—it’s pocket change. When you’re currently ranked number one on the all-time money list ($55.5 million in winnings), it probably takes a few more zeros to get you fired up. So in September he wagered that he could drop from 230 to 190 pounds by January 15, 2020. The stakes? $100,000.

Poker provided him the kind of money needed to make a bet like that, but it also helped him gain the weight in the first place. As anyone who’s watched The World Series of Poker can attest, it’s a game with a lot of sitting. Kenney’s been playing it since he was a teenager, when he graduated from playing Magic: The Gathering to grinding long hours of online poker at age 18. He’d finish late at night, 3 AM, when his only restaurant options were fast food. Think “french fries with mozzarella cheese, bacon and sour cream and Russian dressing on a hero,” he says.

That lifestyle had him weighing around 250 pounds. It was draining, and he knew it was unhealthy. So to slim down, in 2014 he turned to what he knew: betting. He wagered he could get to 15 percent body fat in a year. “I’m a very competitive person and hate losing so making a bet was a big motivator,” he says. For him, though, the stakes weren’t that high: $10,000 or the cost of one tournament buy-in.

He lost. “I had a year to do it but I procrastinated and waited until the last minute to start,” he says. He hit 17 or 18 percent, but couldn’t pull it off. Still, it sparked him to really focus on reaching a healthier weight. So in 2017, right before his 30th birthday, he tried again; this time, $70,000 to lose 65 pounds in four months. With the big 3-0 looming and long-term health on his mind, he took it more seriously—and he won.

Keeping off the weight as a poker pro isn’t easy, though. Besides the hours of sitting, all day, every day, there’s the travel. Constantly adjusting to new time zones can make it hard to stay motivated, provided you can even find healthy food and a nearby gym. In the last four months, Kenney’s hit Las Vegas, London, Barcelona, Tokyo, and Bali. Whenever he travels, he hits up the best restaurants, too, which is a challenge for staying healthy. “Being a huge foodie definitely makes it tougher, especially because the way I like to eat the most is family style and order the whole menu so I can try everything,” he says.

So he’s traveling with little or no routine (which disrupts his sleep, too), sitting for most of his days, and eating at the world’s best restaurants. “That’s why for most of my poker career I have been at my largest weight because it’s easy to just give in and be lazy,” says Kenney. That left him weighing 230 pounds in September 2019.

Bryn Kenney

With $100,000 at stake, how does he plan to drop the weight? “I don’t think it’s reasonable to go from 0-100 so I think it’s very important to steadily keep getting better and doing more,” he says. He gradually improves his diet and starts cardio at the gym. Last time, he stuck to a strict diet of chicken, eggs and white fish with no sauce. He won the bet, but slid back into his old ways; he’s hoping this time he can find a strategy he can stick to and keep off the weight.

So this time he’s focusing on proteins and green vegetables, and cutting out alcohol. When he really buckles down, he might hit the gym for three hours a day, then spend time in the sauna. He’s doing it on his own so far, but later he’ll get a trainer. “The word ‘routine’ for me means that you’re stuck to something and I never want to be stuck to anything,” he says. “I always want to be open and free to do what I feel is right.”

Ultimately, he says, it’s not about the money, but about his competitive drive and proving to himself that he can do it. Winning that $100,000 would be nice, sure. (It would be nice for any of us.) “What is my real motivation for losing the weight is feeling my best, looking my best, being healthy and just trying to be my best person in everything I do,” he says. “I’m my own harshest critic.”

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This 2019 ‘Harry Potter’ Advent Calendar From Williams Sonoma Is So Magical

Calling all Harry Potter fans: your perfect countdown to the holidays has just arrived. Filled with 24 Hogwarts-themed candies and packed with magic, this Harry Potter advent calendar from Williams Sonoma is here to bring some of the Wizarding World to you in a tidy little package. Plus, you’ll get a taste of Hogwarts every day until Christmas.

Williams Sonoma is selling this glorious 24-day advent calendar themed to the world of Harry Potter. Per the official website, its "exclusive Hogwarts advent calendar holds 24 tempting treats to surprise witches and wizards." Even if you didn’t get your acceptance letter from Hogwarts, you can still count down to the holidays with Fizzing Whizbees and Gummy Slugs.

This calendar is stuffed with some of the notable Harry Potter candies mentioned in the series, such as Lemon Sherbets, Fizzing Whizbees, Butterscotch Drops, Gummy Frogs, and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. There are also Gummy Slugs and Dolly Mix inside this delicious celebratory calendar.

The cost is a little bit higher than you might expect, but then again, this is stuffed with fun HP-themed candies for 24 days. The retail price on the Williams Sonoma website is $39.99, so you may want to save this gift for a select number of BFFs. You can order it online, and it will be shipped out in early November.

For another fun Harry Potter advent calendar, you might look to Target. If you know someone who really, really like socks, that is. For $15, you can grab one of the Harry Potter sock advent calendars. There are two choices for women and two for men (and who says you can’t wear either option). The two faves of mine, though, are the traditional Hogwarts calendar — with the house crests and some iconic HP locales — and the owl version, which gives you Hedwig, the Sorting Hat, and Gryffindor, to name a few. They’re adorable and just perfect for that Harry Potter fan in your life. In addition to the Harry Potter-themed Sock Advent Calendars, Target also carries some other pop culture options to keep in mind, such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Marvel, Lilo & Stitch, a Minnie Mouse version, and other Disney themes.

Also spotted from Williams Sonoma is a Harry Potter Cookie Cutter Set that has eight Harry Potter-themed cookie cutters, along with the necessary baking accouterments when making decorated cookies. Typically, it runs for $42.50, but its price is down to $24. 95 as of Oct. 30. It even comes with the Deathly Hallows and a lightning bolt, which I am kind of losing it over. Plus, they have a Williams Sonoma Hogwarts Castle Ice Mold that sells for $21.95. This comes with two ice molds to make the cutest Hogwarts castles for your drinks this season.

With all of the magical Harry Potter gifting options available for the holiday season, it’s super tempting to just gift some to yourself as well. Bertie Bott’s and Fizzing Whizbees, I’m coming for you.

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This is the most popular Halloween candy in the U.S.

Everyone has a favorite Halloween candy, but a new survey shows that one type reigns supreme in the U.S. The most popular Halloween candy of 2019 is… M&M’s.

The survey conducted by RetailMeNot shows that M&M’s beat out last year’s winner, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, for the top spot, but only by a one percent margin. Close behind, KitKit came in third place, followed by Snickers in fourth, candy corn in fifth and Skittles in sixth. 

16 PHOTOSSee all of M&M's flavorsSee GallerySee all of M&M's flavorsM&M’s Pecan PieBUY ITM&M’s Creepy Cocoa CrispBUY ITM&M’s White Chocolate Pumpkin PieBUY ITM&M’s English Toffee PeanutBUY ITM&M’s Mint Dark ChocolateBUY ITM&M’s CaramelBUY ITM&M’s Hazelnut SpreadBUY ITM&M’s White Chocolate Peanut BUY ITM&M’s PretzelM&M’s Dark ChocolateBUY ITM&M’s CrispyBUY ITM&M’s Peanut ButterBUY ITM&M’s AlmondBUY ITM&M’s PeanutBUY ITM&M’s Milk ChocolateBUY ITM&M’s Fun Size Variety PackBUY ITUp Next

See Gallery

While you might think of M&M’s as the classic chocolate-coated candy pieces, the brand is constantly coming out with new flavors. For the fall season, M&M’s launched new limited-edition bags including M&M’s Halloween Cocoa Crisp (available exclusively at Target), M&M’s Pecan Pie, M&M’s White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie, M&M’s Ghoul Mix, and the winner of M&M’s 2019 flavor contest, M&M’s English Toffee Peanut.

While all of the new flavors most likely helped M&M’s case for first place, we think that the most shocking results of the survey are that candy corn beat out Skittles, even with the new Zombie Skittles hitting shelves. What’s up with that, America?

You can shop all of M&M’s delicious seasonal and year-round flavors in the slideshow above.

SEE ALSO: Target is selling DIY chocolate cookie haunted mansion kits

11 PHOTOSTarget exclusive Halloween candy 2019See GalleryTarget exclusive Halloween candy 2019M&M’s Halloween Cocoa Crisp, $3.19BUY ITReese’s Peanut Butter Cup Halloween Monsters Mania, $3.59BUY ITHershey’s Halloween Monster Kisses, $3.59BUY ITDove Halloween White Chocolate Caramel Apple, $4.99BUY ITKinder Joy Halloween Seasonal Chocolate, $1.82BUY IT

Chocolate Halloween Hyde Manor House Cookie, $9.99

Chocolate Halloween Spooky Graveyard Cookie Kit, $9.99

Calavera Sugar Cookie Kit, $6.99

Mad Scientist Gelatin Kit, $4.99

See Gallery

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Taco Bell Is Giving Away Free Doritos Locos Tacos Today Thanks to Baseball

Thanks to Taco Bell, we all have a reason to watch the World Series — but trust us, we’ll be rooting for every team.

As part of their 8th-annual “Steal a Base, Steal a Taco” promotion, the fast-food chain is handing out free Doritos Locos Tacos from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at restaurants nationwide. You can also opt to claim your free taco at any time today if you order through the website or mobile app, and if you choose pick-up there will be no additional fee.

While there’s a limit of one free taco per person—regardless of how many bases are stolen during a single game—no other purchase is necessary. That means you can walk into a Taco Bell during your lunch break and walk back out without spending a dime. (Typically the Doritos Locos Taco runs for $1.69.)


Taco Bell is running the promotion every time a base is stolen by “any player for either team during any game of the 2019 World Series championship,” which started on Tuesday, October 22. Washington Nationals shortstop Trea “Taco” Turner stole the first base of the series, winning everyone in the country the opportunity to “steal” their free taco.

WATCH: PEOPLE Staffers Taste New Taco Bell $1 Breakfast

Can’t make it to a Taco Bell location today? Check out their other new menu items, like the limited-edition Baja Birthday Freeze, which was introduced in honor of the Baja Blast’s 15th anniversary. Or you can purchase Taco Bell’s ranch-flavored cheese at your local grocery store and take the party home with you. Honestly, with these crazy menu items, there’s a little something for everyone.

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The 5 Best Halloween 2019 Drink Deals To Save You Money On Spooky Sips

As an adult, one of the best parts about the scariest night of the year is getting into the ~spirit~ of the spooky vibes with a drink in hand. Whether you’re looking to fuel up with some caffeinated sips or get the party started with a boozy concoction, I’ve rounded up the 5 best Halloween 2019 drink deals that promise to be all treat and no trick. From a cocktail that Edward Cullen would want to sink his fangs into to a Dunkin’ happy hour promo, here’s everything you can take advantage of leading up to the end of October.

Now that October is well underway, chances are that you’ve been taking advantage of all the scary good deals that have been on offer. In addition to chains like Applebee’s, Chili’s, and TGI Friday’s making happy hours a little spookier on the cheap with several on-theme monthly drink specials in honor of the holiday, coffee companies like Dunkin’ have also been making it a little sweeter to fuel up this month. Here are some of the best deals to take advantage of before November comes around. Of course, you have to be 21 years or older to indulge in the cocktails, but thankfully there’s more than just booze on offer this Halloween.

1. Chili’s Fangtastic Margarita

If you’re looking to really get into the spirit of Halloween with a Dracula-approved sip, head on over to Chili’s for the chain’s $5 Fangtastic Margarita, which features blood orange flavors and a set of fangs on top. According to press materials, the ‘Gram-worthy sip features a mix of Lunazul tequila and Cointreau that’s been blended with fresh sour and blood orange syrup, making it the perfect choice to start your Halloween festivities on the most festive note.

2. Applebee’s $1 Vampire

This year’s libations are all about the fangs, as seen by Applebee’s $1 Vampire cocktail. If you’re a fan of rum, you can head to your local Applebee’s to pay just a buck for a mix of "rum, strawberry, dragon fruit, passion fruit, and a dash of pineapple." Not only is the sip an eerie purple hue, but you’ll also be getting a set of fangs nestled on top along with a cherry.

3. Applebee’s 50-Cent Long Island Iced Teas

While Applebee’s Vampire is a festive option that won’t break the bank, you can save even more if you opt for a classic cocktail. During the month of October, you can score Long Island Iced Teas for just 50 cents at your local Applebee’s. If you’re looking to get lit for your Halloween night out or a scary movie marathon at home, you can’t really beat this deal.

4. TGI Fridays $5 Pumpkin Spice Sangria

According to the TGI Fridays website, the restaurant is offering a slew of festive hand-crafted cocktails for just $5 during the month of October. My favorite out of the bunch might just be the Pumpkin Spice Sangria, which adds a spooky factor to your favorite fall flavors with a pumpkin garnish.

5. Dunkin’s $2 Happy Hour Coffee Deal

If you’re looking to fuel up before your Halloween evening festivities, I’d recommend checking out the happy hour deal at Dunkin’, which goes from 2 p.m. through 6 p.m. at participating locations every day. During this time, you can score a medium-sized Latte, Cappuccino, or Americano for just $2, making it so cost-effective to get caffeinated before the night starts. The best part is that this happy hour deal is going on through Dec. 31, so you can take advantage of some seriously cheap sips through the end of the year.

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Paul Hollywood Apologizes for ‘Thoughtless’ Diabetes Comment on Great British Bake Off

Paul Hollywood has apologized for his “thoughtless” comment about a dessert featured on The Great British Bake Off.

During last week’s season ten semi-final episode, which aired in the U.K. on Oct. 22, the judge made a comment about one of the contestants’ Chelsea Buns, calling them “diabetes on a plate.”

Many online were quick to speak out against Hollywood’s comments, including a consultant for the U.K.’s National Health Service. “Can I politely ask on behalf of @NHSEngland @NHSDiabetesProg that you avoid making jokes about #diabetes on your show?” they wrote. “More than happy to discuss why/ and concept of types of #diabetes.”

A number of the comments directed towards Hollywood pointed out that contrary to what his remark implied, the idea that diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar is a misconception.

“T1 is a type of diabetes that is usually diagnosed in young children, it is an auto immune disease that is irreversible & u cannot help getting. educate yourself before making ignorant & offensive comments,” wrote one Twitter user.

Added another, “As someone who has suffered the hardships of TYPE ONE diabetes, and will live the rest of my life fighting a disease that I did not cause or eat my way into, I find ignorant comments like this appalling. Language matters.”

Type 1 diabetes, which is typically diagnosed in childhood, occurs when the body creates very little or no insulin on its own and is thought to be the result of an autoimmune reaction which destroys cells responsible for producing insulin, according to the CDC.

Type 2 diabetes typically develops later in life, and occurs when the body produces too much insulin.

Following the backlash, last week Hollywood apologized for his comments on social media, alongside a photo of some homemade Chelsea Buns.

“A sweet treat, Chelsea buns … a remark re:- diabetes I made on tonight’s show was thoughtless and I meant no harm, as both my grandad and my own mother suffer/ suffered from diabetes,” he wrote. “apologies X.”

While the joke did air when the semi-final was initially broadcast, it has since been cut from the episode.

Deadline reported last week that the joke will not appear in any re-runs of the episode in the U.K., and that it will also be removed from the version of the show available in the U.S. on Netflix.

While the joke was still included in the episode on Friday when it became available on Netflix, it was removed over the weekend, according to the outlet.

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Applebee’s 25-Cent Boneless Wings Deal Is The Ultimate Bargain

It’s officially tailgating season with baseball, basketball, hockey, and football all currently in rotation, but thanks to Applebee’s, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on your game day spread. Applebee’s 25-cent boneless wings deal is here to heat up game day in the most finger-licking way possible, and I have a feeling that everyone in your crew will be so on board for these savings. Grab the ranch, because this limited-time promo is sure to spice things up.

According to press materials, Applebee’s is kicking off the week of Monday, Oct. 28 with what can only be described as a touchdown when it comes to food deals. IMHO, Buffalo wings might just be the GOAT of all tailgating bites, which is why I readied my tastebuds and got all my stretchy pants out of hibernation when I saw that Applebee’s will be offering its crispy fried boneless wings covered in spicy Buffalo sauce for just a quarter each "for a limited time" at participating locations.

As a refresher, that means that you’ll be getting all of the "crispy breaded pieces of juicy, tender boneless chicken tossed in Classic Hot Buffalo sauce" that your stomach can handle, which feels like a win in and of itself no matter how your favorite team does that day. I did the math, and that means that you’ll only be spending $2.50 on an order of 10 of these drool-inducing bad boys or a fiver for 20. Even if you decide to bring a couple friends and go all out with 50 boneless wings, the total will come down to just $12.50. In other words, this tasty deal is here to save you serious bank all season long, so you definitely won’t want to sleep on filling up before the game or snacking all throughout halftime.

Joel Yashinsky, chief marketing officer at Applebee’s, said in a press release:

One thing to note is that the promotion is only valid for dine-in customers, but I’d rest assured that all Applebee’s locations have plenty of TVs spread throughout the restaurant so you don’t have to worry about missing any of the action while you’re nomming on your wings spread. I’d also keep in mind that celery and dipping sauce is extra, so diners should factor that in when figuring out their game day budget.

On the flip side, one of the benefits of dining in at an Applebee’s is that you’ll be able to take advantage of some of the chain’s incredibly cheap drink deals. In addition to a spooktacular $1 Vampire cocktail that comes topped with fangs and features notes of rum as well as tropical flavors like strawberry, dragon fruit, passion fruit, and pineapple, you can score Long Island Iced Teas for just 50 cents until the end of the month.

Again, these deals on sips and wings are currently happening at Applebee’s restaurants for a limited time, so I’d put together your game day crew and make moves on a wallet-friendly happy hour this week.

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What does Greggs sell that is vegan or vegetarian?

Everyone loves a good Greggs and now when we say everyone, we really can mean everyone, thanks to the seller of baked goods adding vegetarian and vegan products to their hugely popular food selection.

After the highly successful launch of the Gregg’s vegan sausage roll at the beginning of this year (so successful in fact that it caused shares in the company to increase) Greggs said it had launched another vegan product as part of its new summer menu.

The new and improved Mexican Bean & Sweet Potato wrap is vegetarian and vegan friendly and another tasty offering from the baked goods chain.

So, if you’re growing tired of the vegan sausage roll (but really, is that possible?) here are the other vegetarian products that Greggs sell.

What does Gregg’s sell that is vegan or vegetarian?

If you are vegan and a fan of the Greggs vegan sausage roll, we are sorry to report that there are no other vegan bakes being developed at this time – BUT – there might be one day.

Roger Whiteside, the CEO of Greggs, did say on LBC: ‘We are working away to see if we can come up with a version of all our bestselling lines because people want vegan options’.

However, Greggs told back in August that there are no plans at present for a vegan steak bake or any other product, for that matter.

So, we’ll just have to wait and see what other vegan items Greggs come up with next and, if it’s anything like the vegan sausage roll, hopefully it will be worth the wait.

As for other vegan and vegetarian-friendly products from Greggs, here’s what there is to choose from:

Greggs’ Vegan Friendly Products

Mexican Bean & Sweet Potato Wrap – from £2.75

Vegan Sausage Roll – from £1

Sweet Mince Pie – from £0.50 for one, or £1.75 for a pack of six

Greggs’ Vegetarian Products

Cheese & Onion Bake – from £1.40

Cheese & Onion Salad Sub Roll – from £2.55

Children’s Cheese Roll – from £1

Feta & Tomato Pasta – from £2.75

Free Range Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich – from £1.80

Macaroni Cheese – from £2.50

Mature Cheddar Cheese Ploughman’s Oval Bite – from £2.75

Mature Cheddar Cheese Salad Baguette – from £2.55

Three Cheese Pizza – from £1.50

Tomato Soup – from £1.75

Potato Wedges – from £1

Veggie Breakfast Box – from £1.70

Cheese & Chutney Toastie – from £2.85

Omelette Baguette – from £2.60

Omelette Corn Top Roll – from £1.85

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Need a healthy pancake recipe? You HAVE to try these savoury chickpea pancakes that are completely vegan!

Award-winning chef and author of A Modern Way to Eat and A Modern Way to Cook, Anna Jones has shared her perfect pancake recipe incorporating products from Rude Health. These pancakes are ideal if you're looking for a healthy alternative and they're completely vegan!

Anna says: “I love these pancakes. I eat them straight out of the pan like traditional pancakes topped with a fried egg, some flash fried vegetables and cheese. Or I keep them in the fridge, heat them up gently in a pan and use them like wraps or instead of chapatis for dipping into curries. I’ve included some topping ideas below.”

MORE: This vegan carrot cake recipe will convince you to try watercress cream cheese frosting


Makes 12 pancakes, Preparation time 20-25 minutes, Cooking time 5-10 minutes


• 250g/9oz chickpea flour

• 350ml/12fl oz Rude Health Oat Milk 

• 50g/2oz ready prepared spinach

• A small bunch of fresh parsley 

• Zest of 1 lemon 

• Salt and freshly ground black pepper

• Coconut oil or groundnut oil, for cooking


• Replace the spinach with 1 x medium grated beetroot or 1 x medium grated carrot 

OTHER: This strawberry and ricotta roll-up recipe is the quick and easy treat pancake fans will love


Step 1.

Add all the ingredients to a blender (except the oil) and season well with salt and freshly ground pepper. Blend on high until the mixture is a thin smooth pancake batter. 

Step 2.

Heat 1 tsp of the oil in a medium-sized non-stick frying pan over a medium heat. Add a small ladle of the batter to the frying pan. Working quickly swirling it around so the batter covers the base of the pan and cook for a couple of minutes, then flip over and cook on the other side for another 30 seconds. 

Step 3.

Repeat for the rest of the batter, adding a little more of the oil each time. Stack on a plate with greaseproof in between each one and keep warm in a low oven. 

Step 4.

Top with your favourite sweet or savoury combinations, there are some suggestions below. 

This recipe is from Rude Health.  Find Rude Health’s range in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Ocado and at

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Michigan pizza place apparently pays portion of surprise electric bill with singles

Fox News Flash top headlines for Oct. 23

Fox News Flash top headlines for Oct. 23 are here. Check out what’s clicking on

This is the best way to pay a bill.

A pizza place in Michigan found a unique way to settle a surprise huge bill from the power company. This came after a month of uncertainty for the restaurant, which wasn't sure it would be able to remain open after paying the shocking debt.

In late September, Mitten Pizza in Middleville, Mich., revealed on Facebook that it had gotten some bad news. According to its post, it had received a surprise bill from their electric company. Due to an error on the power provider’s part, the restaurant had been undercharged by $19,795.74.

Mitten Pizza claimed that it could not afford to pay the bill and would possibly end up closing.

Fortunately, the pizza place was apparently able to raise the needed funds. Last Friday, it posted on its Facebook page, “It is with great pleasure that we can announce that we have struck a deal with Great Lakes Energy and will not be forced to close down.”


The post also included a list of other local businesses that appear to have helped out Mitten Pizza in some way.

Amazingly, the story doesn’t end there.


On Monday, Mitten Pizza revealed that it had paid at least a portion of its bill. The post shows representatives seemingly paying with a stack of $1 bills.

Mitten Pizza captioned the post, “Thank you to all that have supported and helped us out! The last month has been a roller coaster! Here we are! I want to thank Great Lakes Energy for being a good sport about this, and for working with me to settle everything in a fair, and professional way.”

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Couple orders oysters on the half shell at New Jersey restaurant, finds 'once-in-a-lifetime' pearl

Fox News Flash top headlines for Oct. 23

Fox News Flash top headlines for Oct. 23 are here. Check out what’s clicking on

A couple dining at a New Jersey restaurant recently made an extremely rare find while partaking in a plate of oysters.

Anton and Sheryl Schermer, of Tenafly, N.J., were in the middle of dinner on Saturday evening when Anton detected something hard “rolling around in his mouth,” according to the Stern & Bow restaurant in the town of Closter, where they were eating.

He then spit out the object, only to find it was a tiny pearl.

Anton and Sheryl Schermer, of Tenafly, N.J., handed over the pearl to the restaurant owner, who plans to frame it over the bar.
(Stern & Bow)

An employee with the Empire Oyster service, which sources and serves oysters at Stern & Bow, said it was an extremely rare find — especially for the type of oyster Anton was eating, which came from Washington State.

“I’ve shucked hundreds of thousands of oysters in my career and have never found a pearl while shucking,” said Kevin Joseph of Empire Oyster. “Although rare, I’ve heard of pearls discovered in warm water Gulf oysters but never, ever have I heard of a pearl found in a cold water [Taylor Kumamoto oyster]. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event.”

The rare find marks the latest instance of a New Jersey diner finding a pearl inside an oyster in recent years.
(Stern & Bow)


In addition to being rare, the Schermers’ pearl also came at a coincidental time: The Stern & Bow has only been open for a month.

The restaurant has since confirmed that the couple has graciously donated the oyster back to the restaurant, where the owner plans to hang it over the bar, in its own frame.

A couple dining at a New Jersey <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" target="_blank">restaurant</a> recently made an extremely rare find while partaking in a plate of oysters.
(Stern & Bow)


The rare find marks the latest instance of a New Jersey diner finding a pearl inside an oyster in recent years. In 2015, a restaurant patron in New Jersey found a pearl in his fried oyster while dining at Russo’s Ristorante in Washington Borough. And in 2018, another diner — from Edgewater, N.J.— bit into a pearl estimated to be worth thousands while eating at the Grand Central Oyster Bar in NYC.

“I’ve been here 28 years,” the executive chef of the Grand Central Oyster Bar said at the time, “This is only the second time I’ve seen this happen. And we sell over 5,000 oysters on the half shell every day.”

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A Video Game Helped Motivate This Guy to Lose 50 Pounds

It took a video game for John Martin to realize he was overweight. The 39 year-old lawyer from Hershey, Pennsylvania, had never thought of himself that way—he was 6’1” and certainly not thin (at 218 pounds), but he figured he simply had an average build. A desk job and an hour commute meant a creeping weight gain over the years, but nothing that alarmed him. He didn’t feel sluggish or tired, and though his clothes felt less comfortable than in years past, it wasn’t like he found himself regularly out of breath.

Then came the video game—Wii Fit, to be exact. On a lark, Martin stepped onto the balance board that comes with the Nintendo game. The (admittedly inaccurate) body mass index showed Martin to be borderline obese. Strange as it might sound, for him it was a wakeup call. He’d spent years failing to out-exercise a bad diet, imagining that a few spins on the elliptical machine in his basement balanced out a diet of burgers, fries, beers, and pizza. “Basically, I continued to eat like a teenager well into my 30s,” he says. “It eventually caught up to me.”

The Wii forced him to make a choice. As he saw it, he could resign himself to a “dad bod” and future obesity, or pull himself together for himself, his wife, and his two young children. He wanted to pick the right path while he was still young enough for it to make a difference.

After some trial and error, he settled on using MyFitnessPal to track his food and hit a caloric deficit of 200-300 calories a day. At the beginning he ate whatever he wanted, as long as he didn’t break his calorie count; later on he focused on his macros. “It helps that I’m a very simple person and can eat the same thing every day without getting bored,” he says.

John Martin

His workouts were simple: mostly cardio, on the elliptical for at least an hour every day. With a FitBit and an Apple Watch, he tracked his activity. He didn’t use a trainer, and being able to watch TV at the gym helped motivate him.

He lost 50 pounds in the first eight months, but gained back half of that over the next year. The rebound helped discipline him, leading to more calorie and activity tracking. Now, three years after starting, he’s and 164 pounds—54 less than when he started. People say he looks skinnier now, and now he likes shopping for clothes, but appearance wasn’t his primary motivation. “It’s a nice byproduct, to be sure,”he says, “but I really just want to maintain a healthier lifestyle and feel more comfortable in my own skin.” (He’s told his kids that once he hits 160 pounds, he’ll shave his beard.)

Asked for advice, he offers some straight-forward tips. “Count your calories,” he says. “It’s not easy, but it’s crazy simple.” And don’t get caught up in daily weighing, because fluctuations can be discouraging; instead, look for the right trajectory, week after week. “Once you start seeing those results,” he says, “ it’s a snowball effect that makes you want to keep at it.”

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13 No-Cook Thanksgiving Appetizers That’ll Keep Your Guests Happy Until Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner is the best meal of the year. Fittingly, it also requires a ton of advance preparation and day-of cooking. If you stay organized and gather all the necessary ingredients and recipes ahead of time, hosting a great Thanksgiving dinner can be a ton of fun — but even the most experienced cooks sometimes struggle to get the main course on the table in a timely manner.

To prevent hungry guests from constantly asking when dinner will be ready (or worse, hovering over you in the kitchen), it’s smart to put out a spread of appetizers that will keep people busy and happy while you put the finishing touches on the turkey. And there’s no reason these appetizers should add to your overall cooking load. To keep things as easy for yourself as possible, pick a few of the no-cook appetizers ahead for your upcoming Thanksgiving feast. Most of them travel well too, so they’re great if you’re not the one hosting.

A version of this story was originally published November 2018.

Sparkling Brie Cranberry Bites

Cranberry sauce doesn't get enough attention on the dinner table, so it's wise to highlight the sweet-tart fruit in your appetizer spread as well.

Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwich Canapés

Use any leftover smoked salmon from these simple canapés for a quick Black Friday breakfast.

Apple, Brie & Honey Bruschetta Bites

Crisp apples, creamy Brie and sweet honey make for an elegant and tasty app.

Prosciutto & Fig Salad Board

Use fresh or dried figs for this easy salad that works as an appetizer or as a side dish.

Mini Pumpkin Cheeseballs

These adorable cheeseballs are pretty hands-on, but that means they're also a great way to keep your kids busy as you do most of the cooking before your guests arrive.

Melon, Prosciutto & Mozzarella Sticks

No cutlery necessary for these sweet-savory skewers.

10-Minute Cheese Board

No easy appetizer spread is complete without a cheese board. You really can't go wrong, but there are ways to make yours stand out.

Spinach-Artichoke Dip

This no-cook spinach-artichoke dip is mega-satisfying, and it packs a healthy dose of greens.

Prosciutto-Wrapped Pears With Blue Cheese

Noticing a fruit-cheese-prosciutto theme? That's because it's the perfect flavor combination, and it's effortlessly classy.

Savory Pumpkin Hummus

No need to wait until dessert to get your pumpkin fix. This easy hummus gets an earthy kick from canned pumpkin purée and tastes great with pita, tortilla chips or raw veggies.

Antipasto Party Skewers

Craving something salty? These simple skewers fit the bill.

Cranberry-Feta Pinwheels

Pinwheels aren't always the classiest appetizer at the party, but this feta-cranberry rendition is colorful and balanced enough to impress.

White Cheddar-Chive Pimento Cheese

There's nothing inherently Thanksgiving-y about pimento cheese. If you've ever tried it, though, you know it makes any party significantly more delicious.

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Alec Baldwin Shows Off Weight Loss by Dropping Pants on TV

It’s not uncommon to be so excited following weight loss to want to show off the results of your hard work. And that’s just what Alec Baldwin did during Sunday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon; in addition to talking about his return to Saturday Night Live, the 61-year-old actor celebrated his recent body transformation by quite literally giving the audience a look at his new and improved body.

It started with Fallon and Baldwin recalling the last time he appeared on the show; in that episode, which happened to be filmed on Baldwin’s birthday, Fallon’s team mocked up a mannequin to resemble the actor and then dropped it from the rafters. Looking at a picture of his dummy double, Baldwin pointed out that they had to add a fake bump to the stomach to match his body shape. He’s slimmed down quite a bit since then, though, and he couldn’t wait to show off his weight loss to Fallon and the live audience.

“You want to see how much weight I’ve lost? Ready? My pant don’t even fit me any more.” And just like that, he dropped trow, drawing enthused cheers from the crowd. A flabbergasted Fallon tried to cover up his exposed guest’s bottom half with a card, to which Baldwin delightedly said: “It’s not big enough!”

“Oh my god,” Fallon then exclaimed. “You look fantastic.”

While Baldwin didn’t go into much detail about how he lost the weight, he has previously posted on social media about incorporating more of a plant-based diet into his lifestyle, joining the likes of Tom Hanks and Chris Martin in partaking in Meat Free Monday.

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The Cutting Boards That Will Live On Your Kitchen Counter

When you really boil it down, fancy kitchen appliances are luxuries, not necessities. Sure, having a food processor to slice, dice and mince your ingredients in a matter of seconds when you’re low on time and need to get dinner on the table stat is nice. However, similar to how some people still prefer driving a stick shift to an automatic, some home chefs would rather chop their own meat and produce. Sometimes, devices break and you need a backup plan. That’s when having a few cutting boards stashed away in a cupboard comes in handy. 

Cutting boards are one of those kitchen staples that can seem so old-school when you put them next to all the new gadgets designed to reduce hands-on preparation. Yet no matter the latest technologies that go on and off trend, cutting boards are a constant and their simplicity is what makes them such a reliable tool. Since no kitchen is fully stocked without one, these are the best cutting boards we found on Amazon.

Our mission at SheKnows is to empower and inspire women, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.

1. OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board

The first thing that jumped out at us about the OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Boards was that they’re dual-sided. When you’re working with a bunch of different food groups (think meat and veggies), cross-contamination is definitely a concern. Rather than adding a second cutting board to your countertop and eating up work space, you can flip this cutting board over to the other side and continue preparations without pause.  

Additional highlights include a juice groove on the edges of the board to minimize mess, as well as non-slip edges for easy grip and transportation around the kitchen. It’s also worth noting that the cutting board is made from polypropylene, a nonporous, odor-resistant and smooth surface that’s sturdy enough to sustain heavy, hard cuts from sharp knives.

2. Gorilla Grip Reversible Cutting Boards

Gorilla Grip’s Reversible Cutting Boards are ideal for party prep and easy cleanup once your guests have all gone home. Available in a whopping 23 vibrant colors, each set consists of three cutting boards: a large 16” x 11.2”, a medium 13.8” x 9.6” and a small 11.8” x 8” size.

They each feature a juice-catching trough around the perimeter, are sturdy enough that they won’t slide when you’re forced to get tough on hard-to-chop foods and are dishwasher safe.

3. Nicole Home Collection Colorful Kitchen Cutting Boards

It might sound contradictory to mention plastic when we’re talking about operating sharp cutlery, but these cutting boards from Nicole Home Collection don’t slice easy. Made from a BPA-free, antimicrobial material that’s 100 percent non-toxic, this set of three plastic cutting boards is lightweight but super durable. The brand guarantees the surface won’t retain odors or dull your knives and is also dishwasher safe.

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All the Chain Restaurants Where You Can Get Deals on Spooky Foods for Halloween

Searching for a way to liven up your Halloween?

This October, some of the most popular chains around the country are offering some terrifyingly good deals. No matter your mood, there’s something for you—including Jack-O’-Lantern shaped pizza that you can order straight to your bed. Read on to see how you can make the most of this spooky month.


The popular chain is offering another one of their signature cocktails of the month, and this time it’s a tropical $1 Vampire Cocktail. The drink is served in a 10-oz. mug, and it’s made with rum, strawberry, passion fruit, dragon fruit, and pineapple juice. Best of all, it’s topped with vampire fangs and a cherry—for all your Halloween costume needs.


Chili’s is serving a $5 Fangtastic ‘Rita all month long. This spooky Margarita of the Month has a set of fangs on top and features a blend of Lunazul® Blanco Tequila, Cointreau®, Monin® Blood Orange and fresh sour. Plus, Chili’s loyalty members can bring their kids along for some Halloween fun too: on October 31 only, kids can eat free with the purchase of a regular entrée.


The breakfast chain definitely has one of the most elaborate Halloween specials out there. Now through November 3, they’re offering five different Addams Family-themed creations in honor of the new film’s release. These include “Wednesday’s Web-Cakes” (seen above) that are topped with Hershey’s chocolate syrup and violet whipped cream, “Gomez’ Green Chili Omelette” with pulled pork, “Uncle Fester’s Chocolate Ice Cream Shake” with violet whipped cream, “Morticia’s Haunted Hot Chocolate” with violet whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup, and “Kooky Kids Combo.” Plus, their Kids Eat Free special is back until November 3 from 4-10PM every day with the purchase of one adult entrée. Kids 12 and under will receive a free entrée from the kid’s menu at participating locations.

Krispy Kreme

The donut joint just introduced three scary-good cyclops Halloween donuts to the menu for this month only. “Slimon” is a slime monster made with a glazed doughnut covered in green icing, filled with lemon “slime,” and topped with a green Kreme dollop that looks like an eye. “Mumford” is a mummy-themed cyclops doughnut made with a glazed doughnut that’s “wrapped” with white and purple frosting. Lastly, “Hypno-Henry” is filled with cake batter, dipped in yellow icing and orange sanding sugar, and coated with a white icing swirl. If you stop by a participating location on the day of Halloween while wearing your costume, you get a free donut of choice.

Papa John’s

If you’re looking to stay home this Halloween, this one’s for you. Papa John’s is celebrating with the return of their Jack-O’-Lantern Pizza, a large, thin-crust pepperoni pizza in the shape of a carved pumpkin. Pepperoni is used to line the “pumpkin” borders, the pizza’s smile and the eye sockets, while the eyes themselves are made using black olives. You can order this pizza online or via their Papa Rewards app for $11 using the code JACKOLANTERN.

If you’re throwing a party, they also have some other Halloween deals for the month of October that feed a crowd: five large one-topping pizzas for $42.50 with promo code SCARE, the “Spooky Great Deal”—five large one-topping pizzas with the option of three bread sides or desserts for $55 with promo code GHOST, the “Big Monster”—five large one-topping pizzas plus three bread sides and three desserts for $70 with promo code FRIGHTFUL, and the “Jack-O-Lantern Deal”—one large Jack-O-Lantern Pizza, five one-topping pizzas, three bread sides, and three desserts for $80 with promo code TRICKORTREAT.


The spider donut is back at Dunkin’ for the month of October! It’s frosted with orange icing and topped with a glazed chocolate Munchkin with chocolate drizzle for spider legs and orange icing as eyes. Dunkin’s classic donuts will also be in theme for the holiday, decorated with orange icing and Halloween sprinkles. They’ve also released their first-ever official Halloween costume, the “Dunkin’ Runner” from the “America Runs on Dunkin'” logo. The Dunkin’ Runner will be running throughout stores in the U.S. and serving free Halloween donuts along the way, so check out the Dunkin’ Behind the Beans blog and follow @Dunkin on Instagram to track its travels and find out where you can get a free donut. Plus, Dunkin’ is offering any 10 Munchkins for just $2, and they brought back their Oreo Hot Chocolate for this winter only. Oh, the horror…


It’s that time of the year again: Wendy’s Boo! Books are back on sale for only $1. Each Halloween-themed book comes with five coupons for a free Jr. Frosty (although the coupons are limited to one per visit), and $0.85 of every $1 purchase goes toward the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Books can be delivered, or you can find them at participating Wendy’s locations until the end of the month, so go crazy and order a bunch while you still can.


Don’t freak out: Baskin-Robbins is serving some pretty spooky ice cream specials for Halloween. Their October Flavor of the Month is the “Candy Mashup,” which is filled with Snickers, caramel cup pieces, and salty caramel. The “Fright Night Scoop” features the Candy Mashup flavor, but it’s topped with Halloween sprinkles and a spooky white chocolate zombie hand. The Ghost Cake is made with tons of chocolate, buttercream ghosts, Kit-Kats, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Halloween Sprinkles, while the Piñata Ghost Cake has sprinkles that pour out of it. Lastly, the Spider Web Cookie Cake is terrifyingly fudgey and topped with marshmallows.

WATCH: Food Hack: Make Glow-in-the-Dark Marshmallow Frosting

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

If you’re a big fan of the Forrest Gump movie, you’ll love this one. This October, if you dress up like your favorite cast member and upload a photo to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.’s Facebook page using the hashtag #ForrestGumpLookAlike, you could win one of three hefty gift cards to the store. Oh, and kids eat free on Halloween with the purchase of an adult entrée.

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13 Halloween Cocktails & Mocktails That'll Kick Your All Hallows Eve Up a Notch

Candy, candy, candy. Everybody’s always giving all the attention to candy at Halloween-time, but you know what really makes us feel festive? The perfect ghoulish drink.

Sure, sweets are a Halloween institution (trick-or-treating would kind of be a moot point without all the candy), but there’s just something about holding a blood-red cocktail that makes you feel especially in the mood for anything spooky. Add some spiders and a little dry ice and you’ve pretty much got perfection.

We’ve rounded up a huge list of beverage recipes that will seriously take your All Hallows Eve to the next level. And not all of them have booze, either. We’ve included some fun mocktails that adults and children alike will have a blast sipping on. From slime punch to a vampire milkshake, you’re gonna want to try all of these out.

Originally posted October 2015. Updated October 2019.

Hocus Pocus Witch’s Brew

We checked in with the Sanderson sisters and they approve of this recipe. 

The Black Heart

Sipping this cocktail must only be done while reading some Edgar Allan Poe. 

Hocus Pocus Punch

Kids can enjoy this yumy mocktail and the best part? It only requires three ingredients. 

The Witch’s Heart

With just a few simple ingredients, this spooky cocktail is easy to make and delicious. 

Poisoned Apple Cider

Edible shimmer dust gives this fruity cocktail a frighteningly good appearance.

The Crypt Keeper

With just three ingredients, you can whip up one of these cocktails faster than Max Dennison can light the black flame candle. 

Magic Potion Punch

Another kid-friendly favorite! This one contains a secret ingredient that akes the punch boil up like a witch’s magic potion. 

Witch’s Brew Cocktail

This glowing concoction could also double as an adult Ecto Cooler!

Purple People Eater

We think this ominous cocktail looks like something Edgar Allan Poe would drink, don’t you?

Goose Bumps Punch

To give all your party guests the creepy-crawlies, simply make a kid-friendly punch and add some worms!

Halloween Hot Cocoa

It’s a good idea to have something on hand to keep your trick-or-treaters warm. You can make a big batch of this alcohol-free hot chocolate right in your slow-cooker!

Blood Clot Shots

If shots are more your jam, then these blood clot shots should be your go-to. 

Caramel apple fireball shots

Save these sweet-yet-punchy shots for the end of the night instead of raiding your kids’ Halloween candy.

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