10 Kids Desks with Rave Customer Reviews — Starting at Just $15

It goes without saying that this school year is going to be a lot different than the years’ past. With many schools mixing distanced learning into the curriculum, kids are going to be spending a good chunk of time at home. There are a lot of useful tools you can shop to make this school year as safe and as successful as possible for your kiddo, among the most obvious: a desk. 

Now, there’s an endless supply of desks you can shop online, but Jamie Heston, a homeschool consultant and board member of the Homeschool Association of California, advises that before parents add anything to their virtual shopping carts, they first talk with their kids about what kind of educational set up they might want. 

“Involve your kids and figure out what works best for them,” Heston tells PEOPLE. “A lot of people will try to recreate school at home, we’re usually sort of having to help parents decompress and help look at learning differently.”

10 Best Kids Desks, According to Customer Reviews

  • KidKraft Kids Study Desk, $245.23
  • Wings and Wheels Kids Writing Desk, $196.99
  • Gymax Height Adjustable Children's Desk Chair Set , $329.99
  • Magic Cabin Writing Desk, $59.98
  • Delta Children’s Chair and Desk, $44.99 
  • Mind Reader Adjustable Laptop Desk, $14.99
  • Jonti-Craft Activity Table , from $155.60
  • Harriet Bee Side By Side Desk, $166.99
  • TaoTronics Laptop Table, $54.39
  • Gordy Children's Corner Writing Desk, $165.93

If your student is wanting a desk, then placing it outside of their room is best, Heston says, so that their educational space is separate from where they relax and unwind. But sometimes a child works best on the couch or sprawled out on the floor, she says, so accommodation is key. 

“It’s about what your budget is, and what your kid will thrive with,” Heston says. “If they thrive more being in their pajamas sitting on the couch, do that. If they like school and want that atmosphere, do that.” 

If a desk is in the cards, she says it’s important to consider what technology your kid might be using. If it includes a desktop computer, for example, there’s got to be enough room for that and for a mouse, a keyboard, and a console.

Along with considering function, Heston says making room for fun in whatever learning set up you choose is important, especially during this time of uncertainty. 

“Blurring the lines between fun and learning can happen anywhere and any time,” she says. “Everybody give yourself a little grace. It’s going to take a while to get used to this.” 

Below, you can shop the best-selling and most loved kids desks at Walmart, Amazon, and Wayfair. They’re so cute, you might end up with a choo choo train desk yourself. 

KidKraft Kids Study Desk

Designed for students between the ages of 3 and 8, this sturdy desk set has that classic wooden look to it, along with some extra stylish features. A cork board and divider sits atop the table for even better organization. Plus, the desk comes with two large file cabinets to the side, which are perfect for storing extra crafting materials. Shoppers say the table is great for schooling and equally useful for play time. 

“Such a cute desk and very functional,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “It came in handy during distant learning and also good for arts and crafts, too.”

Buy It! KidKraft Kids Study Desk with Chair, $245.23; amazon.com

Wings and Wheels Kids Writing Desk

Anything but the boring and stiff desks of your youth, this train desk brings so much fun to at-home learning and playing. Every time your kiddo will sit on it, they’ll feel like they’re going for an adventure — what better way to encourage learning than with an adorable train replica? Reviewers have given it a solid 4.6-star rating, and say the desk is best fitting for kids between the ages of 3 and 6. 

“My son loves his desk and I’m very happy because it doesn’t take a lot of space in our place since it's very limited,” wrote one shopper. “Very cute train desk that encourages my son to do homework and it has plenty of space for books and school materials.”

Buy It! Wings and Wheels Kids Writing Desk, $196.99; wayfair.com

Gymax Height Adjustable Children’s Desk Chair Set

The Ferrari of children’s desks, the Gymax set is everything you or your kid would ever need in an at-home learning station. Along with an adjustable desk and chair, the set comes with a pull-out drawer for added storage. Safety features like an anti-pinch design, leveling footpad and anti-fall rail set this desk apart from others.  

“This is a great height-adjustable desk and chair for my fourth grade daughter,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “She is able to attend her online classes from morning to evening without any complaints.”

Buy It! Gymax Height Adjustable Children's Desk Chair Set, $329.99; walmart.com

Magic Cabin Writing Desk

For tots who like to draw and play on the ground, this compact curved writing desk is the perfect design. It comes with two side slots that make it easy to carry, and it’s just big enough to fit coloring books and art supplies on top. This is something that the adults in the house can also use. Simply position it like a lap desk and you’ve got yourself a flat surface to use, too. 

“These are just awesome,” wrote one reviewer. “Great quality and perfect for the kids for digital learning on the floor or coloring.”

Buy It! Magic Cabin Writing Desk, $59.98; wayfair.com

Delta Children’s Chair and Desk

For younger kiddos who might not be using a laptop or computer yet, this fun set-up is great for arts, crafts, and other hands-on activities. The fun style options range from Lion King to Frozen, so finding a desk that will match your child’s taste will be easy. Nearly 1,000 shoppers have reviewed this desk and it has a near-perfect 4.8-star rating. 

Buy It! Delta Children’s Chair and Desk, $44.99; amazon.com

Mind Reader Adjustable Laptop Desk 

Like Heston explained above, some kids would rather sit and learn on the couch. And if your student is like that, a cushioned laptop desk will certainly come in handy. The Mind Reader model has two pillows at the bottom and eight adjustable slots on the top to keep things comfortable. 

“Perfect for my kids during this remote learning,” wrote one five-star reviewer.Bought one first to see if we like it and about to order my second one… Not large, so just perfect for the kids’ Chromebooks they have. Will be perfect for holding sketch pads or coloring books too.”

Buy It! Mind Reader Adjustable Laptop Desk, $14.99; amazon.com

Jonti-Craft Activity Table

Good for the kids because of the space, and good for the parents because of the storage potential, the Jonti-Craft table is a win-win. This is something that your family can pull out every morning and put away every night with ease. It’ll give your kiddo some extra space while working, without taking away that entire area at night or on the weekend.

“My kids love the table,” wrote one shopper. “It was easy to assemble the legs and adjust the table to fit my kids just right. The table top is smooth and easy to clean. I love the round edges.”

Buy It! Jonti-Craft Activity Table, $155.60–$327; walmart.com

Harriet Bee Side By Side Desk

Great for homes with a few kiddos itching to learn, the Harriet Bee desk is built to be used by multiple people at once thanks to its open and sturdy design. The classic wood finish makes it easy to blend in with any room’s aesthetic, so leaving the desk in place year-round won’t be an eyesore. 

“This desk is a great side-by-side for kids (mine are 8 and 4),” wrote one five-star reviewer. “There are two circular cutouts (with plastic covers) for electrical chords, which we use for a desk lamp and our kids' chromebooks. It's very sturdy and, I like it so much, I'm ordering another one.”

Buy It! Harriet Bee Side By Side Desk, $166.99; wayfair.com

TaoTronics Laptop Table 

A portable desk option that can easily be taken from the kitchen to the living room, the TaoTronics Laptop Table is an advanced version of the classic lap desk you can find anywhere. This design comes with adjustable legs that can perfectly align in height with your kiddo’s line of vision, thus reducing any potential discomfort or neck strain. Along with height, the table can adjust in its angle, too. So if your child is watching something, you can easily position it downward for a better viewing experience. Of the 3,000+ reviews, many consist of comments praising the functional design. 

“This is perfect for my kids as they start the new school year virtually,” one happy reviewer wrote. “They each use a laptop for school and this is great for them to use. I also love how they can put it on a table and turn this into a standing desk! I'm sure a lot of people are ordering things like this right now since so many kids will be learning from home. I would definitely recommend this one.”

Buy It! TaoTronics Laptop Table, $54.39 (orig. $65.99); amazon.com

Gordy Children’s Corner Writing Desk

Whether your home is tight on space or not, a corner desk can certainly be useful. This desk set is a simple addition to any room thanks to its minimalist design. The attached seat keeps things tidy and functional, and the desk is big enough to fit kids ages 5 to 10, according to the brand, so this is something that can be put to use for years, rather than months. 

“We have 7-year-old twins and these are just right for homework, artwork, and crafts,” wrote one shopper. 

Buy It! Gordy Children's Corner Writing Desk, $165.93; wayfair.com

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