10 of the prettiest trinket dishes to keep your jewels in

Written by Megan Murray

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10 charming trinket and jewellery dishes that will make your life easier and bedside table prettier. 

Finding a beautiful vessel to keep your jewellery, hair clips and general bits and bobs in, might not seem like the most pressing homeware accessory on your must-buy list, but you’d be surprised by how much of a day brightener they really are.

Brilliantly practical, with a trinket dish in its allocated spot, you’ll never find yourself running around the house minutes before you’re due to leave again, unable to find that particular ring or bracelet that would finish your outfit perfectly.

Aside from their functionality, though, they’re also a lovely aesthetic addition to your bedside table. We’ve seen so many pretty trinket and jewellery dishes of late, that we’ve collected some of our favourites and shared them with you here.

From the botanically inspired to rustic, earthy creations and even delicate, monogrammed pieces, you’ll always be glad you bought one of these dishes to keep your treasures safe. 

  • Mini halfmoon plate

    afton / by palm is an independent UK ceramics brand with a focus on sustainability, founded by Bonnisa Moore.

    Their designs exude minimalist chic, such as this stone and grey clay ring bowl, which is handmade by Moore.

    Shop mini halfmoon plate at afton / by palm, £12

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  • Leaf plate

    Bordallo Pinheiro have been making playful pottery in Portugal since 1884, but right now the brand’s cabbage-inspired pieces are particularly popular.

    Bag this rustic ring dish from Arket and give your bedroom a botanical feel. 

    Shop leaf plate by Bordallo Pinheiro at Arket, £18

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  • Botanical monogram trinket dish

    These pretty dishes would make a lovely present, especially thanks to the option to personalise and monogram the dishes, too.

    Pick a friend’s initials, nickname or location as inspiration for a thoughtful gift.

    Shop botanical monogram trinket dish at Anthropologie, £12

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  • Metallic tray

    Tick the metallic trend box off your list with this chic, decorative tray.

    Place in the middle of a table as a centrepiece, on top of a dresser as an ornament or put to use holding your hair clips.

    Shop metallic tray at Zara Home, £25.99

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  • Shell dish

    Embrace your inner mermaid with this pretty shell-shaped dish from Dutch brand, Anna + Nina.

    They recommend filling it with salt or a yummy sauce and using as part of your tablescape.

    Shop shell dish at Anna + Nina, £20

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  • Ceramic fish dish

    Once you’ve stopped fawning over FABREK’s pastel candles, you need to check out their cute range of ceramics. 

    This quirky, fish-themed trinket dish makes for a fun addition to a dresser top.

    Shop ceramic fish dish at FABREK, £36

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  • Rosa pink and green stoneware trinket dish

    This stoneware trinket dish shows off one of our favourite colour combinations, pink and green, with an artisanal feel.

    Use it to store jewellery pieces, bits and bobs or keys.

    Shop rosa pink and green stoneware trinket dish at Oliver Bonas, £7.50

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  • Giant ceramic shell

    Matilda Goad’s ceramic shell has become somewhat of a cult buy, and we can see why. 

    Lined with pastel pink, it’s a beautiful yet practical piece, which can be piled high with fruit or filled with flickering tea lights.

    Shop giant ceramic shell at Matilda Goad, £190

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  • Cosmic girl plate

    Lisa Junius is an artist and ceramist based in Luxembourg with a passion for all things celestial. 

    Her cosmic girl plates are all unique as they are hand-crafted and come in either the vibrant blue hue shown above, or a dusty grey. 

    Shop cosmic girl plate at Lisa Junius, £43

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  • Nathalie Lete Titania trinket dish

    There seems to be no end to the talents of French artist and designer Nathalie Lete, who works on enchanting ceramics, textiles, jewellery and books.

    This garden-inspired design was created in collaboration with Anthropology, it is the perfect shape to keep your most precious jewels.

    Shop Nathalie Lete Titania trinket dish at Anthropology, £14

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