11 covetable home accessories to shop on Green Friday

11 small, sustainable brands to put your money behind this Green Friday.

We understand the appeal of the infamous Black Friday sales, we really do. But in 2020, as fast fashion and consumerism continue to have a devastating effect on the planet, it’s hard to ignore how events like Black Friday fast forward this toll. 

So, instead of buying into more mass production, plastic packaging and landfill (of which 80% of Black Friday purchases do), we’re putting our money behind smaller, eco-friendly brands instead.

The products on this list have been crafted on a small scale to avoid waste and only fulfil the demand that is there. Many of them are created from recycled materials, have plastic-free packaging, donate to environmental charities or can even be planted into trees afterwards. 

So, if you fancy spending some of your hard-earned cash on Black Friday, how about showing some love for these sustainable independents instead? 

  • Shaku upcycled floral black and white cushion

    Shaku creates beautiful silk scarves with sustainability in mind. For example, this brand promises to never mass produce in a bid to reduce textile wastage, uses non-toxic dyes and chemicals, employs more energy efficient printing methods and uses 100% recyclable packaging. 

    So, when a percentage of Shaku’s scarves possess slight alterations which mean they’re not quite fit for their original purpose, the team repurpose them to make these beautiful cushions instead.

    This upcycling scheme means that these fabrics are not discarded or sent to a wasteland, but turned into something equally as lovely.

    Shop upcycled floral black and white cushion at Shaku, £75

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  • Selfmade Fiyah candle

    Selfmade is the Black-owned, female-founded candle brand that you need to know about. With gorgeous packaging, heady scents and a sustainable focus, Selfmade ticks every box.

    There are eight candles currently in the collection with festive scents such as pinecone and mulled wine or all-year-round fragrances like vanilla and lavender. 

    Each candle is made without any plastics using 100% soy wax and wooded wicks as well as being packaged in recyclable packaging, which is often made from recycled materials itself. 

    Most impressively though, the glass jars that each candle comes in is designed to become something new once the delicious-smelling candle has burned out. In fact, the jar labels can be planted inside and will grow into plants – pretty cool, hey?

    Shop Fiyah candle at Selfmade, £28

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  • Porthcurno Studio Maelstrom vase

    Porthcurno Studio is passionate about addressing the declining state of our oceans and sees modern technology as a way to reverse some of this damage. 

    The studio works with Fishy Filaments, a company which helps to repurpose old fishing nets. These nets are strong and durable, but can easily become a problem for keeping the waters clean or going into landfill. 

    Porthcurno Studio uses these nets and 3D printing to create stunning, sculptural vases which are authentic in colour to the recycled materials they are created from. 

    What’s more, £5 from the sale of each vase is donated to the charity Surfers Against Sewage, which campaigns to keep UK beaches clean. 

    Shop Maelstrom vase at Porthcurno Studio, £44.99

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  • Form bubble candle

    These small-batch candles are poured by hand by the founder of Foam, Maddy, using a beautiful olive green soy wax.

    Each one is presented in a kraft gift box, which is recyclable.

    Shop bubble candle in olive by Foam at Form, £15

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  • Nove Lighting marbled pendant light

    This stunning marbled pendant with solid brass detailing is crafted from sustainable natural cork that has been hand-harvested from self-regenerating Portuguese cork oak trees. 

    It would create a striking feature in any room of the house.

    Shop marbled pendent light at Nove Lighting, £140

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  • Lucy Augé Dahlia Leaves art print

    Artist Lucy Auge says that at the heart of her designs, is her pledge to ensure that all aspects of her process are respectful to the environment. 

    She takes several steps to ensure that art prints like this one are created in an environmentally friendly way, including using a carbon balanced printer, 100% recycled paper, biodegradable packaging and digital receipts. 

    Shop Lucy Augé Dahlia Leaves art print at Zero Living, £16

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  • Panda bedding

    Panda is a bedding company which uses bamboo as its primary material, alongside 100% recycled packaging, to champion a greener supply chain. 

    Panda says its reasons for using bamboo are that it is fast-growing and does not need to be replanted as it is self-propagating, absorbs CO2 and gives out oxygen and uses less water than cotton. 

    The brand has also pledged to be 100% plastic-free by 2020 (we’ve asked them for an update on this), committed to using eco-friendly dyes and inks and set up its own recycling scheme.

    The earth bedding collection is made from high-quality natural bamboo and linen fabrics and comes in six calming colours.

    Shop earth collection bedding at My Panda Life, £195

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  • Mind The Cork Abeeku cork planter

    Mind The Cork is a sweet independent store that’s all about creating innovative homeware pieces crafted from cork.

    Mind The Cork’s founder Jenny Espirito Santo says that cork is “fantastic” because harvesting it doesn’t require trees to be cut down which helps maintain wildlife diversity and promotes reforestation. It is also biodegradable, renewable and recyclable.

    If you’re a plant enthusiast we think you’ll love the brand’s selection of planters, which have a minimalistic yet earthy feel.

    Shop Abeeku cork planter at Mind The Cork, £29

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  • Weaver Green Andalucia Cadiz rug

    It took Tasha and Barney seven years to perfect the process of turning plastic into a textile that not only had the look and feel of wool, but is also machine washable, stain-resistant, environmentally friendly and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    They managed it, though, and created their brand Weaver Green, which sells beautiful soft furnishings in bohemian patterns and a plethora of colours all made from plastic bottles which have ended up in the sea and landfill.

    Shop Andalucia Cadiz rug at Weaver Green, £130

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  • Wearth espresso cup

    Wearth is a fantastic website to check out if you’d like your shopping habits to be greener. It gathers together small brands in the UK which have an environmentally friendly mission statement at their heart, popping helpful logos next to each product so you can know instantly how and why this business is green.

    One of the ceramic brands Wearth showcases is Habulous by Nicky Edmunds, an independent maker from Dartmoor. All of Edmunds’ pieces are handmade here in the UK to ensure they have a minimal carbon footprint as well as being plastic free. 

    Shop espresso cup by Habulous by Nicky Edmunds at Wearth, £20

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  • Etsy Happy Melodie wall weaving

    Macrame and woollen home accessories are big news this winter, so we’re loving this creative design and its muted colours. 

    Happy Melodie uses vegan-friendly, eco-friendly, sustainable, ethically produced and organic yarns and fibres to create these enchanting pieces of wall art, which makes them all the more special. 

    The brand is founded by Mélodie Nicolle who makes everything by hand in her Parisian home. 

    Shop wall weaving by Happy Melodie at Etsy, £108.28

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