11 of the chicest French homeware brands to bag your next decor purchase

11 of the chicest French homeware brands to bag your next on-trend decor purchase.

There’s no point denying it; the French have got style. Our sisters across the channel are often heralded for their impeccable dress sense, but it’s not only what’s in their wardrobes that we want to copy. In fact, it’s the wardrobe itself – and, for that matter, everything else in the apartment.

So, when a brilliant French homeware brand is discovered, it’s something not to be forgotten about. Luckily for us, there are plenty of elegant and innovative brands to get stuck into, particularly with more eco-friendly options springing up over the last few years. 

Here, we’ve picked some of the best French homeware brands out there to give your home a little oh la la. And, they can all be shopped from your sofa.

  • La Basketry

    La Basketry

    Tabara was born and raised in Paris but has been travelling to Senegal with her family since being a young child, to learn more and connect with her heritage.

    She’s always loved the tradition of basket weaving, which has been passed down for generations to women in rural villages across the country.

    In 2017 she decided to use this precious part of her history as inspiration to start her own business, La Basketry, designing beautiful woven home accessories with her sister and working with a group of female artisans from a small village outside of her parents’ hometown called Thies to create them. 

    Now, La Basketry features a range of home accessories as well as DIY kits to try at home and online workshops with Tabara herself. 

    Shop woven vase at La Basketry, £22

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    TIPTOE is an innovative furniture brand that started in Paris in 2015 and seeks to bridge the gap between style, durability and being environmentally friendly. 

    Many of the products are crafted from recycled plastic and all are fully customisable. You can choose your wood or colour of plastic, the colour of the legs, and decorate your living room as you wish.

    Shop recycled plastic coffee table at TIPTOE, £442

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  • Sézane


    Sézane has long been a favourite of fashion editors but as well as irresistible knits and effortlessly chic jackets, this Parsian brand also serves up some great homeware. 

    From staples like printed washbags and velvet cushions, to must-buy bedside lamps like the one pictured above, Sézane’s offering is small but perfectly formed.

    Shop table lamp in vintage flowers at Sézane, £135

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  • Merci Merci

    Merci Merci

    Merci Merci is one of Paris’ most renown concept stores, tucked on the edge of stylish shopping district Le Marais and instantly recognisable by the bright red, vintage Fiat positioned outside of it. 

    The vibe is an achingly cool curation of contemporary French homeware from the store itself and a mix of other designers. You can find most of its products online which span luxurious linen bed sheets, tableware and bath towels.

    Shop washed linen bedding set at Merci Merci, £240

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  • Bien Fait

    Bien Fait

    Bien Fait creates beautiful, unusual wallpapers that, rather than simply repeat a pattern, seem to tell a story. 

    The brand’s ethos is rooted in a love of poetry, culture and art, which are themes that present themselves in the varied designs. 

    We particularly like the Sol wallpaper, which would act as a mural once fixed to a wall and was originally painted by French artist Jenne Pineau.

    Shop Sol wallpaper at Bien Fait, £290

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  • Nur Ceramics

    Nur Ceramics

    Dina Nur Satti is a Brooklyn-based ceramic artist who was raised between France and Kenya, but attributes a lot of the inspiration behind her powerful work to her Sudanese and Somalian heritage. 

    Her work is extremely beautiful, often presenting itself as large vessels with bold, curved lines and unfinished surfaces. 

    If you’re looking to invest in something special to sit pride of place on your coffee table, Nur Ceramics could be the brand you’ve been waiting for.

    Shop Acacia Vessel ° 2 at Nur Ceramics, £322

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  • Petite Friture

    Petite Friture

    Design duo Amandine Chhor and Aïssa Logero are behind the simplistic elegance of Petite Friture. With an almost Scandinavian aesthetic, this brand’s contemporary furniture exists to find the perfect balance between function, form and production technique.

    Expect accent chairs in interesting shapes and monochrome home accessories that play with shape and take on a deeper meaning as they explore how we traditionally use objects like tableware and if it’s time to change.

    Shop Dojo chair at Petite Friture, £412

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  • Marie Burgos Collection

    Marie Burgos Collection

    Marie Burgos is an incredible interior designer who was born and raised in Paris and now lives in the US, working at the helm of her impressive portfolio of residential and commercial services and ready-to-buy homeware collection.  

    The collection spans architectural lighting and striking soft furnishings, but we particularly like this scented candle which is presented in a unique handmade artisan ceramic jar. 

    This luxury candle is made with a blend of premium, natural soy and bee waxes finished with the highest quality wood wicks and infused with botanical fragrance oils.

    Shop Sweetsop candle in purple at Marie Burgos Collection, £80

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  • Diptyque


    An oldie but a goodie, this iconic candle brand has been ruling the roost since its launch in 1961. 

    The diptyque logo is such a statement that Instagrammers have been known to keep the glass jar long after the candle has burned down to keep as a decoration or handy store for bits and bobs like make-up brushes. 

    Place one on your coffee table or next to your bed and enjoys it luxurious aesthetic and floating fragrance.

    Shop limited edition roses candle at diptyque, £56

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  • Blomkal


    Blomkål might sound Scandinavian but everything about this furniture brand is oh-so-French. That is, apart from the inspiration behind its name.

    Looking to create something with an air of hopeful naivety about it, partners Loanah and Romain chose the word Blomkål for their brand because it means cauliflower to reflect folklore believing that boys are born in cabbages and girls in flowers.

    This felt fitting to the birth of their brand which spans wooden home accessories and furniture such as beds, lighting and cabinets. The pieces have a happy, playful feeling to them and explore interesting shapes.

    Shop Louison headboard at Blomkål, £454

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  • Caravane


    Caravane is a gorgeous place to look for soft furnishings with a quality-made selection of cushion covers, table linens, curtains and bedding. 

    The brand is known for using high-quality fabrics such as organic cotton, washed linen and silks, in dreamy, faded hues. 

    While stores aren’t open right now, Caravane has two boutiques in London where you can (eventually) look at the products first-hand.

    Shop Bora pillowcases at Caravane, £85

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