11 slogan art prints to bring a playful edge to your walls

These are slogan art prints, but not as you’ve seen them before. You won’t find any overused quotes or naff mantras here, just joyful colours and words to brighten your walls.

Slogan art prints have, at times, had a bad rep. But, with an ever-increasing range of websites specialising in creative art prints, we’re finding more and more unique designs that have something to say. 

We’re not talking about the clichéd combinations we’ve all seen before but sentences that prompt a smile, or at least a twinkle in the eye.

These prints are perfect for injecting a bolt of personality into a kitchen, hallway or along the stairs and, although many are quite loud already, they look beautifully bold teamed with rich wall colours or in a gallery wall format. 

So, here are 11 of our favourite slogan art prints out there right now.

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  • Studio Clemence Cutting Shapes print

    Studio Clemence ‘Cutting Shapes’

    Do you love to boogie? Then this print from female-founded Studio Clemence might be right up your street. 

    It is designed in east London and comes with a free A5 print, as well as the option for a personalised message to be written on the back.

    Shop Cutting Shapes print at Studio Clemence, £35

    Buy now

  • Yellow Owl Workshop Happy is the New Black risograph

    Yellow Owl Workshop risograph

    Risographs are printed carefully and slowly, layering one colour at a time to create a unique piece of work. 

    We particularly like the tongue-in-cheek nature of this one, which plays on the wording of one of our favourite TV series.

    Shop Happy is the New Black print by Yellow Owl Workshop at We Built This City, £25

    Buy now

  • Fanclub L’Avenir Est Feminin

    Fanclub print

    This retro-style print which reads ‘the future is female’ in French is inspired by protest posters from the 60s.

    The design is copied from one of Fanclub’s icon slogan T-shirts, released in 2017, which they say gives a nostalgic nod to muses, poets and punks.

    Shop L’Avenir Est Feminin art print by Fanclub at Wolf & Badger, £28

    Buy now

  • Oliver Bonas Up to No Good print

    Oliver Bonas print

    If you’re known for having a mischievous flair then this art print will suit you nicely.

    We love Oliver Bonas’ selection of playful prints, so if you’re putting together a gallery wall we recommend taking a look at the whole collection.

    Shop Up To No Good wall art at Oliver Bonas, £45

    Buy now

  • What Phil Sees hellooo print

    What Phil Sees print

    Pop this print in your hallway and you’ll have something to greet you every time you step through the door. 

    Only 15 of each size have been created, each individually signed and numbered.

    Shop hellooo print at What Phil Sees, £25

    Buy now

  • Honeymoon Hotel Rappers Delight art print

    Honeymoon Hotel print

    We defy you to stop your foot tapping while reading through this art print which quotes one of The Sugarhill Gang’s most popular songs. 

    The monochrome colour palette balances out the busyness of the print’s design, making for a chic overall aesthetic.

    Shop Rappers Delight art print by Honeymoon Hotel at Fy!, £16

    Buy now

  • Thee Bouffants Wash Your Paws canvas print

    Thee Bouffants print

    Thee Bouffants’ art is bursting with personality, wit and imagination.

    We love the colour clash between pink and red in this image, which works so well with the bold font.

    Shop Wash Your Paws canvas print at Thee Bouffants, £120

    Buy now

  • Oli Fowler It Doesn’t Really Matter print

    Print Club London print

    This tiny piece of art is made even more beautiful by its small size.

    It is an intricate five-layer screen print which has been delicately signed by the artist.

    Shop Oli Fowler It Doesn’t Really Matter print at Print Club London, £30

    Buy now

  • Bettie Cassie Django Ooh La La print

    BettyCassieDjango print

    This bold design is available in four striking colour-ways, perfect for jazzing up your walls. 

    Pick from pink or red on black or white backgrounds and say bonjour to your new print.

    Shop Bettie Cassie Django Ooh La La print at Etsy, from 35

    Buy now

  • Nans of Anarchy To The Disco print

    Nans of Anarchy print

    None of us have been out dancing for a while, but there’s no reason why you can’t turn your living room into the club.

    This fun print comes in a range of colours such as pink, orange, blue, black, white and yellow.

    Shop To The Disco print at Nans of Anarchy, from £15

    Buy now

  • Service Industries This Is Shit print

    Service Industries print

    While we put our positive pants on as much as we can, sometimes, you just have to say it like it is.

    This silver screenprint is interestingly infused with cologne and perfume, in case you like your prints to smell as pretty as they look.

    Shop This Is Shit print at Service Industries, £60

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Images: courtesy of brands

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