11 visually stunning coffee table books you’ll want to show off every day

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11 beautiful coffee table books we think you’re going to want to make your own. 

There’s something about a beautiful book that inspires us to make it our own. Whether it’s a gift to a friend who we’re sure would love it as much as we do, or because its cover matches our living room’s colour palette, an aesthetically pleasing tome is hard to leave in the shop.

Whether you opt to add just a couple to your already-heaving bookshelf or pile several of them up to double as a coffee table, a colourful or attention-grabbing coffee table book is as ornamental as anything else in your home, so it pays to pay attention to them.

Behold, here we’ve picked out 11 stunning coffee table books that would make the perfect finishing touch to your décor set-up and are simply too pretty not to own. From food and travel to fashion and flowers, these eye-catching books are crying out to be added to your basket.

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  • Assouline Capri Dolce Vita

    Assouline Capri Dolce Vita book

    Assouline is the place to shop if you’re looking for a stand-out coffee table book, and this brightly coloured number is a must-buy. 

    Inside its pages you’ll find a guided tour of everything Capri has to offer, from food to fashion.

    Shop Assouline Capri Dolce Vita by Cesare Cunaccia at Amara, £70


  • Leaf Supply: A Guide To Keeping House Plants Happy

    Leaf Supply: A Guide To Keeping House Plants Happy

    We love the calming pistachio hue of this botanically themed tome, and the dotted house plants adorning the cover.

    If you’re an avid indoor gardener, this beautiful book will school you on everything you need to know to keep your leafy friends happy.

    Shop Leaf Supply: A guide to keeping house plants happy by Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan at Bookshop.org, £23.25


  • The Monocle Guide To Better Living

    The Monocle Guide To Better Living

    Could this book be the key to unlocking a better quality of life? Well, you’ll have to read it to find out. 

    Over 400 pages it explores how to live well across the themes of city, culture, travel, food, and work, while discussing topics such as which cities offer the best quality of life and how to create your own business.

    Shop The Monocle Guide To Better Living by Andrew Tuck (editor of compilation), Santiago Rodríguez Tarditi (editor of compilation) at Bookshop.org, £37.20


  • The Borough Market Cookbook

    The Borough Market Cookbook by Borough Market

    Borough Market is adored for its eclectic mix of quality food, with cuisines from all over the globe. 

    With this weighty cookbook, you can recreate the magic of one of London’s most bustling food events, and it will look great in your kitchen (or on your coffee table), too. 

    Shop The Borough Market Cookbook by Borough Market with Ed Smith at Anthropologie, £26


  • Beaches


    We love the randomness of this book’s topic, which only adds to its brilliant eccentricity. 

    This colourful tome features aerial photographs of beaches across the world, from Asia to America.

    Shop Beaches by Gray Malin at Bookshop.org, £27


  • Wreaths


    Learn how to create floral wreaths, experimenting with colour, foliage, texture and architectural forms through 20 designs in this chic book.

    It will take you further than the traditional shapes you’re used to, equipping you with the know-how to create impressive statement pieces, tropical and dried wreaths, as well as beautiful garlands and even a late summer chandelier.

    Shop Wreaths by Katie Smyth and Terri Chandler at Bookshop.org, £8.79


  • Greco Disco The Art And Design Of Luke Edward Hall

    Greco Disco The Art And Design Of Luke Edward Hall

    Designer and artist Luke Edward Hall gives you a glimpse into his colourful, magical, Grecian-inspired world in an extended portfolio of his work. 

    Fans will adore this mash up of his muses, inspirations and works. It’s a visual feast. 

    Shop Greco Disco The Art And Design Of Luke Edward Hall by Luke Edward Hall at Bookshop.org, £42


  • Morning Noon Night

    Morning Noon Night

    We’d all love a little bit of Soho House to make our own, and with this achingly cool book, you can.

    Morning Noon Night takes readers behind the scenes at the brand’s venues, covering interior design, food and drink through impactful insights from experts and suppliers.

    Shop Morning Noon Night at Bookshop.org, £27.90


  • Botticelli Reimagined

    Botticelli Reimagined

    Italian painter Sandro Botticelli is recognised as one of the greatest artists of all time, most famed for his work Birth of Venus. But although you could probably spot this iconic painting a mile off, much about him and his life is unknown and lost in the past.

    Botticelli Reimagined explores how his work has lasted lifetimes, what makes him a pop icon and why we’re still obsessed with this painting in particular.

    Shop Botticelli Reimagined by Mark Evans and Stefan Weppelmann, £40


  • Warhol on Basquiat

    Warhol on Basquiat

    Told through Warhol’s words and pictures, Warhol on Basquiat lets readers into the complex emotional relationship between renowned modern artists Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

    It features hundreds of previously unpublished photographs, excerpts from The Andy Warhol Diaries and selected examples of their collaborative works.

    Shop Warhol on Basquiat edited by Micheal Dayton Hermann at Bookshop.org, £46.50


  • Accidentally Wes Anderson

    Accidentally Wes Anderson

    The book form of the viral Instagram account of the same name, Accidentally Wes Anderson is a symmetrical person’s dream. The tome is chock-a-block with location photography so awe-inspiring it’ll leave you itching to travel. 

    Shop Accidentally Wes Anderson at Bookshop.org, £23.25

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