12 pop art-inspired prints to give your walls some colour

Give your walls some colour and culture with these pop art-inspired prints from iconic artists and emerging ones.

You don’t have to be an art historian to recognise that some of the biggest names in the industry are linked to the pop art movement. 

Both Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein’s works are often taught in schools, referenced in modern media and used as muses for everything from advertising campaigns to magazine photoshoots – Stylist, in fact, has used Lichtenstein’s comic book-style as inspiration for our covers a few times.

The movement started in the UK during the mid-1950s before exploding in the US by the end of the decade, informing streams of emerging artists for years to come. 

At its heart, the style pushed back against traditional views of what made art ‘good’ or ‘bad’ as young artists felt that these out-of-date judgements failed to reflect the world around them. Suddenly the mundane became the muse, hence Warhol’s fascination with cupboard foodstuffs or reimagining faces that had already been seen a thousand times before.

Today, these artists still play an important role and their iconic images make for stylish nods to an important time in art history. Whether it be a copy of an original or a new take from a recent artist or designer, we love the colour and personality that this genre holds.

  • Inkyjinks pop art poster


    Inkyjinks’ Marmite drawing has been given a pop art twist here with bright contrasting colours. 

    We particularly like the tonal effect of vivid turquoise sitting next to rich, grass green.

    Shop Inkyjinks pop art poster at Etsy, from £7.50

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  • Roy Lichtenstein M-Maybe art print

    Tallenge Store Roy Lichtenstein

    Roy Lichtenstein is known as one of the major names in the pop art movement, so a tribute to this theme wouldn’t be the same without one of his famous comic-book-style pieces. 

    The M-Maybe print features a blonde heroine, a recurring figure in Lichtenstein’s art, wondering why a man she’s due to meet is delayed. 

    Shop Roy Lichtenstein M-Maybe art print at Tallenge Store, from £6

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  • Thee Bouffants Original Cheetah in Heels art print

    Thee Bouffants

    Andy Warhol’s interpretation of pop art often included brightly coloured repetitions of the same item or muse.  

    Thee Bouffants’ peach and pink colour scheme and many cheetahs dressed in high heels is a fun, feminine take on this idea. 

    Shop original cheetah in heels art print by Thee Bouffants at Society6, £25

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  • King & McGaw Campbell’s Soup Can print

    King & McGaw

    Andy Warhol used Campbell’s soup cans for inspiration to create a series of artworks from November 1961 to April 1962.

    He often painted or screen printed the typically white and red cans in a number of different colours, but this is our favourite.

    Shop Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Can at King & McGaw, £65

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  • Curious Egg Prince Ink Blot print

    Jenn Rea

    Pop art often features statement interpretations of iconic faces – whether that be switching the colours, incorporating patterns or adding effects for a dramatic look. 

    This piece comes from Northern Irish artist Jenn Rea and is featured on homeware site Curious Egg, which is a must-visit for thoughtfully-curated decor.

    Shop Prince Ink Blot Print by Jenn Rea at Curious Egg, from £20

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  • Fielding Artworks Iconic Feminist wall decor

    Fielding Artworks

    Fielding Artworks puts together these amazing women as a set of three to make your walls pop and give them purpose. 

    Together this set is supposed to represent three things: freedom inspired by Frida Kahlo, liberty inspired by Rosa Parks and justice inspired by Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

    Shop Fielding Artworks Iconic Feminist Wall Decor at Etsy, £35

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  • ????Femmes. art print


    The repeated pattern and bold colour scheme of this eye-catching art print is giving us serious pop art vibes. 

    We recommend going for a maximalist aesthetic and framing this print in a bold colour to pick out a shade from the image.

    Shop  Femmes. art print at Society 6, £12.50

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  • Andy Warhol Last Supper print

    Andy Warhol

    Andy Warhol created over 100 versions of his take on Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper. 

    These were the last artworks he would ever make, with this version being depicted in 1986.

    Shop Andy Warhol Last Supper print at Tate, from £25

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  • Keeta Beeta Illustrations Afro Rainbows art print

    Keeta Beeta Illustrations

    This joyful image almost feels like an illusion as your eyes follow the lines of colour across the print.

    Shop Keeta Beeta Illustrations Afro Rainbows art print at Society 6, £11

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  • Bob and Roberta Smith Make Art Not War print

    Bob and Roberta Smith

    The original of this piece was painted on two plywood panels which Smith found in a skip in London in 1997. 

    He later revealed that the idea for the piece came from the words his father had said to him as he lay dying: “Make art, not war. Don’t hate, draw”.

    Shop Bob and Roberta Smith Make Art Not War print at Tate, from £25

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  • Love Row Home Holly Golightly print

    Love Row Home

    Love the idea of placing an iconic woman on your walls a la the pop art movement, but don’t fancy the bold, clashing colour scheme?

    Love Row Home’s muted pink imagining of Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly is perfect for a neutral living space.

    Shop Holly Golightly print at Love Row Home, £8.49

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  • Roy Lichtenstein Pop poster

    Roy Lichtenstein Pop poster

    Lichtenstein’s famous explosive artwork pictured above really does put the ‘pop’ in pop art.

    Here it has been reimagined by independent designer hypnotzd for Red Bubble.

    Shop Roy Lichtenstein Pop poster at Red Bubble, from £12.05

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Images: courtesy of brands

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