15 of the wildest, most over-the-top giant Christmas inflatables you can find at Home Depot, Amazon, and Ace Hardware right now

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  • Christmas is around the corner, which means lawns take on a new look this season.
  • From Dr. Seuss' Grinch to a Christmas cactus, enormous outdoor decorations are filing lawns across the country.
  • Here are 15 of the largest, over-the-top inflatables to add to your lawn this year. 
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The holidays are here, and as people deck their halls, they're decorating their lawns, too.

Beyond twinkling lights and LED reindeer, inflatable outdoor Christmas and holiday decorations are another popular lawn ornament.

This winter, the inflatables are bigger than ever. Many tower over humans, while others tower over homes.

Here are 15 Christmas and holiday inflatables to add to your wish list. 

Your heart will grow three sizes this holiday with a 10-foot inflatable Grinch in your yard.

The giant inflatable Grinch quickly became a popular Christmas inflatable this season, selling out on sites like Lowe's.

But you can still find a giant version of Dr. Seuss' fictional character at The Home Depot for $149 or an 11-foot version on Amazon for $150.

Christmas wouldn't be complete without Santa Claus, so here's a giant, 12-foot one.

Ace Hardware's largest inflatable features Santa Claus holding a present and candy cane.

You can find it here for $90.

You'll want to leave this 11-foot Hanukkah-themed bear out all season.

The fun inflatable has lights, so even in the dark, he'll glow.

The bear can be found on Amazon for $219.

Jolly Jiggler Snowman and Jolly Jiggler Santa will put a smile on everyone's face this holiday season.

The airblown Christmas decorations put a holiday spin on the iconic inflatable dancer that typically sits outside stores.

You can find the snowman and Santa Claus on The Home Depot's website for $179. 

Lowe's has a similar version of the Santa for $190.

This jaw-dropping 15-foot-tall snowman will impress children and adults alike.

Amazon is selling a 15-foot inflatable snowman this season. The snowman features a top hat, scarf, buttons, and the classic carrot nose.

The snowman costs $200, and you can purchase it here. 

A self-inflatable 12-foot cactus will be a showstopper in any front yard.

The giant cactus is on The Home Depot's website for $99. 

Add some holiday cheer to your lawn with a 10-foot Santa dino for $190.

The dinosaur is adorned in a Santa Claus hat and carries a wreath wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Find the Amazon inflatable here. 

If "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" is your go-to holiday classic, opt for a giant Bumble.

Bumble, from the television classic, will take center stage this Christmas. The 10.5-foot snow monster ranges between TK and TK.

Find it at The Home Depot for $170. 

This inflatable features Santa bringing presents atop a polar bear from the North Pole.

While it's not the largest on the list, this nearly 8-foot inflatable is a fun addition to any yard.

You can purchase the inflatable for $79 on Amazon here.

If a polar bear isn't enough, there's also a 10.5-foot inflatable that features Santa on an elephant.

A floppy-eared elephant, Santa, and his bag full of presents is a fun lawn ornament for any home.

The inflatable is sold at Walmart for $250. 

Stand apart from all the snowmen and Santas with a $99, 11-foot winter-themed cowboy boot.

The cowboy boot features a snowflake, mistletoe, and colorful lights. 

It's a little unconventional, but that and its size will make your lawn standout.

Find the $99 cowboy boot here. 

This 10.5-foot Gemmy Olaf from the movie "Frozen" will catch your neighbors' eyes.

The snowman creature features snowflakes and Olaf's classic wide smile.

A handful of sellers on Amazon have the inflatable listed starting at $200.

Turn your lawn into frozen Antarctica with an 11-foot penguin for $69.

Adorned in a large Santa hat and scarf, the waving penguin will welcome Christmas carolers and visitors to your home this holiday season.

The enormous penguin can be found at The Home Depot.

Forget the sled — Santa is arriving on a 12-foot hot air balloon this Christmas.

This 12-foot inflatable will tower over children and adults alike. 

The decoration is sold at The Home Depot for $116. You can purchase it here. 

The Home Depot isn't the only store selling a hot air balloon Santa Claus. Amazon also has one for $74.

The 10-foot inflatable features Santa Claus riding on a snowman-themed hot air balloon. 

Inside are color-changing lights that create a holiday light show.

Find it on Amazon here. 

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