19 Spooky and Stylish Pumpkin Decorating Ideas to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

Unique Wreath

This adorable fall wreath will liven up your front door from the first sign of fall through Thanksgiving. Slather some artificial gourds in the paint colors of your choice, then hot glue them to a felt-wrapped wreath form. 

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Over the Rainbow

Those cute, white mini-pumpkins you can pick up at the grocery just got even cuter. Turn them into clouds at the end of a rainbow with just craft foam and a little glue! 

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Carved in the Stars

This pumpkin from Martha Stewart’s vault will have you seeing stars! To carve up this Insta-worthy display, use a drill to punch the constellation’s holes, and connect the dots with a standard blade. There’s also a template for those seeking a bit more guidance to this mini galaxy.

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Pun Intended

Trick-or-treat takes on a whole new meaning with these absolutely adorable punny pumpkins. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to recreate so you can “creep it real” all season long.

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Swap scary for stylish with this foil-covered find. First, trace a leaf shape onto your pumpkin, then fill it in with metal-leaf adhesive. Next, place a gilding sheet over your shape and use a dry brush to apply. For the full step-by-step, head over to Martha Stewart Living.

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Brush Stroke of Genius

After painting your pumpkin the color of your choice, all you have to do to get this dapper design is dab it with a different color. It’s actually that easy.

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Color Story

These funky pumpkins will add a bright statement to your outdoor décor. The gourd comes together with a simple triangle pattern painted in a variety of colors, while the ombre is as easy as layering on three different colors and blending between the lines.

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 Put on a Happy Face

These emoji pumpkins couldn’t get cuter. A little paper, paint and glue and you’ll have yourself a very personalized pumpkin.

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Planter Pumpkin

Mini pumpkin baskets make for sweet and seasonal planters. Spray-paint in the color of your choice, fill with a plant and scatter throughout your home for a festive touch of green.

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Sweet Treat

This tasty design from Darby Smart makes a fun addition to any plain pumpkin. Choose a shade to serve as the frosting, and then dab with multiple colors to create a donut-inspired gourd with sprinkles on top.

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Marbled Marvels

Make a modern statement with these marbled mini pumpkins. Try a few at each place setting for a special detail or gather in a group for a stunning centerpiece.

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Skeleton Seat

This skeleton is sitting pretty in a hollow plastic pumpkin with an opening in front. Situate succulents, a mini picket fence, string lights and a friendly bag of bones inside for a lively Halloween display.

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Heavy Pour

Metallic gourds make for a surprisingly chic update to your autumn table decor. The best part: All it takes is a little paint and an imperfect pour.

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Shop Chalk

If you’re prone to a mistake or two when it comes to DIY projects, this chalkboard-painted pumpkin is for you. After you let it dry, use chalk to scribble (and erase as necessary) a fun fall-themed design.

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Flight of Fancy

These batty pumpkins come together with a little black poster board and a printable pattern. Add a few cobwebs and some fake spiders and you’ve got yourself a pretty spooky front porch display.

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Simple Sequins

A dash of sequins and a dab of glue are all you need to create these bright and shiny pumpkins that you can use from Halloween through Thanksgiving.

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May the Force Be with You

You don’t need Obi-Wan to help you construct these charismatic recreations. With a little paint and a steady hand, you craft the Star Wars machine of your dreams (in pumpkin form, at least).

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Pen a Pumpkin

Grab a paint-pen and go wild for these patterned pumpkins! Although the herringbone design on these metallic pretties is undoubtedly on-trend, you can always change things up to better suit your decor.

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Sun Fun

If you’re too cool to carve, try this sunshiny pumpkin project. Brush with yellow paint, attach some construction-paper leaves to the top and finish with a pair of sweet shades.

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