23 photos of barns that were turned into stunning homes

  • People around the world have converted historic properties like churches and barns into modern, livable homes.
  • A horse barn in Waco, Texas, was converted into a "barndominium" on an episode of "Fixer Upper."
  • A historic barn conversion with a renovated silo is currently on the market for $3.2 million.
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Despite their humble roots, barns around the world have been transformed into high-end homes with modern amenities.

While some homeowners and developers prefer not to stray too far from the layout of the original barn, others have completely transformed these rustic structures into luxurious retreats for the ultra-wealthy.

Take a look inside these barns that were converted into stunning homes.

A 17th-century barn in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, was transformed into a multi-million dollar home. Even the grain silo was converted to a luxury wing.

The original barn was built in 1801. The first renovations to the home began in 1985 and, in 1990, the property's silo was converted into a four-story, fully-functional living space.

The home is currently for sale for $3.2 million.

While you might not expect the words "luxurious" and "grand" to be in the same sentence as the word "barn," the property proves otherwise.

The master suite, located on the first floor, leads out onto a private deck facing the surrounding woods and includes an outdoor shower.

The owners kept the stone walls from the original barn.

The home also has exposed wooden beams that were from the barn's original structure. The main house is where you'll find the home's three bedrooms.

One of the most interesting parts of the property is the converted silo.

The windows of the silo look out onto the property's expansive grounds.

The home sits on 5.89 acres of land and has a pond for fishing and canoeing.

The historic property is perfect for an executive working from home or commuting into nearby Philadelphia for work, said realtors David Berlin and Downey Hoster.

This barn in Northamptonshire in the United Kingdom is at least 100 years old.

Owners Russ and Kirsty Underwood began renovations on the property, which they've dubbed Barn Number Six, four years ago. The pair officially moved into the conversion two years later. In all, converting their historic barn into a livable home took around 18 months.

The barn has retained its character, including the preserved brick walls.

Russ and Kirsty told Insider that "character" was what most inspired them to want to live in a barn conversion.

"We loved the idea of open plan, single-level living. The open side of the barn is south facing, so is mostly glass, bi-fold doors, and full-height windows, flooding the barn with natural light," they told Insider. "We loved the original beams, the stone walls, and the rural setting, surrounded by barns and farmland — we even have cows as neighbors!"

The home has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a water closet, a shaker-style kitchen, and a large open-plan living and dining space.

Conserving the integrity of the original building, while also focusing on the environmental impact of the home, was important to the owners.

"We've got underfloor heating throughout and triple glazed windows and doors by rationale. [This was done] to maximize the environmental impact of the building and keep running costs down," they told Insider.

It's hard to believe that this modern, stylish kitchen was designed from scratch.

The kitchen features white quartz worktops, exposed stone and brick walls, and an instant boiling and chilled Qettle tap. 

The home has cozy touches, like this wood burner fireplace.

There were some challenges with converting the barn into a home.

"Choosing a layout was the hardest part to make sure we had enough rooms but kept the barn open and light. Meeting conservation regulations was a challenge but we wanted to keep the barn sympathetic so it suited the local surroundings and the village," Russ and Kirsty said. "We changed our mind during the build which is both good and bad, you incur extra costs but also get to change the barn as your taste changes."

Set on 16 acres of land, this "barndominium" in Waco, Texas, was the star of one of the most popular episodes on HGTV's "Fixer Upper."

Chip and Joanna Gaines were able to convert what was once a horse barn into a modern home with five bedrooms and two bathrooms.

In keeping with the home's original use as a barn, they incorporated barn doors, shiplap, and modern farmhouse lighting.

In a blog post, Joanna spoke about how she had "dreamed of getting the opportunity to turn a barn into a home for years." The Barndominium posed an extra-exciting opportunity, as the bottom floor stalls had already been converted into a garage and storage space.

The upstairs was also converted into a small apartment with two bedrooms and a small kitchen, which were both renovated in the episode.

In addition to the spacious interior, the property also runs along a 20-acre spring-fed lake and has 1,000 square feet of outdoor living space.

Bunk beds and the wall-mounted Lego art picturing the barn are just a few of the homey touches Joanna Gaines put into the house. 

Perhaps the most exciting part about this converted barn is that you can actually rent and stay in it. The home is listed on both Vrbo and Airbnb.

This quaint barn conversion in Staffordshire, United Kingdom, has a brick front and wooden door.

Owner Jon Coyle refers to the home as "The Hive" and documents the renovation process on Instagram. The conversion began in 2012 and was completed two years later.

Exposed oak beams in the living room and kitchen let visitors know that the home was, in fact, once a barn.

The home also has exposed brick walls and unusual window sizes left over from the original structure.

According to Coyle, the property was originally two separate barns built in the early 1900s that were used to house animals on the farm. The two barns, which the owner believes were used as cowsheds, have now been connected in the middle to form one house.

The kitchen has a number of industrial accents, like the lighting and barstools.

Wood butcher block countertops fit right in with the country setting of the house.

"We've always loved the aesthetics of barn conversions. We love the high ceilings, irregular shapes, exposed beams, and brickwork," Coyle told Insider. "We live in a very rural part of the UK so there are a lot of empty barns on farmland. It has recently become extremely popular to try to convert these old buildings."

The living room is light and airy.

Bi-fold doors at the rear that open up allow you to easily move between the indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Outside, there is a cozy dining and entertaining space.

It's hard to believe that at one time, this incredible home was just a barn. However, blending modern tastes with the style of an old property does come with its challenges.

"If you want to keep as many of the original features as possible then you have to accept that you won't have as much space as you would in a new build house," Coyle said. "We have unusually shaped and sized windows in every room, so have added skylights to help with extra lighting."

However, the owner explained that the experience has been well worth it — even when sheep have wandered into the driveway from a neighboring field.

This converted barn in York, England, was once used by a local farm as cattle sheds and grain stores.

According to owners Marisa and Chris Lumley-Holmes, the house dates back to the 1800s.

The barn was partially converted into a residence in the '90s.

In 2017, the owners transformed an unconverted barn into what is now the kitchen and dining space. 

"We have been bringing the rest of the house up to date room by room," Marisa Lumley-Holmes told Insider. "We do all the work ourselves so just on evenings and weekends and as we can afford. We just have a couple of rooms to complete now."

The owner said she has always gravitated towards a "character property."

"For me, a big attraction of a barn conversion is the wonderful high ceilings and exposed beams," she said. "They also tend to have more spacious rooms and a more modern touch than other character properties."

The renovation process is documented on the pair's Instagram account. 

When finished, the property will potentially have four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Two bathrooms have yet to be finished renovating, and the home only has three bedrooms at the moment. 

The owners explained that while living in a barn conversion can be a dream, there are also some challenges.

"The biggest renovation challenge is bringing things up-to-date for building regulations (such as insulation) while still maintaining the character," Lumley-Holmes said. "I personally have a modern design style and, for me, it was important to get the balance between old and new right."

When living in a barn conversion, there are also some unexpected guests you might have to deal with.

"As for the biggest challenge of living in a barn conversion, I would say keeping the big rooms warm and dusting the beams," she continued. "Spiders love them!"

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