25 Years of HGTV Dream Home! See Every House the Network Built (and Gave Away) from 1997 to 2021

1997 — Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Winner: Michele Rambo of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Fun Fact: The log home was manufactured entirely in Finland, and then pieced together when it arrived in Jackson Hole!

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1998 — Beaufort, South Carolina

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Winner: Tina Carlson of Thousand Oaks, California

Fun Fact: The builders used a paint specially designed to prevent mildew, since the Southeast’s coastal weather is known for heat and humidity

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1999 — Rosemary Beach, Florida

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Winner: Belinda Brown of Kingston, Tennessee

Fun Fact: The roof was made of tin because it reflects heat, keeping the home cool even during the hot Florida summers. 

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2000 — Nehalem, Oregon

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Winner: Mary Barker of San Antonio, Texas

Fun Fact: The architects designed the home in a “modified Craftsman-style,” as a nod to the architecture popular in this region.

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2001 — Camden, Maine

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Winner: Kathy Hedrick of Gladstone, Missouri

Fun Fact: The open floor plan inside the home allows for 180-degree views of nearby Penobscot Bay.

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2002 — Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Winner: Milton O’Bryant of Midland, Texas

Fun Fact: The home is framed by nine acres of meadows and wetlands. The winner also received a mahogany kayak for exploring the water!

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2003 — Mexico Beach, Florida

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Winners: John and Karen Groszkiewicz of Erie County, Pennsylvania

Fun Fact: This was the first HGTV Dream Home to be built like a compound — in addition to the main house there’s also a boathouse, greenhouse and private office!

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2004 — St. Marys, Georgia

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Winner: Kathi Nakao of Sacramento, California

Fun Fact: Built for a life by the water, the Victorian-inspired home has a boat lift and boardwalk stretching 230 feet over the marsh.

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2005 — Tyler, Texas

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Winner: Don Cruz of Batavia, Illinois

Fun Fact: This property featured the first swimming pool and the first elevator in HGTV Dream Home history!

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2006 — Lake Lure, North Carolina

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Winner: Donald P. Cook of West Virginia

Fun Fact: Cook decided to live in the home for three weeks before selling it and retiring in his home state of West Virginia. 

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2007 — Winter Park, Colorado

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Winner: Robert O’Neill Sr. of Johnson City, Tennessee

Fun Fact: This house came with ski-in-ski-out access at the famous Winter Park resort! 

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2008 — Islamorada, Florida

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Winner: Stephanie Dee of Solon, Iowa

Fun Fact: The home boasted a “fishing room” filled with gear, as Islamorada is known as the sportfishing capital of the world.

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2009 — Sonoma, California

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Winner: Cheryl Smith of Lakeland, Florida

Fun Fact: Smith entered the Dream Home giveaway every possible day for 10 years before claiming the 2009 prize!

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2010 — Sandia Park, NM

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Winner: Myra Lewis of New Orleans, Louisiana

Fun Fact: Lewis’s home in New Orleans had been ravaged by Hurricane Katrina a few years before she found out she won the 2010 Dream Home. 

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2011 — Stowe, Vermont

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Winner: Eric Makstenieks of Hinsdale, Illinois

Fun Fact: This home features a “ski dorm” with built-in bunk beds to host plenty of skiers. 

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2012 — Park City, Utah

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Winner: Vicki Naggy of Acme, Pennsylvania

Fun Fact: This house featured the franchise’s first-ever “outdoor living room,” which came with a fireplace, grilling station and TV. 

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2013 — Charleston, South Carolina

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Winner: Carole Simpson of Columbia, Tennessee

Fun Fact: The home featured a massive, 600-square-foot back deck overlooking the neighboring marshland.

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2014 — Lake Tahoe, California

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Winner: Laura Martin of Boise, Ohio

Fun Fact: HGTV worked with Martin’s boss to surprise her with the news that she had won the home. She then told the entire office that lunch was on her!

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2015 — Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Winner: Kathy O’Dell of Huntsville, Alabama

Fun Fact: HGTV producers tricked O’Dell into thinking that her close friend had won the sweepstakes, getting her to help plan an ambush. When she arrived, she learned that she was the real winner!

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2016 — Merritt Island, Florida

Designer: Brian Patrick Flynn 

Winner: David Rennie of Shelton, Connecticut

Fun Fact: This was the first time a Dream Home was ever remodeled, rather than built from the ground up.

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2017 — St. Simon’s Island, Georgia

Designer: Brian Patrick Flynn 

Winner: Anna Spangler of Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Fun Fact: The historic St. Simon’s Island stretches 12 miles in length.

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2018 — Gig Harbor, Washington

Designer: Brian Patrick Flynn 

Winner: Emily Muniz of Nashville, Tennessee

Fun Fact: Muniz was a 29-year-old mom of one when she won the life-changing prize!

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2019 — Whitefish, Montana

Designer: Brian Patrick Flynn 

Winner: Beverly Fulkerson of Osgood, Indiana

Fun Fact: Flynn says that this is his favorite Dream Home he’s ever worked on.

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2020 — Hilton Head, South Carolina

Designer: Brian Patrick Flynn 

Winner: Susan O’Gorman of Perry, Georgia

Fun Fact: In the great room, Flynn created a textured, “tabby” finish on the walls by throwing seashells on wet concrete — a practice that’s frequently used in Lowcountry design for a beachy feel.

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2021 — Newport, Rhode Island

Designer: Brian Patrick Flynn 

Winner: TBD!

Fun Fact: The next grand prize package is worth a whopping $2.8 million.

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