4 Instagram-approved ways to style plants in your home

Wondering how to introduce plants into your home? Check out these styling tips from four ‘plantfluencers’ who know what they’re doing.

Adding a few houseplants to your home is an easy way to give your interiors a revamp. Besides the fact that they look great and come in a range of shapes and sizes, studies have shown that spending time around plants can help to boost emotional wellbeing.

The only tricky part about bringing plants into your home is knowing how (and where) to display them – especially if you’re short on space. Not all plants will look their best popped in a pot in a corner, so you might need to get creative with your styling options.  

But no fear – that’s where this article comes in. To give you some plant-styling inspiration, we asked four ‘plantfluencers’ to give us their top tip for incorporating plants into the home. From layering them with other objects to making the most of your wall space, here’s what they had to say. 

  • 1. Pay attention to the pots

    “When styling plants we try to give each of them a different type of pot – using different textures and colours is important to us. 

    “Also, a major rule we follow is to always elevate our plants where possible, because it looks good when there is space between your plants and the floor.”

     Leila and Fleur from @casa_de_modelei

  • 2. Make the most of your wall space

    “My advice would be to create a living wall at home using Ikea pegboards. Simply fix them to your wall (ideal for an awkward ‘empty’ space) and use the accessories to stand and hang plants on! My favourites are the hooks and small shelves.

    “A super simple way to style plants, with instant impact and you can change it whenever you like!”

     Dani from @danisdomain

  • 3. Accessorize with other objects

    “My top tip for plant styling in the home is to layer your plants with ornaments, books or artwork. 

    “It allows you to play with the sizing of plants a lot better, not to mention adding hanging plants also gives your space that indoor jungle look we all love so much.”

    – Georgette from @thegardensofgaia

  • 4. Make space for growth

    “As well as getting your plants off the ground, my main tip would be to visualise how the plant will mature in your home and style it based on that. 

    For example, you could train it to crawl up a wall (they love bathroom walls especially) or on furniture (like a floor lamp) – that way, it grows to fit the room and the furniture.”

     Liana from @golfplantgirl

Image: collage of shots supplied by @danisdomain and @casa_de_modelei

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