6 chic pumpkin decorating ideas from Pinterest to give your decor an autumnal feel

There’s more than one way to carve a pumpkin and it doesn’t have to be ghoulish, either. Read on for inspiration on how decorate your pumpkin in a creative way.

There’s something so visually appealing about pumpkins.

Whether it be adorable mini pumpkins and squashes positioned on a mantelpiece or styled as part of a tablescape, or jolly, large ones decorated with a carving, an ornamental pumpkin can really add something to a seasonal decor update.

But although pumpkins are often linked to Halloween, they don’t have to be scary. In fact, there are lots of chic and stylish decoration ideas out there. 

We particularly like Pinterest as a platform to get crafty inspiration, and as usual, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to this topic.

Below we’ve picked out some of our favourite pumpkin carving, decoration and painting ideas from Pinterest. All that’s left for you to do is try one out: we promise it’ll get your house feeling autumnal in no time.

  • Starsigns

    Star signs have been influencing our accessory choices for months (hands up, who has an astrology-inspired necklace?), so why not let the sky inspire your pumpkin’s design too?

    This idea is smart because it looks effective but doesn’t require hours of carving, you only need to draw out your star sign, drill through the appropriate holes and then create a line between them.

    You could paint your pumpkin black like the night’s sky (see example above) or use a mixture of blues and purples to create an atmospheric sunset.

  • Floral

    This cute trio make an impact, without being doom and gloom. Copy this floral design and opt for warm colours like orange, yellow, pink and burgundy to reflect the autumnal season. 

    Get extra style points and pair a flowery pumpkin with a block-painted gold one, too.

  • Flame carving

    Thanks to a pumpkin’s naturally orange hue, they lend themselves well to being a fiery decoration.

    Carving some delicate flame shapes at the base of the pumpkin looks effective when a small candle is lit inside. 

    You could position a bundle of these in an empty fireplace or outside the front door to look like a real, glowing fire.

  • Celestial

    There’s no need for carving with these celestial pumpkins, simply paint them using dark tones like navy, grey and black, and decorate with stars.

    You could paint the stars on first, and fill the background in around them, or use stickers or sequins to stick on afterwards.

    If you like this idea but fancy mixing the colours up, don’t be afraid to create a combination that works better for your home.

  • Crochet

    Delicate carvings can look particularly atmospheric, especially if the pumpkin is filled with fairy lights.

    These sweet engravings resemble botanical patterns and have a contemporary feel which could blend in quite easily to a living room’s decor for an autumnal lighting solution.

  • Paint splatter

    These artsy paint splashes make for a cute look that’s more about celebrating the change of the season than zombies or vampires.

    This is an idea you can experiment with, pick whichever colours you like and make your splodges bigger or smaller. Although, it’s important to pick a white ‘ghost’ pumpkin instead of an orange one for this.

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