6 low light houseplants to bring life into your home during the darker months

Bring some life into your home this autumn with these easy-care, low light houseplants that’ll brighten up any room.

Despite what the weather outside your window might be telling you, autumn has officially arrived. And although the clear blue skies and warm weather is set to linger for the foreseeable future, it won’t be long before cooler temperatures and dark evenings become part of our day-to-day.

With this being said, now is the perfect time to bring nature into your home in the form of some new houseplants. Not only are they great to look at, but looking after and being around houseplants has been scientifically proven to boost our mood and alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress. 

It’s even been suggested that looking after houseplants could help to alleviate the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). In this way, autumn is the perfect time to invest in some indoor plants and surround yourself with greenery. 

To make sure your houseplants are able to thrive in their new home, it’s a good idea to look for ‘low light’ plants which will be able to cope with the reduction in daylight hours during autumn and winter.

So without further ado, here’s our pick of six of the best low light houseplants to bring nature into your home this autumn. 

  • Heart-leaf philodendron

    Low light plants for autumn: heart-leaf philodendron.

    The perfect statement plant for a windowless corridor or dark corner, the heart-leaf philodendron has dark green, glossy leaves whose heart-shape give the plant its name.

    Although this plant from Conservatory Archives is trained on a moss pole, you can just as easily unclip it and let the plant crawl up a wall or trail from a hanging plant pot – whatever works best for you.

    Shop heart-leaf philodendron at Conservatory Archives, £58


  • Cast iron plant

    Low light plants for autumn: cast iron plant.

    As the name suggests, the cast iron plant is known for its hardy nature – making it the perfect plant for those low light, hard-to-reach corners of your home.

    Besides the fact that it’s easy to care for, the striking architectural leaves of the cast iron plant make it an eye-catching addition to any space.

    Shop cast iron plant at Patch Plants, £20


  • ZZ plant

    Low light plants for autumn: ZZ plant.

    Most low light plants are pretty easy to care for, but the ZZ plant is a walk in the park. They need very little light and water to flourish, and prefer to be a bit pot bound, so you won’t even need to repot your new plant for a while.

    And just because it’s easy to care for, doesn’t mean you have to deal with an average-looking plant – with its vibrant, glossy leaves and tightly-packed foliage, the ZZ plant is a great all-rounder.

    Shop ZZ plant at House of Kato, £22


  • Golden pothos

    Low light plants for autumn: golden pothos.

    If you’re looking for a trailing plant to adorn the dark corners of your bedroom, the golden pothos is the plant for you.

    Also known as the devil’s ivy (it was nicknamed as such because it stays green even in the dark), the golden pothos is incredibly easy to care for. It’s beautiful, dappled yellow leaves are sure to brighten up any space.

    Shop golden pothos at The Little Botanical, £15


  • Pinstripe calathea

    Low light plants for autumn: pinstripe calathea.

    The dark green and eye-catching pink striped leaves of the pinstripe calathea are just one of the reasons why we love this plant so much.

    As well as being perfect for a shady corner of your desk or a hallway sideboard, the pinstripe calathea is both air-purifying and safe for pets, making it the perfect all-rounder.

    Shop pinstripe calathea at Canopy Plants, £25.99


  • Snake plant

    The striking, triangular-shaped leaves of the snake plant give this houseplant a uniquely modern feel.

    Happy living in all light conditions from low light to direct sun, the snake plant is incredibly easy to care for, and will bring life to any corner of your home.

    Shop snake plant at Leaf Envy, £18 


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