7 air-dry pottery kits to try at home (no kiln required)

The best pottery kits with air drying clay to get creative at home.

Pottery is the latest creative pastime to by adopted by the Instagram set. Whether you follow the hype or not, we can confirm the hobby as finally been deemed ‘cool’. 

From modern ceramists who we’re enjoying following (and buying from) to the new wave of picture-perfect cultural getaways like Birch Community, which offer pottery classes to guests; pottery is definitely having a moment in the sun. 

While classes are expensive, having a go at home isn’t. These crafty kits range in price between £10 and £40 with enough air drying clay (no need for a kiln) with enough supply to make at least two vases, trinket dishes, plates or whatever you fancy.

Some kits come with everything from aprons and work boards, while others are simpler and designed just to get you started. All you need is to place an order and set aside a night to enjoy.

We’ve gathered together brilliant home pottery kits for you to get creative in a fun way, without having to leave the house

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  • SkandiHus

    Best at-home pottery kits

    SkandiHus is one of east London’s most talked about pottery studios, with two venues in Hackney and a dedicated following. 

    While the studios have been closed over lockdown, the team have been working hard to come up with a way for people to enjoy crafting clay at home. Cue four SkandiHus clay kits in a range of sizes for however many live in your household. Chose between an essentials or deluxe option for two or four people, and your kit will be posted the following Monday.

    What’s in the kit (essentials two people):

    • 1kg of air-dry clay
    • Wooden modelling tool
    • Paintbrush
    • Heart-shaped sponge (it may look unassuming, but add water and watch it expand like it’s fallen in love!)
    • 1 pot of white paint
    • 1 pot of black paint
    • Incense stick 
    • Tea-light
    • Instruction manual with links to lookbook and tutorials for inspiration and specially-curated SkandiHus playlist

    Shop clay kit at SkandiHus, from £40

  • The Clay Club

    Best at-home pottery kits

    After in-store sales became non-existent in the midst of the pandemic, this small studio in Stoke-on-Trent decided to take what it does best online and out into other people’s homes. These cute kits may be new to the market, but they’re already proving a hit at stockists Selfridges and from the brand’s cult following. 

    What’s in the kit:

    • 1.5kg air hardening clay (enough for 1-2 people)
    • 1  loop tool
    • 1 potter’s rib
    • 1 ribbon tool
    • 1 needle tool
    • 1 wood modelling tool
    • 1 round sponge
    • 1 aluminium scraper
    • 1 wire clay cutter
    • Shop home pottery kit for two at The Clay Club, £42.99

    • Sculpd

      Best at-home pottery kits

      This kit contains everything you’ll need to sculpt, carve, paint and seal your own creations from succulent plant pots to trinket dishes. It uses supple air-drying clay that dries in a light grey colour with a smooth surface which is easy to paint on.

      What’s in the kit:

      • 2 packs premium air-dry clay
      • Step-by-step beginners pottery guide
      • Pottery carving, shaping and cutting tools and tool bag
      • White acrylic paint
      • Glossy varnish / sealant
      • 2 paintbrushes
      • Sandpaper for smoothing
      • Shop pottery kit at Sculpd, £39

        • Jude Allen Artist

          Best at-home pottery kits

          This extensive pottery kit is packed full of everything you need to start your own pottery journey. It’s perfect for those who are serious about pursuing this creative outlet – whether that be professionally or as an enjoyable hobby. It comes with a lot of kit, including a work board so that you don’t stain your tables at home.

          What’s in the kit:

          • Apron
          • Work board
          • 1kg air-drying clay
          • Needle tool
          • Loop tool
          • Ribbon tool
          • Potters rib tool
          • Wire cutter
          • Wooden modelling tool
          • Steel scraper
          • Sponge
          • Water spray atomiser
          • 2oz/59ml acrylic paint
          • Paint brush
          • Method instructions

          Shop pottery kit by Jude Allen Artist at Etsy, £45

        • MakeBox + Co

          Best at-home pottery kits

          Though the rustic look may be very much ‘in’ when it comes to modern pottery, there’s still a place in our hearts for cute trinket dishes like these. 

          This sweet kit includes everything you need to make mermaid-themed dishes and pearly hair combs.

          What’s in this kit:

          • 1kg hunk of white clay
          • Shell mould
          • Selection of coloured paints
          • Iridescent pearl paint
          • Oversized white and blue pearls
          • Glaze
          • Hair comb base
          • Shop The Mermaid’s Locker air dry clay box at MakeBox + Co, £29.99

          • John Lewis & Partners

            Best at-home pottery kits

            If you’re unsure whether at-home pottery is for you, this starter kit from John Lewis & Partners is basic, but a good place to start. Try this first, and if you enjoy creating with clay, move onto a more in-depth kit.

            What’s in the kit:

            • 1.2kg of air-drying clay
            • Rolling pin
            • Modelling tool
            • 12 2.3ml ceramic paints
            • Paintbrush
            • Shop Make and Paint Pottery Set at John Lewis & Partners, £10

            • Ldn Wildflower

              Best at-home pottery kits

              This is an ideal gift for your craft-loving friends, or if you’d like to try your hand at working with clay. 

              Ldn Wildflower is a small independent brand and welcomes interaction for customers, so if you’d like a birthday message popped inside your box as a gift, or if you’d prefer kiln-fired clay rather than air dry clay, just let them know.

              What’s in the kit:

              • Air dry clay (500g)
              • Rolling pin
              • Wooden board
              • Potter’s pin tool
              • Ribbon tool
              • Wire cutter tool
              • Potter’s paint brush
              • Sandpaper
              • Sponge
              • 22-page instruction booklet
              • Shop Make Your Own Pottery Kit by Ldn Wildflower at Etsy, £30

                Images: Skandihus / courtesy of brands

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