7 bobbled home accessories to add some 3D texture to your space

Try the bobbled home accessories trend with our ready-to-shop edit.

Interior design trend klaxon: there’s a new home accessory on the block and it’s all about ‘bobbles’.

Bobbled homeware is the term we’re going for, anyway. You could also say ‘3D polka dots’, ‘knobbly’ or ‘raised circles’. All of the above refer to the eye-catching orb-like details which are popping up all over glasses, jugs and candlesticks. 

From failsafes like H&M Home to design favourites like Sophie Conran, we’re seeing these bobbled pieces take front and centre stage at all of our most-consulted brands. The style is particularly favoured for glassware, although ceramic vases look great with it, too. 

To try the trend yourself, we recommend experimenting with a bobbled jug as a vase and popping it on a table filled with flowers, or accessorising a shelf with a bobbled candlestick. Sorted.

  • Textured glass vase

    The dark green hue of this glass vase is perfect for transitioning your home into winter.

    Try filling it with dried flowers to tick off two decor trends.

    Shop textured glass vase at H&M Home, £17.99

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  • Clear bobble jug

    This glass jug will bring a touch of elegance and charm to any dining table.

    It has been crafted in central Europe where there is a well-respected history of glassmaking.

    Shop clear bobble jug with gold handle at Sophie Conran, £149

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  • Ivory round dotty vase

    A single flower or stem would create a chic statement in this sculptural vase.

    The simple yet unique design is perfect for adding some texture to a lonely corner of your living room.

    Shop ivory round dotty vase at Trouva, £19.95

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  • Green glass candlestick

    Ornate candlesticks are big news right now, so this beauty has shot right to the top of our must-buy lists.

    Buy singularly or in a set of three for £22.50.

    Shop green glass candlestick at Sarah Raven, £7.95

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  • Organic soy candle

    This striking candle is inspired by architectural forms.

    It’s hand-poured in New York using pure organic soy wax blended with beeswax.

    Shop organic soy candle at Cos, £39

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  • Rounded glass jug

    Fancy adding a pop of colour to your decor? This cheerful jug is just the trick.

    It’s crafted from crystal glass and features a ‘hobnail texture’ all over.

    Shop rounded glass jug at Greige, £69.50

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  • Cloudy flower pot dusty pink

    Give your succulent an update with this Scandi-style plant pot.

    The designer deliberately gave it a glossy finish to accentuate the ‘bubbly’ texture of its surface.

    Shop cloudy flower pot dusty pink at Nordic Nest, £69

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Images: courtesy of brands

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