7 eye-catching houseplants that’ll thrive in your bathroom

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Add a touch of greenery to your bathroom with these humidity-loving houseplants.

Despite being one of the most essential rooms in any home, bathrooms often receive the least attention when it comes to decorating. But why shouldn’t you spend a little time sprucing up such a valuable space? 

One easy way to do this is by introducing a few plants. Not only is it an easy way to bring a bit of colour into your bathroom without going all out, but it’s also a great way to give your bathroom a more relaxing, spa-like atmosphere – perfect for when you need to switch off and unwind.

Of course, not all plants will be suited to the bathroom environment, so you’ll need to pick carefully. While bathrooms can get hot and humid when in use, they can also get pretty cold at times, so you’ll need plants that can cope with these temperature fluctuations. 

Plus, many bathrooms tend to have little to no natural light, so that’ll also be a deciding factor as to which plants will thrive there.  

These points aside, however, adding some greenery to your bathroom is a fantastic way to inject some style into your space – and there are some plants that will absolutely thrive in the bathroom environment. Keep reading to check out our pick of the best bathroom plants to shop now.

It’s worth noting that, while these plants will enjoy the high humidity and warmth of the bathroom, that doesn’t mean you can’t display them in other areas of your home – you just might need to invest in a mister to ensure the plant gets enough humidity.

  • Spider Plant

    Bathroom Plants: Spider Plant.

    It’s hard to find an environment that the spider plant won’t tolerate, making it the perfect choice for the changeable bathroom environment. 

    Its cascading green and white foliage and regular offshoots (which you can cut off and propagate into more spider plants if you fancy) make it great hanging plant material, too.

    Care tips: the spider plant can tolerate a little neglect, but if you want yours to thrive, let the soil dry out a little between waterings. Spider plants can also tolerate low light but will be much happier when they have access to bright, indirect light (e.g. in a bathroom with some kind of window). 

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  • Watermelon Peperomia

    Bathroom Plants: Watermelon Peperomia.

    Named for its adorable green striped leaves which look like the skin of a watermelon, the watermelon peperomia may be small, but it’s still seriously eye-catching. 

    It’s also really easy to look after (you’ll often find it on lists of ‘low maintenance’ plants) making it the perfect bathroom plant for beginners.

    Care tips: in the wild the watermelon peperomia grows underneath trees, so it enjoys bright indirect light or light shade. You’ll only need to water it when the soil is dried out on top. 

    Shop Watermelon Peperomia at The Little Botanical, £20

  • Golden Pothos

    Bathroom Plants: Golden Pothos.

    Another great bathroom plant for beginners is the golden pothos or devil’s ivy, which looks fantastic trailing from a shelf or hung from the ceiling. 

    It’s known for being incredibly hardy (it gets its ‘devil’s ivy’ moniker from being near impossible to kill), and will respond to a little love with lots of growth.

    Care tips: the golden pothos likes indirect light where possible (it can survive low light conditions, but its variegation may fade) and prefers to have its soil dry out a little between waterings. Give it a drink when the top of the soil is dry. 

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  • Boston Fern

    Bathroom Plants: Boston Fern.

    The boston fern is native to the shady, humid forests and jungles of tropical regions around the world, making it perfectly suited to the low-light bathroom environment. 

    Its long, pointy fronds would look great positioned on the edge of the bath or hanging in a blank corner.

    Care tips: like most ferns, boston ferns like things damp, so make sure to keep its soil moist (but not wet) and give it an extra mist when the shower isn’t in use. Boston ferns also don’t mind a shadier spot.

    Shop Boston Fern at Conservatory Archives, £20 

  • Alocasia Portodora

    Bathroom Plants: Alocasia Portodora.

    If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom with lots of space, then a statement plant like the alocasia portodora – or the upright elephant ear, as it is also known – could be a great option.

    Talk about transforming your home into an indoor jungle – the big sprawling leaves on this plant will make it a seriously eye-catching addition to any room.

    Care tips: the alocasia portodora loves humidity and lots of bright light, so it’ll only thrive in bathrooms with plenty of windows. It also loves to live in moist soil, so make sure to water when the top section of its soil is dry. 

    Shop Alocasia Portodora at Patch Plants, £80

  • Asparagus Fern

    Bathroom Plants: Asparagus Fern.

    As much as we love the delicate green fronds of the asparagus fern, this plant can be a little bit dramatic, so you might want to steer clear of this one if you’re a complete beginner. 

    However, just because it can be difficult at times (for example, if you touch its leaves, they tend to turn brown), doesn’t mean it won’t be happy if left to its own devices in a bathroom environment.

    Care tips: these plants love light humidity and can live in moderate shade (so no windowsills). When it comes to watering, it’s best to keep their soil damp, but not super wet.

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  • Snake Plant

    Bathroom Plants: Snake Plant.

    The snake plant is famed for thriving in low light conditions, so it’s perfectly suited to a bathroom without much natural light. 

    Its spiky, structural leaves make it a great statement plant for adorning a bland corner or surface.

    Care tips: snake plants prefer when their soil dries out between waterings, so your plant won’t worry if you forget to give it a drink every once in a while. They don’t need humidity to thrive, but will tolerate it.

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