7 eye-catching raised plant pots and stands to display your leafy friends

Create the indoor jungle of your dreams with the help of these stylish raised pots.

If you’re the proud owner of a growing plant collection, you’ll know how difficult it can be to find the space to display all your leafy friends.

Most homes will only have a limited number of surfaces – think shelves, coffee tables, windowsills and kitchen countertops – and while some statement plants will be fine popped on the floor, most plants tend to look a bit lost when left at ground level.

That’s where raised plant pots – or plant pots with stands – come in. Not only are they a great way to transform smaller plants into a statement feature, but they’re also handy for keeping your plants out of harm’s way (ideal if you’ve got children and/or pets running around) and ensuring they’re in the perfect spot for their light and humidity needs. They’re also a great way to make small plants stand out on a surface, especially if they’re surrounded by larger ones.

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And while some raised planters come with the pot attached, others just come with the stand, so you can use it to display a pot you already own.

Plus, with so many brilliant designs out there these days, you’re sure to find one to suit your interior style, whether that’s bright and colourful, minimalist or somewhere in-between. Keep reading to check out our edit of the best raised plant pots and stands to shop now. 

  • H&M Home Rattan Plant Pot

    Raised Plant Pots and Stands: H&M Rattan Plant Pot.

    Want to give one of 2021’s hottest homeware trends a go, but not sure where to start? This raised planter from H&M home is the perfect way to incorporate rattan into your home.

    It may not have the height of some of the other plant pots on this list, but what it lacks in stature it makes up for with its natural appeal and timeless look.

    Shop Rattan Plant Pot at H&M Home, £29.99


  • Studio Arhoj Tri-Pot

    Raised Plant Pots and Stands: Studio Arhoj Tri-Pot.

    If you’re a fan of bright, playful interiors, you’ll love this orange terracotta pot from Studio Arhoj, which comes with a matching saucer to catch the water which drains out of the pot’s legs.

    Its unglazed finish means that over time it’ll develop a beautifully worn effect.  

    Shop Studio Arhoj Tri-Pot at Kin, £39


  • Oliver Bonas Plant Pot & Stand

    Stylish raised plant pots: Abuo Blue Ceramic Plant Pot and Stand from Oliver Bonas, £55.

    While the blue ceramic design paired with a glossy finish makes for a dramatic look, it’s the height of this plant pot that makes it unique. 

    Tall enough to display plants that love to trail, this pot would make a great addition to an empty corner. 

    Shop Abuo Blue Ceramic Plant Pot & Stand in Tall at Oliver Bonas, £59.50


  • Papaya Plants White Textured Pot & Stand

    Raised Plant Pots and Stands: Papaya Plants White Textured Pot & Stand.

    With its simple and sophisticated appeal, it’s hard not to love this white textured pot and vase combo from Papaya Plants.

    The neutral colours of the pot and stand will allow the green of the plant’s leaves to pop. 

    Shop White Textured Pot & Stand at Papaya Plants, £20


  • Second Abode Bamboo Plant Stand

    Raised Plant Pots and Stands: Second Abode Bamboo Plant Stand.

    Second Abode is known for its collection of vintage and eye-catching pieces, and this vintage bamboo plant stand is no exception.

    Pop it in the corner of the room next to some taller statement plants and hanging pots to create a varied display.

    Shop Bamboo Plant Stand at Second Abode, £36


  • Anthropologie Woven Pot

    Raised Plant Pots and Stands: Anthropologie Woven Pot.

    Another one for fans of a more natural, boho style, this woven planter and stand from Anthropologie is made by hand from seagrass and rattan.

    It’s a great way to add some texture to your plant display, as most pots are normally made from ceramic and are therefore smooth along the edges. 

    Shop Woven Pot in Medium at Anthropologie, £46


  • MADE Three Tier Planter Stand

    Raised Plant Pots and Stands: MADE Three Tier Planter Stand.

    If you’re looking for a way to display a collection of plants, this three-tier planter stand from MADE could be just what you’re looking for.

    Unlike some of the other stands on this list it doesn’t come with any pots attached, so there’s no need to repot your plants – perfect if you want to make the most of the pots you already own.

    Shop Three Tier Planter Stand at MADE, £129


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