7 ideas for a home revamp

From the kitchen to your bedrooms, Teja Lele Desai lists easy ways to do up your spaces

The best part? You can DIY this without any major changes to your décor.

1. The entryway

The entrance is what makes the first impression on visitors, so make sure that it makes a really good one. A brightly coloured wall, a stand-out piece of art and a few artefacts will make this place the perfect approach to your home.

2. Living room

Most often than not the living room is the one place in the home which sees maximum traffic through the day. Naturally chances of clutter are extremely high. Edit ruthlessly and keep only the pieces that are a must. Make a place for all your things and put everything in its place — ensure that you have enough baskets and racks at hand.

3. Dining area

Replace the sterile white lights in the dining room with a warm light-casting bulb. A yellow glow creates a warm and inviting ambience, one that invites you to relax and linger. If you want to retain your white light for tasks, add a lamp with a yellow bulb. Switch this on at dinner time and see the difference.

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4. The bedroom

Forego the long drapes and get summer-friendly chiks installed in your boudoir. They keep out the sun and create an impression of more space than curtains. If these eco-friendly window treatments can be inlaid with some khus (vetiver), you are sure to enjoy the sweetest and soundest of sleep.

5. The children’s room

A child is the king of his castle, err, bedroom. Make sure you make it seem like a castle/fort by investing in child-friendly bedding and furniture.

Create a bright and vibrant atmosphere by bringing home bedlinen that’s made to order for a child.

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6. The bathroom

Once a dark and dreary place, the bathroom is one room that everyone in the home frequents. It’s imperative to maintain good health! Add cheer to this somewhat neglected room with a set of colourful accessories.

7. Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home but somehow due to its busy nature ends up in a mess by the end of every day. Get it in order to make sure that finding everything is a breeze.

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