7 Instagram-approved wall paint ideas to revamp your home this spring

Written by Lauren Geall

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Get ready to revamp your home this spring with this edit of the trendiest wall paint ideas taking over Instagram right now.

Whether you’re on the hunt for some homeware inspiration, want to know how to decorate a particularly bland corner or fancy trying your hand at some DIY, you can always count on Instagram’s growing community of interiors influencers to give you the inside scoop on the coolest new trends to try in your home.

While renovation content has been particularly popular during lockdown, one of the best things about Instagram’s interiors content is that it’s not all about making big changes – in fact, many of the coolest trends being shared on the platform are smaller things you can do to refresh a pre-styled space.

One such trend we’ve seen taking over our feeds recently has been using paint to create points of interest on a wall.  

Instead of using one paint colour to cover an entire wall, people are using a variety of contrasting colours and patterns to make their walls more eye-catching, whether that’s by creating a border to frame a series of prints or using a painted arch to add emphasis to a specific area of a room.

Not only does using paint in this way look bloody great, but it’s also a hassle-free way to add an extra decorative touch to a room without spending lots of money on a new piece of furniture. Plus, because there’s no specific style to this trend, you can tailor each idea to suit your home’s aesthetic and colour palette.

To give you a taste of the trend (and provide some inspiration for a painted project of your own), we’ve put together this list of the coolest paint trends and designs to get you started. Keep reading to discover all the ways people are using paint to revamp their homes.

The coolest wall paint trends and ideas to try in your home

  • Accent Corner

    Looking for a quick and easy way to add a splash of colour to your home? Have a go at painting your very own accent corner as demonstrated by this brilliant example from @sharnshouse.

    The pastel yellow of their triangular accent looks even more stunning when contrasted with the brilliant green of the houseplants below.  

  • Colour Block

    Instead of painting the whole wall, why not try something like this colour block effect from Nataja at @my_homeandfamily?

    Not only is it a great way to add interest without making things too complicated, but it’s also a brilliant way to bring colour into your space and tie a room together.  

  • Scalloped Edges

    We love this joyful and bright example of the scalloped wall trend from Stylist’s very own senior digital writer Megan Murray. 

    The complimentary pink shades work well together to draw attention towards the statement pink sofa and bright collection of cushions which give this room so much character. 

  • Dalmation Spots

    If you fancy getting creative, this ‘dalmatian spot’ pattern wall from Kelly and Sarah over at @jellyandjonny looks seriously cool.

    As they explain in their caption, instead of using wallpaper they opted for a stencil from Dizzy Duck Designs, adding freehand spots in between to fill the entire wall. 

  • Dark Feature Wall

    Feature walls are nothing new, but the contrasting dark blue and white colours of this example from Jamila and Michael over at @prosecco_lifestyle creates a modern, contemporary vibe.

    We also love how the shiny gold effect of the mirror against the dark blue gives the room an extra luxurious feel. 

  • Print Border

    If you don’t fancy going all out with the wall painting, why not try your hand at this simple but effective idea from Sarah at @houghton_no5?

    Not only does placing a darker or contrasting colour behind a selection of prints help the colour in them to pop, but it’s a great way to frame other pieces of furniture, like the sofa positioned below in this example. 

  • Painted Arch

    Last but not least, there’s the wonderful painted arch trend, which has been making its way around Instagram for a while now.

    Whether you want to use it to frame a specific area of your home (like in the example from @nabiilabeehome above) or just to spruce up a particularly plain wall, it’s an easy way to add another eye-catching feature to your home. 

Hero Image: Photographs courtesy of @my_homeandfamily, @jellyandjonny and @meganrosemurray.

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