7 multi-wick candles that look and smell amazing

If you love having lots of candles lit at once then you’re going to be a big fan of the all-in-one multi-wick style. 

Burning the candle at both ends had taken on a whole new meaning thanks to these multi-wick candles. If you usually have to run around the house lighting all your favourite candles, save the energy and stick to these styles that have lots of wicks in one candle holder. Not only do they look chic, the addition of more wicks also means you’ll be able to spread the scent quicker. Whether you go for a double, triple or even up to 24 wicks, it’ll be similar to lighting a birthday cake having to make sure none of them blow out. 

Not only do they look amazing all year round, these compact candles are ideal as a centrepiece for the Christmas table to sit among your pigs in blankets and roasted parsnips. 

You have to use these styles slightly differently to your usual single wick candle, though. According to Torc Candles, the multi-wick styles need a longer time to burn because of the wider diameter. Light them for 4-6 hours or until the wax pool has melted fully to the edge so it’ll then cool evenly and you won’t waste wax. If your candle does start to dip in the middle once it’s been lit, you’re in luck as we’ve already created a guide on how to fix a tunneled candle. 

Now you know all about these dreamy candles, it’s time to see our edit of the most stylish iterations from some of our favourite brands. 

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Best multi-wick candles

  • Zara Home candle

    Zara multi-wick candle

    Fill your home with the scent of baked goods with no messy kitchen required. This gingerbread candle will waft through the house to give everyone a treat. 

    Shop gingerbread scented candle at Zara Home, £29.99


  • Alina candle

    Alina Candles multi-wick candle

    For the ultimate showstopper of a centrepiece, try out this 12 wick style from family-run Gloucestershire candle company Alina Candles. Want to go even bigger? They do a made-to-order 24-wick style, too. 

    Shop Maroc candle at Alina Candles, £80


  • Concrete & Wax candle

    Concrete & Wax multi-wick candle

    We’ve already told you about concrete homeware being a mini trend, and now multi-wick candles – add the two together with this Concrete & Wax candle and you’ll be ticking all the homeware boxes at once. 

    Shop Concrete & Wax sandalwood and black pepper candle at Wolf & Badger, £70


  • Loewe candle

    Loewe multi-wick candle

    This year’s most fashion candle has been released by Loewe and naturally it’s beautiful. Get the medium or large for a multi-wick style that’s too pretty to burn. If you do, you’ll be able to use the pot as a vase afterwards. 

    Shop Loewe medium ivy candle at Liberty London, £145


  • Mystic Glo Candle

    Mystic Glow Candle

    This handmade candle found on Etsy is a perfect example of a great product from a small business. You’ll certainly get use out of it all year found and when it has all burnt you can use the stand for tea lights instead.  

    Shop Mystic Glow Candle six wick candle with walnut stand at Etsy, £153.36


  • Marks and Spencer candle

    Marks and Spencer candle

    With lavender, sweet orange, clary sage and cedar wood, this three wick candle is packed full of essential oils to create a calm atmosphere. You can also get a mini size, too. 

    Shop calm large 3 wick candle at Marks and Spencer, £15


  • Jonathan Adler candle

    Jonathan Adler candle

    Jonathan Adler is known for quirky homeware and this face candle is a perfect example. Burn the double candle wick to release the scent of fresh florals – when the candle is finished, keep it as a ceramic ornament.

    Shop Jonathan Adler muse blanc ceramic candle at Sweetpea & Willow, £78


Opening image: Alina Candles

All other images: courtesy of brands

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