7 outdoor umbrellas and parasols for garden entertaining

Cool and chic cover-ups for the most glorious garden gathering.

Whether you’ve got a tiny patch of concrete that, in estate agent jargon, is classed as outdoor space, or a vast and luscious lawn, the chances are as the sun begins to beam, you’ll crave a sliver of shade during the next few months. 

Or perhaps you’re simply in the market for creating as pretty an outdoor space as is humanly possible, but whichever camp you reside in, a parasol is the cure-all remedy you need. After all, once you’ve got yourself kitted out with an egg chair, a pizza oven, and a picnic blanket, you might as well throw in a pretty parasol for good measure, right? 

FATBOY woven and aluminum parasol

The thing to be aware of is where you plan on anchoring your garden-ready shade-giver and whether its width fits in the space you have (parasols sure as hell aren’t as easy to return as your weekly Asos delivery). The second thing to note when buying a parasol is whether it has an adjustable pole: it’s no good adding one to your basket that can’t move with the sun, otherwise you run the risk of looking like a barbecued lobster by the end of a day spent lounging in the garden.

Whether you want a parasol as an accessory to create your perfect paradise or a hard-working protector from the sun, these are the best ones to buy this summer. 

  • East London Parasol Company Heidi bamboo parasol

    East London Parasol Company Heidi Parasol

    Throw some seriously stylish shade with this two-metre-wide bamboo parasol, complete with turquoise threading, light blue fringing and beaded green tassels.

    Shop East London Parasol Company Heidi parasol, £399


  • Christow garden parasol umbrella

    Christow garden parasol umbrella

    With an adjustable pole and a UV protective hood, Christow’s functional garden umbrella is the perfect outdoor offering. Now the only question left to ponder is to get the ivory or the charcoal? 

    Shop Christow garden parasol umbrella, £49.99


  • Robert Dyas cream garden parasol

    Robert Dyas cream garden parasol

    With a width of 2.87 metres, this cream offering is a summertime dream with beaded fringing surrounding the edges of the umbrella. 

    Shop Robert Dyas cream garden parasol, £164.99


  • Wayfair lime green parasol

    Wayfair lime green parasol

    We’ve established that lime green is the colour of the season as it pertains to summer dresses, but now it can also be the go-to hue of the summer with this zesty three-metre-wide parasol.

    Shop Wayfair traditional parasol, £89.99


  • Marks & Spencer Shanghai parasol

    Marks & Spencer Shanghai parasol

    Positively crying out to be anchored in your garden is Marks & Spencer’s Shanghai parasol, which features an adjustable pole and a creamy linen blend umbrella.

    Shop Marks & Spencer Shanghai parasol, £99


  • Business & Pleasure Co. premium beach umbrella

    Business & Pleasure Co. premium beach umbrella

    It looks like a beach umbrella but it’s not, it’s a fully-fledged parasol which comes complete with a retro white and yellow stripe and kitschy white fringing. A joyous excuse for a garden umbrella if ever we saw one. 

    Shop Business & Pleasure Co. premium beach umbrella, £289


  • FatBoy striped woven and aluminum parasol

    FatBoy Striped woven and aluminum parasol

    Looking every inch the retro parasol is FatBoy’s candy-cane coloured parasol, which comes with a coated stainless steel and aluminum base and pole, meaning it won’t be weathered by the weather. 

    Shop FatBoy striped woven and aluminum parasol, £380


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