7 pink vases that will add a touch of prettiness to your home

Don’t settle for bland beiges or naff neutrals; these vases follow the gamut of pink and are downright picture-perfect.

When it comes to vases in which to house your favourite flowers – whether fresh or stylistically dried – there is a wealth of choice.

From those that look like heads and faces for characterful décor, to teeny tiny glass vases, there really is something for everyone, but now, there’s a colour dictating which vase is in and which vase is very much out.  

For this summer, as we prepare to host guests in the comfort of our own homes once again, it’s all about housing our flowers in blooming wonderful, punchy pink vases. If you’re more of a minimalist though, fear not, for the spectrum of pink vases spans the entire gamut, from blush to Pepto Bismol shades of popping pink. These are some of our favourite pink vases to buy now. 

  • Anna Philip London Yoga vase

    Anna Philip London Yoga vase

    This cool sculptural vase is transparent and crying out to be filled with just a few dainty flowers. Be careful not to overpower its slightness with too many blooms though, the fewer, the better with this one.

    Shop Anna Philip London Yoga vase, £28


  • Anna + Nina glass vase fiesta pink

    Anna + Nina glass vase fiesta pink

    Perfect for contrasting and clashing against other coloured glass vases and candles, this fiesta number from Anna + Nina is blooming marvelous. 

    Shop Anna + Nina glass vase fiesta pink at Liberty London, £21.95


  • Hay orange and pink Moroccan glass vase

    Hay orange and pink Moroccan glass vase

    For the interior maximalists among us, embrace clashing colours of orange and pink in this chic and chunky vase.

    Shop Hay orange and pink Moroccan glass vase at Browns Fashion, £65


  • Klimchi Rosaline hobnail jug

    Klimchi Rosaline hobnail jug

    Get you a vase that can double as a jug; this pretty pale pink is the colour of rosé and would make a lovely home for the funkiest of flowers.

    Shop Klimchi Rosaline hobnail jug, £85


  • Marimekko pink flower vase

    Marimekko pink flower vase

    For those who prefer a more minimal interiors theme, this barely-there blush vase courtesy of Finnish brand Marimekko is crying out for a spot in your home. 

    Shop Marimekko pink flower vase at Skandium, £31.50


  • Bahne vase droplet tricolour

    Bahne vase droplet tricolour

    With a pretty gradient of pink to red, this droplet vase is as fun as it is functional. Simply pop in a bunch of summer-ready daisies, and you’ll be good to go. 

    Shop Bahne vase droplet tricolour at London Works, £25.95


  • Raawi Strøm large vase

    Raawi Strøm large vase

    Innovatively designed by Nicholai Wiig Hansen, nothing comes close to Raawi’s cool, calm and collected Strøm collection; its timeless yet trendy matte pink vase is proof. 

    Shop Raawi Strøm large vase at End Clothing, £75


Images: courtesy of brands. 

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