7 playful paper fan decorations to spruce up your walls

They’re playful, fun and promise to spice up a lacklustre living space – this is why a wall fan is the decoration you didn’t know you needed.

Fed up with the same four walls you’ve been cocooned in for much of the past year? Join the club. It’s time for a springtime spruce, and we’ve got just the decoration for you: a wall fan.

The perfect way to weave texture into your living space, these are ornately folded and crafted fans, which take pride of place on your walls. Some are made from paper, and some from bamboo, and they generally have tassels in their middle which hang decoratively. 

Not sure you can get on board with the trend? It might help to know that a slew of interior supremos have endorsed it, including self-confessed eclectic maximalist interior designer Beth Diana Smith and the equally brilliant Shavonda Gardner, whose palm-print fans are a focal point in her living room.

So, if you’re looking to spruce up a blank space in your home with a little burst of textured fun, look no further than a decorative wall fan; here are seven of our favourites.

  • Accessorize floral fan with tassel charm

    Accessorize floral fan with tassel charm

    With a pretty summer-ready floral print, this Accessorize fan will tick all of your decorative boxes. If a series of floral fans isn’t for you, then pair just one with several other fans in its more muted pastel colourings.

    Shop Accessorize floral fan with tassel charm, £5


  • ArtiDeco marabou feather fan

    ArtiDeco marabou feather fan

    If you’re the sort of person who refuses to do anything by halves, look to this feathered fan which comes by way of ArtiDeco. And for anybody who still wants more, the brand also offers a feathery fan with a rainbow print. What could be better?

    Shop ArtiDeco marabou feather fan, £12.99


  • Oliver Bonas metallic blue bamboo wall fan

    Oliver Bonas metallic blue bamboo wall fan

    A designated fan for your wall, this shimmering blue offering courtesy of Oliver Bonas spans a whopping width of 150cm. Who needs a piece of art? Buy a fan instead!

    Shop Oliver Bonas metallic blue bamboo wall fan, £69.50


  • Liv Interior wall hanging bamboo fan

    Liv Interior wall hanging bamboo fan

    Crafted from bamboo, this zesty and playful yellow fan is the perfect brightening addition to even the busiest of walls. More is more, remember!

    Shop Liv Interior wall hanging bamboo fan, £68.99


  • Afrohemien handwoven fan

    Afrohemien handwoven wall fan

    Available in a slew of fun and playful hues, Black-owned brand Afrohemien’s handwoven fans are the epitome of a decoration that sparks joy.

    Shop Afrohemien handwoven fan, £18.97


  • Broste Copenhagen paper fan

    Broste Copenhagen paper fan

    Can’t decide on a colour? Don’t worry with this iteration from Broste Copenhagen, which comes in a trio of muted yet fun shades.

    Shop Broste Copenhagen paper fan, £14.99


  • African Heritage antique woven fan

    African Heritage antique woven fan

    If you fancy a wall fan but without the hooplah that some of the other colours and patterns will inevitably foster, then look to this personalisable fan from African Heritage. Small and sweet, it’ll do the job without the fanfare.

    Shop African Heritage antique woven fan, £31


Images: courtesy of brands

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