7 pleated lampshades to give your home a retro upgrade

Jazz up your light fixtures with this edit of our favourite pleated lampshades, perfect for giving any room an on-trend retro feel.

There’s nothing quite like finding the perfect lampshade to finish off a room. Whether it’s adorning a table lamp, wall sconce or ceiling light, a lampshade is a great way to add a touch of character to the lighting fixtures in your home.

One trend in particular we’ve been loving recently is the pleated or gathered lampshade. First popular in the latter half of the 20th century, these retro shades are characterised by their crisp pleats and defined edges which make them an eye-catching addition to any room. 

Thanks to the sheer range of pleated lampshades on sale right now, you’re sure to find one that suits your taste – from traditional, hand-stitched shapes to striking, modern interpretations of the trend. 

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See below for our edit of the best pleated and gathered lampshades to shop and enjoy right now.

  • Anthropologie Pleated Floor Lamp

    Pleated lampshades: Anthropologie.

    We love how the simple and sophisticated shape of this pleated floor lamp gives the retro trend a modern edge.

    The contrast between the matte black stand and paper pleating make this the perfect statement lamp for any room.

    Shop Pleated Floor Lamp at Anthropologie, £228


  • Hay Matin Table Lamp

    Pleated lampshades: Hay.

    Up your working from home game with this sleek table lamp design from cult homeware brand Hay.

    The emerald green lampshade and gold detailing give this piece a luxury appeal. 

    Shop Matin Table Lamp by Hay at Nest, £155


  • Olivia Lova Wooden Lamp

    Pleated lampshades: Olivia Lova.

    Go all-out retro with this handmade wooden lamp from Olivia Lova.

    We particularly love the muted colour palette of the white wood and salmon pleated lampshade.     

    Shop Wooden Lamp by Olivia Lova at Etsy, £143


  • Orikomi Tropical Lampshade

    Pleated lampshades: Orikomi.

    This geometric twist on the pleated lampshade style gives the retro trend a clean, aesthetic edge.

    Handmade in Lisbon, Portugal, the origami-like design of this paper lamp clash perfectly with the bright green tropic leaves which adorn its surface. 

    Shop Orikomi Tropical Lampshade at Wolf & Badger, £55


  • H&M Home Pleated-shade Pendant Light

    Pleated lampshades: H&M.

    We’re big fans of the gold detailing on this pure white pendant lampshade.

    The luxury feel of this statement piece would make it a great light fixture for hanging above a dining room table or entryway. 

    Shop Pleated-shade Pendant Light at H&M Home, £79.99


  • Rosanna Lonsdale Pink Silk Ikat Lampshade

    Pleated lampshades: Decoralist.

    If you’re a fan of bright colours and patterned materials, you’ll love this silk-inspired twist on the pleated lampshade trend.

    We think it would look great on a hallway sideboard or antique desktop.

    Shop Pink Silk Ikat Lampshade by Rosanna Lonsdale at Decoralist, from £95


  • Fermoie Fresco Lampshade

    Pleated lampshades: Fermoie.

    If you’re looking for an easy way to bring a splash of colour into your home, this linen lampshade is a great option.

    Although it doesn’t have the crisp pleats of a traditional gathered lampshade, we love how the fabric gathers to create the textured effect. 

    Shop Fresco Lampshade at Fermoie, from £95 (lamp base not included)


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