9 oversized vases that will happily house a giant bunch of hydrangeas

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Forget ornamental vases: the era of the XXL oversized vase is upon us. And they’re bigger – and better – than ever. 

Once upon a time, vases were as dainty and delicate as the bouquets of flowers which filled them; they were merely an accessory to a room, rather than the focal point of a space.

But now, in the age of cluttercore and all of the wonderfully kitsch haphazardness it brings with it, interiors is about making a splash, a statement. It’s about stamping your personality firmly on what makes your space yours, and how you can distinguish your home from another.

Which brings me to vases; for those who are in the (frankly eye-wateringly expensive) habit of filling a home with fresh flowers, it’s time to leave your pokey vase by the door and turn your attention instead to an attention-grabbing, statement-making XXL oversized vase. One which hosts flowers with as much gusto and personality as the blooms themselves.

The best part is that even for those on a budget, all an oversized vase needs to bring it to life is a big bouquet of dried flowers, and it works as effectively at making a statement. So, what’re you waiting for? Here are a few of our favourites. 

  • Raawii Strøm large ceramic vase

    Raawii Strøm large ceramic vase

    This large and roomy vase is crying out to be displayed as a centrepiece in a minimalist’s home: if the tangerine-tone isn’t for you, then opt for the brand’s forest green or ink black options instead.

    Shop Raawii Strøm large ceramic vase at Matches Fashion, £75


  • Vaisselle Genie in a Bottle floral vase

    Vaisselle Genie in a Bottle floral vase

    As beautiful and ornate-looking as you’d expect from Liberty London, this handpainted vase will stand the test of time. A seriously timeless work of art.

    Shop Vaisselle Genie in a Bottle floral vase at Liberty London, £75


  • Flowerbx large apothecary vase

    Flowerbx large apothecary vase

    Not only do they craft some of the most wondrous and show-stopping bouquets in the fresh flower game, but Flowerbx also sell some of the best, and roomiest, vases, too.

    Shop Flowerbx large apothecary vase, £40


  • Hay Splash round vase

    Hay Splash round vase

    This speckled vase is a maximalist’s dream: simply pair with equally as kaleidoscopic flowers, and just watch as it elevates your living space.

    Shop Hay Splash round vase at Nordic Nest, £69


  • Perch & Parrow Prado grey tall vase

    Perch & Parrow Prado grey tall vase

    A seriously sculptural vase, this tall and grey number would contrast effortlessly with a bouquet of brightly-coloured blooms.

    Shop Perch & Parrow Prado grey tall vase, £70


  • Cavendish Home Rigola large round vase

    Cavendish Home Rigola large round vase

    Perfect for displaying in a hallway as a statement in and of itself, this large round vase is timeless and achingly chic.

    Shop Cavendish Home Rigola large round vase, £112


  • H&M large glass vase

    H&M large glass vase

    As minimal and chic as you’d expect from the purveyor of pared-back Scandinavian minimalism, H&M’s creamy-coloured vase is perfect for not attracting *too* much attention.

    Shop H&M large glass vase, £17.99


  • Gallery Gifts Manhattan vase

    Gallery Gifts Manhattan vase

    A work of art in and of itself, this chic vase is crying out to be displayed front and centre.

    Shop Gallery Gifts Manhattan vase, £95


  • Hay Moroccan large vase

    Hay Moroccan large vase

    The colour of the sea we wish we were wading in, this two-tone Hay vase is everything a bathroom or spare room needs to inject a healthy dose of sunny weather-inspired colour.

    Shop Hay Moroccan large vase at FarFetch, £65


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