9 scented candles in decorative jars that you can repurpose once they're gone

What’s better than a candle? A candle stored in an aesthetically pleasing jar, of course! 

We’re always here for a scented candle. But, when said candle is also housed in a beautiful, decorative vessel which we can re-use afterwards, our attention is well and truly grabbed.

It’s a trend that we’re seeing on the virtual shelves of many of our favourite homeware stores right now, with plenty of options to take a candle’s aesthetic to the next level and leave you with a pretty trinket-holder afterwards. 

Some of the best examples include eco-friendly brand Selfmade who have created seed labels to be planted in their glass jars after the candle has burned out, while Shrimps House do colourful containers which conceal the candle completely when it’s not in use.

So, keep your home feeling cosy and looking chic with these gorgeous candles kept in jars.

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  • Oliver Bonas globe ceramic scented candle

    Oliver Bonas candle

    Give your home a celestial touch with this beautiful candle slash ornament. 

    Inside you’ll find a heady sandalwood and leather scented candle, with floral middle notes of violet and iris alongside base notes of cedarwood and musk.

    The outside is decorated with handpainted gold stars and can be used as a trinket box after the candle has burned down.

    Shop globe ceramic scented candle at Oliver Bonas, £19.50

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  • Astier de Villatte Atelier de Balthus scented candle

    Astier de Villatte candle

    This rustic candle is inspired by a painter’s workshop. Both its scent and aesthetic is said to capture “the powdery, woody, resinous” of a studio.

    Expect notes of turpentine, smoke, honey, woods, tobacco and cedarwood. Delicious. 

    Shop Astier de Villatte Atelier de Balthus scented candle at Liberty London, £185

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  • Shrimps House pink opal and watermint candle

    Shrimps House candle

    This playful colour palette would look lovely on a coffee or side table, plus, there’s a sweet-smelling candle inside.

    On the website, you’ll find a selection of other colours incuding a lilac version which smells of lavender mimosa. Yum!

    Shop pink opal and watermint candle at Shrimps House, £20

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  • Diptyque coasted candle holder

    Diptyque candle

    Show your Diptyque candle off to its best ability with this hand-crafted flat-ribbed candle holder.

    Its bell shape enhances the candle’s glow, creating a soothing light source.

    Shop coasted candle holder at Diptyque, £95

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  • House of Lilah concrete soy candle

    House of Lilah candle

    House of Lilah’s concrete jars are hand-painted and can be repurposed to hold treasures or just for a visual delight.

    The brand’s scented candles are a natural blend of soy, coconut, bees and rape waxes that respect the environment, offering a slow and clean burn.

    Shop concrete soy candle at House of Lilah, £34.99

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  • Anthropologie Capri glass jar candle

    Anthropologie candle

    One of the most jar-like candles we’ve spotted in a while, this Anthropologie beauty is designed in the USA with a glass vessel and metal lid.

    There are three scents to choose from including orange and gardenia, primrose, vanilla and conifer and sugared oranges, lemons, and limes.

    Shop Capri glass jar candle at Anthropologie, £14

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  • Boucle natural soy candle

    Boucle candle

    These 100% natural soy wax essential oil scented candles are handmade in Hackney, each one sitting in an amber glass jar.

    There are lots of scents to choose from including rosemary, lavender and clary sage, lime zest, fennel and blood orange and vetiver, grapefruit and bergamot. 

    Shop natural soy candle at Boucle, £16

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  • Selfmade Bragga soy wax candle

    Selfmade candle

    Selfmade’s candles are amazing because the label of each one can be peeled off and planted in the re-usable glass jar, soon to grow into a little sapling of your own.

    There are currently eight scents to choose from including the Bragga candle which smells like a “classiest dress” belonging to the founder’s aunt.

    Shop Bragga soy wax candle at Selfmade, £24

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  • Fornasetti Losanghe Otto scented candle

    Fornasetti Losanghe candle

    This decorative ceramic vessel houses a high-quality candle scented with the Italian house’s Otto fragrance.

    Its exterior is inspired by Italian opera singer Lina Cavalieri, with a design which is reminiscent of both Art Deco architecture and mid-century geometrics. 

    Shop Fornasetti Losanghe Otto scented candle at Liberty London, £165

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