9 simple ways to make your hallway instantly more interesting

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No matter the size of your hallway, there’s a way to elevate yours into an Instagram-worthy space. 

They might be easy to overlook, and are often seen more as a conduit to the main event as opposed to the main event itself, but there’s something to be said for paying close attention to a home’s hallways.

After all, often they’re the first thing that guests will clap eyes on upon entering your home, and when you’ve paid such close attention to your kitchen, bedroom and living space, why not give your hallway just a little dose of TLC? 

It needn’t be too much of a laborious task, either, for there’s a clutch of innovative and foolproof ideas that will lend a helping hand to any and all hallways in need of a little love, from adding a smattering of prints to create a gallery wall, or investing in a statement rug to add a homely feel. The one takeaway here is: don’t just leave it – there’s a hallway solution for every entrance.

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  • Add a gallery wall

    Sézane Solidarity gallery

    By adorning a hallway’s walls with a clutch of complementary framed prints, attention can be transformed from a sad and slightly drab space to a statement-making display. For a space that doesn’t have high ceilings, opt for one statement frame with an assortment of much smaller iterations surrounding it. Fashion brand Sézane’s charity arm, Demain, has a deliciously picture-perfect array of prints, all of which will lend a helping hand to a hallway.

    Shop Sézane Solidarity gallery, from £80


  • Lay down a patterned rug

    Maroc Tribal 1970s Azilal carpet

    Divert attention away from the size of a hallway with a statement-making rug, which will add a sense of cosiness to a hallway as well as a splash of colour or texture. The size of your hallway will determine the style of rug you should opt for, but our mantra is always more is more.

    Shop Maroc Tribal 1970s Azilal carpet, from £2,000


  • When in doubt, add more plants

    Prick London ritterocereus pruinosus

    Plants are a given in any room in a home, but particularly in a hallway, where they can breathe a breath of fresh air into even the most dull and tired spaces. Prick London’s ritterocereus pruinosus plant is a must-have.

    Shop Prick London ritterocereus pruinosus, £10


  • Give your shoes a home with a shoe rack

    Cotswolds Company shoe rack

    There’s a high chance that if you’ve neglected your hallway for quite some time, that you’ve also not invested in a home for your shoes. After all, walking in the door and dumping them in a pile doesn’t exactly help the hallway’s cause. Instead, invest in a smart and chic shoe rack which will act as an attractive form of extra storage, as well as keeping your footwear organised. 

    Shop Cotswolds Company shoe rack, £225


  • Give the illusion of more space with a mirror

    Raawii Duplum round ceramic mirror

    It’s a known fact in the interiors realm that mirrors create the illusion of more space, so if your hallway’s on the slightly smaller side, add a circular or bold mirror either in among your gallery wall or on its own for serious pizzazz.

    Shop Raawii Duplum round ceramic mirror at Matches Fashion, £185


  • Paint your front door

    Blood Orange, Lick

    Nothing adds a splash of colour to a home in a more demure or under-the-radar way than a front door, which really ought to be painted in a fun and vivacious hue. Lick’s paint in the shade Blood Orange is particularly statement-making in a subtle way.

    Shop Lick in the shade Blood Orange, £38


  • Don’t forget a seat

    MADE.com Jenson seat

    If your hallway is wide and allows for it, add a stylish bench to line up against your wall. If you really want to push the boat out, opt for it in a splashy colour to really garner some attention. 

    Shop MADE.com Jenson seat, £219


  • Add a playful statement wall

    House of Hackney Hollyhocks wallpaper

    If a gallery wall isn’t quite to your taste and you’d rather something a little more refined, then opt for a statement wall which can be made easily with a slick of designer-approved wallpaper.

    Shop House of Hackney Hollyhocks wallpaper, from £185


  • Install shelving

    La Redoute Malu vintage rattan wall shelf

    For those who have more narrow hallway spaces, look to shelving which will create a little bit more storage and is the perfect place to make a statement in a smaller space. When looking for which shelving to adopt, rattan is always a good idea. 

    Shop La Redoute Malu vintage rattan wall shelf, £90


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