A houseplant festival is coming to London this autumn

And The Houseplant Festival’s organisers have promised plant lovers that it will be a “safe and socially distanced experience,” too.

We are, as you’ve probably noticed by now, big fans of the ongoing houseplant trend. 

Whether you’re all about those big statement plants that look fantastic on Instagram, growing fruit and veg indoors, or the multitude of health benefits that come hand-in-hand with looking after plants at home, there’s a lot to be said for wearing that ‘crazy plant lady’ badge with pride.

So you can imagine how excited we were to learn, then, that Noughticulture’s sellout houseplant festival is back for 2020 – with a few changes made for social distancing purposes, of course.

Curated by Alice Vincent – aka the author of How to Grow Stuff and Rootbound – this year’s celebration of all things green and leafy will take place over three days instead of one, in order to prevent overcrowding.

And, as well as the usual stalls and workshops, the festival will also feature talks from florists and gardening experts. Which means, yeah, you can swing by and learn about growing vegetables indoors, flower-arranging, and the secret language of houseplants.

There’s even a special talk from Caro Langton offering advice on what you need to pursue a business in botanical design, should your time in lockdown have inspired a career change.

“Last year’s triumphant debut Houseplant Fest at @gardenmuseum is back with a vengeance: triple the length and double the distance,” promises Vincent.

“We will be socially distant, we will be safe, but we won’t stop celebrating growing stuff indoors.”

In a bid to ensure the houseplant festival is Covid-safe, though, this is a strictly ticketed event. Which means that, should you wish to attend, you will need to book a ticketed time slot online in advance.

“As tickets are sold by the hour, we are encouraging a steady flow of people, and would anticipate your visit to the festival to be around an hour and a half (not including talks or visits to the Garden Café),” the organisers advise.

The Garden Museum’s Houseplant Festival is taking place 23-25 Oct 2020. Find out more about the event (and book your tickets) here.

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