A Robot Vacuum Amazon Shoppers Compare to a Dyson Is Just $130 — but Not for Much Longer

Since the dawn of robot vacuum cleaners, it's become more and more unnecessary to own and operate an upright vacuum. After all, why bother rolling out one bulky product when a quiet, unobtrusive robot can do all the work for you?  

If you've been considering making the switch to a robot vacuum but haven't yet taken the plunge, now's the time to nab one that's on sale. The Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum is a beast of a cleaner, built with 2000 pascals of strong suction power that can pick up everything from dust to pet hair on both carpets and hardwood floors. And through January 31, the vacuum's price has been slashed from $219.99 to $149.99 on Amazon. Plus, by applying the added coupon, you can save an extra $20. 

The robot vacuum has been designed with an XXL-sized dustbin to suck up more dirt for longer, meaning it doesn't need to be emptied out as frequently. Its slim, narrow body means it can effortlessly glide under beds and sofas to grab all the dust and hair you might otherwise miss. It can run for up to 130 minutes per charge, and will automatically dock when it needs to recharge. Plus, its built-in smart sensors mean it won't smash into walls or accidentally take a tumble down the stairs. 

Buy It! Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, $129.99 with coupon (orig. $219.99); amazon.com

"No more dust bunnies!" one Amazon shopper shares. "This vacuum is amazing. It is really powerful and sucks up everything. We have two dogs and two cats, and my house has never been cleaner."

Just connect the robot to Wi-Fi, which enables users to control it via the Yeedi app or simply through an Amazon Alexa device with voice control. Working through the app allows you to schedule cleanings at specific times. Plus, you can select certain types of programs, like spot cleanings and one that solely focuses on the edges and corners of a home.   

"[This is] the best little cleaner ever!" another shopper writes. "I have a Dyson and I swear this cleans as well or better. This little robot is quiet, has a long run time, [and] doesn't get stuck. I don't have to block off areas, it goes from carpet to hardwood with ease, and [it] has never fallen down the stairs. I LOVE it!"

You only have the rest of the weekend to snag this excellent deal before it reverts back to the original price. Shop the Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum for $129.99 on Amazon and make your home unbelievably — and effortlessly — spotless. 

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