A Swing! A Bar! A Door Handles That Fall Off! Lilly Singh Shows Off Her New Late Night 'Fun House'


Lilly Singh is welcoming fans into her "fun house" for a sneak peek of where she is filming season 2 of her late-night show.

The comedian gives PEOPLE an exclusive first look at the epic set of A Little Late with Lilly Singh with a guided house tour where she shows off some of the most unique aspects of her filming digs.

As Singh enters the brightly-decorated home, she first welcomes viewers into her playful living room. The host, 32, reveals her favorite parts of the room: a swing hanging from the ceiling and a full bar stocked with glasses and bottles of wine. "I have a swing and a bar in the same room. If you come to my house and you don’t leave dizzy, I failed," she teases.

Singh then gives a quick look at the bar area and jokes, "It’s not a drinking problem if you have a bar in your house, it’s called home decor."

She then continues through the sprawling home to show viewers her dressing area which includes an entire wall of sneakers — "Season 2 is all about kicks and comfort, check out my shoe wall," she says — before heading to the all-white kitchen, or as Singh calls it: "The room where I order takeout and then I serve it to people as if I cooked it."

She proceeds to tease that everything in the home is paid for by NBC, including a variety of "useless vases for no reason."

"This door: NBC's money," she says before accidentally pulling off a doorknob. "I am so sorry."

The outdoor area of the home includes a pool with a hot tub and a jungle gym/treehouse that serves as the "writer's room."

"The writers actually work out of the treehouse, which is super rare…for a show to let them see sunlight during the day," she jokes.

She explains that the reason for the treehouse is "because of COVID. It is so hard to get people into one room, but when you’re outside you have a little more freedom to be safe."

As she wraps up the tour, Singh says she is "so excited" to begin season 2 of her show.

"Now we just gotta finish the whole season…during COVID, very quickly and with very little money," she says with a worried look. "We can do it!"

The upcoming season of the late-night show is already stacked with a star-studded lineup.

Saweetie will kick off the first episode on Jan. 11, followed by Brie Larson on Jan. 12, Rainn Wilson on Jan. 13,  and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin on Jan. 14.

Season 2 of A Little Late with Lilly Singh is set to premiere on Monday, Jan. 11 at 1:35 a.m. ET on NBC.

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