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Brighten up your space, with rice straw lampshades and bubble vases

From zero-waste décor options to hand-knotted rugs inspired by the traditional drawings found outside South Indian homes, here’s how you can update your spaces mindfully. We also introduce you to a rapid deployment bed that can not only help hospital staff but also at-home caregivers.

Jaipur Rugs

Kolam Carpets

The ephemeral kolam — intricate line drawings with rice flour that greet you outside South Indian homes in the mornings — form the inspiration for these handwoven wool and bamboo silk carpets. Designed by Tania and Sandeep Khosla, the Bengaluru-based graphic designer and architect couple, in collaboration with Jaipur Rugs, the hand-knotted pieces explore the “versatility of the folk art form and its meditative quality”. From 90,700 (4X6 ft) to 5,29,200 (10×14 ft), on


Bubble Vase

Designer Yashesh Virkar moves away from architecture to the “kinetic form of water” in this line of home décor. While earlier he looked to ripples, droplets and ice for inspiration, his latest muse is the bubble. Handcrafted from translucent resin, each piece is evocative of “froth and lather”, he says, and thus of fun and joy. From 20,000 onwards, on



Förändring means change. At Ikea, this finds expression in a homeware collection made from rice straw. Designed by Akanksha Deo and Lina Vuorivirta, the line is part of the furniture and home accessories brand’s ‘Better Air Now’ initiative, which responds to global environmental problems like air pollution. (The burning of rice straws, a residue of rice harvesting, contributes significantly to air pollution in the northern parts of India). Choose from rugs, lampshades and more. ₹299 to ₹1,490, on

Doodlage x Iro Iro

Indigo Chronicles

This zero-waste brand founded by Kriti Tula spent the lockdown reinventing their supply chain to figure out a way to work with artisans in their homes. The result: a collaborative collection of home furnishings with sustainable brand Iro Iro, featuring scraps from factories around Jaipur. The ‘waste’ was woven again on hand looms to create textured fabrics that were used to create mats, rugs, runners and cushion covers, as well as robes and house slippers. From ₹600 to ₹5,200 on

Honest Structures

Laser-cut Bed

The pandemic is wreaking havoc on our healthcare system, and Goa-based architect and product designer Hemmant Jha’s design response is a rapid deployment bed. Made of five parts (sans bolts and screws), it can be assembled without tools in under two minutes. With laser-cut steel legs, this multi-use furniture is easy to clean and can be set up in a field hospital or a home with ailing members. Details:

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