Alan Titchmarsh: Gardening expert explains how to ‘cheat’ while growing winter mint

Alan Titchmarsh shows a great way to pot mint for the winter

Alan Titchmarsh is a regular gardening expert on Britons’ television screens who offers advice on everything from watering to pruning. He makes regular appearances on ITV’s Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh. In a video for Waitrose & Partners, Alan explained how to pot mint for the winter.

The herb is popular with keen cooks who like to use it for both desserts and savoury dishes.

Alan explained how to grow mint in the winter by “cheating”.

He said: “If you love mint with your roast lamb or even with some new potatoes, you’ve realised that in winter, mint dies down, there’s nothing to see.

“But you can cheat. If you get either a clump dug up from your garden or a couple of pots from the garden centre or nursery, you can cut them right back.”

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Alan said gardeners can take the “top growth” off the plant as it gets quite tough.

He then showed viewers how he managed to move the plants so that the young buds can come through.

He added that mint have “runners” on them which can be potted up into new containers.

Alan said you can get a couple of mint plants and then “cram” them into one large pot.

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He explained: “It doesn’t have to be terracotta, it can be plastic.”

He added: “Just stuff it in and as I say you can dig up from the garden as well you don’t have to buy them.

“Dig up part of your clump fill around them with compost.

“Make sure – as ever – the top of the pot you’ve got a good half inch to an inch of gap to allow for watering because what you’re going to do with this is to sit it not outside but in a porch in a cool conservatory.”

The gardening expert said to put the pots in a porch or a cool conservatory.

He said the plants “don’t need tropical heat” but it needs to be in a place where it’s not going to be impacted by frost.

Alan even said a window sill indoors could be a good place for it.

The shoots will then start to grow through the winter.

Alan added: “You can get mint almost for free.”

Alan has is own stunning garden in Hampshire which has a wild flower garden.

He also reportedly has a home near Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

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