Alan Titchmarsh shares ‘secret’ to loading a wheelbarrow ‘properly’ – ‘much easier’

Alan Titchmarsh shares tips on using a wheelbarrow in 2011

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Wheelbarrows are used in a plethora of gardens to manoeuvre heavy or large objects. From soil to dead leaves, wood and containers, a wheelbarrow is a great way to move all sorts from one end of your garden to another. However, if you load a wheelbarrow incorrectly, you could be at risk of hurting your back.

In a 2011 clip from ITV’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show, the gardening expert shared his “secret” to loading a wheelbarrow “properly”.

Alan told viewers: “You know the secret about how to load a wheelbarrow properly?

“That is to put the massive weight right over the front wheel, then it pivots.

“Well if you put all the weight at the back here you’re lifting it all.

“Push it all to the front and it lifts up much more easily.”

Alan also shared some other tips to make gardening life “easier”.

He said: “I’ve always believed spending time working on the garden is one of life’s pleasures.

“But hours spent weeding planting and lifting can be a little bit wearying.

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“So here to show some of the top products for making life outdoors a little bit easier are Helen and Kathy – the girly gardeners!”

One of Alan’s other hacks was to use a wheelbarrow extender so you can add more to your load.

The gardening expert said he uses a wheelbarrow extender for light objects like leaves.

He said: “These I use. You see these wheelbarrow extenders.

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“If you’ve got light stuff like leaves that you want to move when they’re blowing down in the winter and you can’t get enough in one of those well they’re [wheelbarrow extenders] great because you move so much more stuff.”

A wheelbarrow extender can be placed on top of the load you already jave in your wheelbarrow.

They’re heavy duty carrier bags that are usually green in colour.

The extenders or “boosters”, as they’re also called, are perfect for transporting grass cuttings.

You can find wheelbarrow extenders on Amazon for just £8.89.

eBay also sell other versions for around £10 to £30.

The Alan Titchmarsh Show aired on ITV from 2007 to 2014.

Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh airs on ITV at 10am on Sunday

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