Alan Titchmarsh: TV legend’s bizarre carpet compost trick exposed

The 70-year-old is known to viewers across the UK for offering brilliant gardening advice to ensure people can get green fingered and outdoors as best as possible. He is often cited as one of the major influences in getting the nation to fall back in love with their gardens, after various stints front a plethora of DIY and makeover shows. And this month the BBC star exposed an interesting tip to produce the best compost on his show ‘Grow Your Own At Home With Alan Titchmarsh’.

Alan explained that the one thing fruit, vegetables and plants need to thrive is good soil, which he confessed needs “organic matter in it to provide nutrients and to hold on to moisture”.

He advised that the best way to get those nutrients is from a compost heap.

The star said: “You can buy soil enriched with it in bags of course, but with many of us out mowing and pruning now is a great time to save some pennies. And create your own garden compost.

“A big garden needs a big compost heap, but even a small garden can fit one.

“What do you put in? Your vegetable waste and your weeds. Soft pruning from flowers and lawn mowings.”

However, there were some garden weeds – such as thick rooted strains – which should not be put in the compost as they have a chance to survive within the heap.

He added: “No food products from the house, no bread, no cooked vegetables.

“Potato peelings are ok, and crushed egg shells are fine – they won’t break down but they’ll give it a bit of body.”

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Alan then finally admitted that the best way to protect the compost is by “getting an old piece of carpet and chucking it on top” of the heap.

This, he told viewers, will “stop the sun’s rays from scorching it”.

Alan rose to prominence in the Nineties and secured his legacy with appearances on shows such as ‘Gardeners’ World’ and ‘Ground Force’.

As well as this, he has featured on other TV hits including ‘Songs of Praise’ and even voiced a cartoon on CBeebies.

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But it was his work on ‘Ground Force’ which won him universal praise after he helped renovate former South Africa president Nelson Mandela’s garden.

Despite his enduring popularity, Alan did previously admit he was considering slowing down his work schedule.

He told People last year: “I keep thinking I have to ease off a bit.

“My wife says I should cherry-pick more, I say I get offered a lot of cherries.

“I like being stimulated so it’s vital to me.”

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