Alan Titchmarsh: TV legend’s simple tip to make most of small garden exposed

The 70-year-old has been wowing audiences across the nation for decades and is often cited as a major influence in Britons getting back out into their gardens and planting. He is, however, only too aware that some people face the challenge of trying to grow their own plants, vegetables and fruits, in a variety of spaces. But while on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ last year, Mr Titchmarsh explained that people could make the most of their back gardens by growing plants and vegetables together in the same trough.

Before his admission, Mr Titchmarsh was asked by host Eamon Holmes: “Can you mix flowers and food as it were?”

The gardening legend replied: “Flowers and veg? Perfectly. Cottage gardens – that’s what they were.

“They were a mixture of flowers and veg and often the flowers were bringing in pollinating insects. We’re all very conscious now of having a garden that is wildlife friendly.

“Pollinating insects come in. Companion planting, putting onion and carrots and mixing them in means you’re less likely to get carrot flags – they get confused.”

By ensuring that the two are mixed together, it allows for more varieties of produce to be planted, an ingenious tip for anyone facing the prospect of only being able to plant in something small like a trough.

He also explained how aspiring gardeners can make the most out of troughs and exactly what to plant in them to create a beautiful assault of the senses.

He added: “I hear people say they haven’t got a big garden but you can get a little trough, you can get multi-purpose compost in it and you can get herbs.

“You buy them in pots, such as mint, which is very invasive but in troughs who cares. They’re glorious.

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“The key with this is to put it outside your back door. We’ve got mint, we’ve got thyme, sage, parsley, chives and basil in a sunny spot right near your kitchen window.

“And even if you don’t end up using them the smell is amazing.”

Mr Titchmarsh rose to fame in the early Nineties on BBC talk show ‘Pebble Mill at One’, which would prove to be his breakout success.

He would go on to secure his legacy by appearing on shows such as ‘Gardeners’ World’ and other makeover shows.

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But it was his work engaging the public in getting green fingered while on the iconic BBC show ‘Ground Force’.

Such was the show’s significance, he and ‘Ground Force’ co-stars Charlie Dimmock and Tommy Walsh would be invited to transform ex-South African president Nelson Mandela’s garden.

The gardener’s success continued during the late Noughties as his ‘Alan Titchmarsh Show’ on ITV charmed viewers every day.

He also presented reality show ‘Popstar to Operastar’ alongside former Hear’Say singer Myleene Klass.

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