Alexandra Daddario’s Roommate Reveals the Star’s Worst Habits in PEOPLE's New YouTube Series

Alexandra Daddario has been having a blast quarantining at home with her roommate, best friend, and fellow actress, Kate Easton, and PEOPLE paid the pair a visit for the first episode of our new YouTube series Celebrity Home Scavenger Hunt

The series, which premieres Thursday, September 17 on the PeopleTV Youtube channel, takes viewers inside stars’ homes through self-shot episodes, letting the celebs show firsthand how they live.

Half scavenger hunt-half interview, each episode tasks a celeb with finding certain things around their house (think: a most prized possession, a favorite souvenir, etc.), and ends with a round of rapid-fire questions. 

Daddario, 34, kicks off the series, welcoming fans into the home she shares with Easton, her co-star in the upcoming film Lost Girls and Love Hotels, which premieres September 18. The close pair also have a YouTube channel together, and are no strangers to joking around in front of the camera. 

For the scavenger hunt portion, the roommates are tasked with finding and showing off their most treasured keepsakes that they brought back from Tokyo, where they filmed Lost Girls. Then, they're challenged to grab some art supplies in order to draw each other.

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Before the rapid-fire questions for Daddario, the friends also ask each other a few other hilarious questions, including one perfect for any pair of roommates: what are each other’s worst habits?

Daddario says Easton’s worst quality is waking up too early. “All during quarantine she’s up at like 6 am, lipstick on, hair straightened… it doesn’t even make a ton of sense,” the Baywatch actress jokes.

Easton, on the other hand, admits that Daddario’s worst habit stems from when she comes down to the kitchen to get a bite to eat: “Alex will go into the kitchen, open up every cabinet, and not close one of them,” Easton alleges. Daddario’s excuse? “I have visual memory issues!”

The episode ends with a 60-second Q&A session, with hilarious prompts like, “weirdest internet hole you fell down recently” and “weirdest thing you purchased during the quarantine." Tune in to find out their answers.

Future guests on Celebrity Home Scavenger Hunt will include Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson and her football player husband Andrew East, Love Is Blind’s Lauren and Cameron Hamilton and more.

Tune in weekly for new episodes every Thursday at 10 am on the PeopleTV YouTube channel.

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