‘Already?!’ Monty Don: Gardening fans left stunned as expert shows off ‘tomato harvest’

Monty Don gives advice on planting broccoli

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Monty Don grows a plethora of fruit, vegetables, flowers and bushes at his home. On Instagram and Twitter, Monty often shows followers the fruits of his labour. Whether it’s plants in the herb garden, beautiful flowers in the jewel garden or trees in the writing garden, the gardening expert loves to share a glimpse of his garden with fans.

Last week, Monty shared a photo of his tomato harvest.

The photo left gardening fans stunned as they pondered how Monty had managed to have such large, ripe tomatoes “already”.

The image showed a plethora of tomatoes of all shapes and sizes in a green tub.

Monty captioned the photo: “Tomato harvest has begun.”

One person replied to the photo: “Already!? Wow!!!”

Another person commented: “My tomatoes never look like that.”

Another user asked Monty: “Are these from the greenhouse? Ours are nowhere near this in Kent?”

A fourth individual penned: “Wonderful! We still have a way to go.”

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Others pondered whether it was the “benefits of a greenhouse”.

Tomatoes can be harvested from July to September, according to the Royal Horticultural Society.

However, it does depend on the variety, weather conditions and size of the fruit.

Cherry tomatoes tend to ripen more quickly and greenhouse tomatoes usually crop earlier than the grown outdoors.

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The larger tomatoes in Monty’s photo appear to be an old-fashioned beefsteak tomato variety known as “Costoluto Fiorentino”, but he doesn’t mention which variety they are.

Today, Monty shared a photo of his cucumber plants.

He shared a photo of the “indoor plants” growing inside his greenhouse.

The pant appears to have three or four large, green cucumbers hanging from it.

However, he said the cucumber plants growing outdoors are “much slower”.

He captioned the photo: “Plenty of cucumbers on the indoor plants.

“A few on the outdoor ones too, but much slower.”

The photo received lots of comments from fans who congratulated Monty.

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