Amazon Customers Consider This $30 Wet-Dry Car Vacuum Their 'Best Purchase Ever'

If you still have sand from last summer’s beach trip embedded into your car’s carpet floor, read on. The Cherlyon Portable Car Vacuum is a powerful, compact, and portable wet-dry vacuum cleaner that will not only clean up the remnants of your last shore trip, but will also suck up that smoothie you just spilled on your car’s upholstery. And it will only cost you $30. 

The small but mighty vacuum weighs less than 2 pounds but comes with a high-power 150-watt motor that can pick up dirt, pet hair, crumbs, dust, and more. Along with dry messes, the vacuum can also easily suction up liquids like mud or spilled coffee thanks to its “wet feature.” Shoppers are comparing its “innovative swirl design” to a Dyson because it traps all the little debris but keeps long hair from getting stuck in the filter and clogging up the machine. 

Car vacuums usually have short cords, but this vacuum has a 16-foot power cable that can reach from the dashboard to the trunk with ease. It also comes with several attachments: a brush for lifting trapped dirt, an extended hose and a long tube for hard-to-reach areas, and a slot pipette for nooks and crannies. The HEPA filter helps to trap particles like dander, pollen, and dust and houses them in the spacious half-liter bin (so you’re not constantly running to the trash to empty it). It also comes with a replacement fuse and filter, just in case.

Buy It! Cherlyon Portable Car Vacuum, $29.99;

Over 12,000 Amazon shoppers are amazed at how convenient the tiny tool is, rating it five stars. “I could not be happier with this product,” one says. “It works so well and has so much included. The cord is SO LONG I bet it could reach around the inside of my car twice. And it suctions up so well and you can empty it easily too. Everything just screams ‘best car accessory purchase ever.’”

Another writes, “This car vacuum cleaner saves me a trip to the car wash. The vacuum easily powers up by using the cigarette lighter charging outlet. It also has excellent suction power and is easy to clean out after vacuuming. The cord and hoses are long enough to reach different areas of the car as well. It is a fantastic invention.”

Customers also love the included traveling bag and are using it to keep their vacuum in their glove compartment or center console — especially pet owners and parents who are used to dealing with messy cars. 

“After a winter of road trips, snowstorms, rides to the dog park, and muddy hikes, this vacuum has definitely been put to the test and has passed with flying colors,” reviews one dog owner.

A parent notes, “Needed a new handheld to vacuum the car daily with two toddlers and when I came across this guy while researching, I was astonished!! It’s so powerful it even picks up beach sand. Since my Bissell only lasted five months, I wanted something totally different and this vacuum surpassed my expectations and more!!” 

Keep your car fresh and clean —no matter who or what enters it — with the help of the $30 Cherlyon Portable Car Vacuum. 

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