Amazon Customers Say This Powerful Palm-Sized Vacuum Is ‘Something You Never Knew You Needed’

You may religiously dust, sweep, and vacuum to keep a tidy home, but some spaces might still escape your grasp. Whether you're haunted by the crumbs between your keyboards or the stray lint that's permanently settled into your rug, a teeny-tiny vacuum cleaner can help you finally suction out hard-to-reach debris — and Amazon shoppers swear by the $13 Premium Handheld Vacuum Cleaner to get the job done. 

This compact vacuum cleaner is certainly small at just 2.5 inches high and 3 inches wide, but reviewers are quick to note that the small tool has "unbelievably good suction"; in fact, they are "blown away" by how well it works. It uses a 3-volt high-speed suction fan to effectively scoop up unwanted particles from previously unattainable locations. With its quiet, easy-to-maneuver design, you can clean up your desk space while your partner is on a video call in the same room without disturbing them. 

Buy It! Premium Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, $12.99; 

While owners of the palm-sized vacuum cleaner turn to it for plenty of uses (loose makeup powder on vanities, glitter on craft tables, pet hair on furniture) they seem to really love it for picking up crumbs from desks and tabletops for a more targeted clean. 

This tool is "something you never knew you needed," one shopper writes, adding that it's, "probably one of my favorite finds on Amazon. My teenager leaves the kitchen table every night with crumbs everywhere. He now knows to use the table vacuum to clean it up before he leaves the table. Works great!"

Customers also note that using the small but mighty appliance feels much more sanitary than sweeping their normal vacuum across the chairs and tables where their families eat.

"A great tool to have when you want to clean up areas quick," a five-star reviewer writes. "I use this in my sewing room. It's great for cleaning up all the lint that accumulates from cutting material and on the sewing machine to keep everything neat and tidy. Easy to empty and works well. Has more power than I thought it would — it even picks up spilled salt and sugar! Love it!"

And while functionality is the most important, many customers add that the vacuum is so stylish — you can choose from timeless black and cute mint green colors — that they love displaying it in their homes. 

Grab the cute, cheap, and compact mini vacuum cleaner at Amazon. 

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