Amazon Reviewers Love This Portable, Germ-Trapping Air Purifier for Flights and Car Rides

You don’t have to invest in or drag around a bulky machine to enjoy clean air around your home thanks to this little innovation.

The Wynd Plus, a smart air purifier, recently arrived on Amazon Launchpad and has already received hundreds of rave reviews. The portable air purifier weighs just one pound, can be set up anywhere, and comes with a removable air quality tracker. And given recent air quality concerns and the corresponding surge in air purifier sales, this versatile cleaner is likely to move fast. 

Buy It! Wynd Plus Smart Portable Air Purifier, $199.95; 

The purifier, which is about the size of a water bottle, cleans up to 100 square feet of space and traps all sorts of icky particles and hazards lurking in the air, including pet dander, smoke, pollen, dust, fumes, mold spores, and other pollutants. And there’s another beneficial feature hidden in its filter: The silver included in its fabrication is designed to kill 99 percent of bacteria and viruses.

Its designers, former NASA and MIT engineers, created the purifier to be used everywhere. You can run it at your desk, in your car, or by your couch during the day, and then position it next to your bed to run through the night. You can also remove its clip-on air quality tester and bring the sleek piece with you to get real-time data on your phone while you’re out and about. 

Hundreds of Amazon reviewers with all kinds of allergy and health concerns rave about the gadget. “I've had bothersome allergies my whole life and consequently have been in the market for purifiers for a long time,” one reviewer shared. “Most are bulky, loud, and unseemly. In that area, Wynd excels. Its product is sleek, quiet, and travels well. Its app is great and shows a map with air quality readings in my vicinity. Overall, this product has satiated my appetite for a modern air purifier that is travel-ready and smart phone-compatible.”

Another reviewer crowned the air purifier as “the only one you’ll ever need,” especially if you want one that’s easy to move around.   

“I absolutely love how efficiently this air purifier works,” they wrote. “In just a few hours, I noticed an immediate difference within my room. I also love the portability factor of being able to take my purifier on the go and knowing I can get clean air whenever I end up. I'm very happy I purchased this!”

Now that we’re spending tons of time at home and many regions are grappling with poor air quality due to ongoing West Coast forest fires, Google searches for air purifiers are exploding and many popular ones are selling out. Due to its versatility and germ-killing filter, this two-in-one Wynd machine may be tricky to track down in the coming weeks, so be sure to add the Prime-eligible find to your cart now if you want to get your hands on it.  

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