Amazon Shoppers Are Calling This Air Cooler a 'Beast' Because It's a Tower Fan and Humidifier All-in-One

Summer is the best time of the year — if you have a good air conditioner, that is. As the temperatures begin to climb, Amazon shoppers are parting ways with fans and upgrading their home cooling system with the TaoTronics Evaporative Air Cooler. It's a three-in-one air cooler that acts as a tower fan and humidifier while improving the quality of air and temperature of your room. Not only is it a fan-favorite for its versatile and remote-controlled design, but with its $212.19 price tag, hundreds of reviewers say it's a steal. 

With an oscillation of 80 degrees and a velocity of 25 feet, the powerful-yet-quiet tower fan offers widespread cooling distribution that reviewers say takes less than 10 minutes to cool down an entire room. It's also equipped with a detachable six-liter water tank to hold ice packs (it comes with two reusable ones) and cold water, which provides seven hours of continuous airflow when used as an air cooler. For a customized breeze, you have your choice of seven wind speeds and modes and can set your desired length of usage with its 15-hour timer. 

Buy It: TaoTronics Evaporative Air Cooler, $212.19;

Amazon shoppers have awarded the TaoTronics Evaporative Air Cooler with an impressive 4.8-star rating, and say it's a must-have if you live in dry climates. 

"First of all, I'm impressed; I did not expect this oscillating air cooler to be so beefy and impressive," raved one customer, who called the machine "beast" in their review. "I live in Colorado where the air is nose-bleed dry and the temperatures fluctuate frequently so many people do not have air conditioning in their home… This is not your basic flimsy plastic tower fan and I highly recommend it. It's worth every penny." 

Plenty of hot sleepers have also found it to be worth the investment towards a good night's sleep. "I ordered this just in time for a mini heatwave to kick in," another reviewer shared. "My bedroom gets really hot, and fans just sort of blow the same hot air around all night. Because this cooler is essentially a fancy swamp cooler, it actually makes its own cold air which has really helped me sleep the last few nights."

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Others praised the portability of the air cooler, which features wheels on the bottom so it can easily be moved from room to room. "This cooler is like a small personal air conditioner for me," one Amazon shopper wrote. "It also does not cost as much electricity as a regular AC. I have no complaints." 

Beat the heat this summer and grab the TaoTronics Evaporative Air Cooler on Amazon today. 

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