Amazon Shoppers Can’t Believe How Much Clothing These $18 Storage Bags Hold

It finally feels like spring is near: Flower buds are beginning to sprout and the sun is shining for more than a few hours per day. That bulky space heater and winter parka can finally be retired to the far depths of your closet and replaced with spring essentials. But if you're not exactly sure where to store all your winter clothing, it may be time to invest in some large-capacity storage bags.

Consider a set of three Lifewit clothing storage bags, which are climbing the ranks in Amazon sales. As of this writing, the under-$20 storage bags are currently in the top 20 of Amazon's Movers & Shakers section, home to the most popular products shoppers are buying in real time. These large, sturdy storage bags are ideal for storing comforters, blankets, pillows, toys, coats, sweaters, and pants. One bag claims to fit either one king-size comforter, six blankets, or 35 pieces of clothing.

The handles are sewn with two layers of thick fabric, so they won't break when you're transporting heavy loads, and each one is finished off with a set of reinforced seams for extra support. The material is made from an odorless, non-woven fabric, promoting ventilation and protecting stored items. Plus, when they're emptied, each bag can be folded up and stored away without taking up extra space.   

Buy It! Lifewit Clothing Storage Bags, $17.99 with coupon (orig. $19.99);

To use the bags, simply unzip each one, pack in an assortment of bedding and clothing, then zip shut and store away. The best part? You'll never have to guess what's inside thanks to a clear window which helps you identify the contents without needlessly digging.  

Amazon shoppers have fallen in love with this game-changing organizer; over 12,000 reviewers have given the storage bags a five-star rating. Shoppers "can't believe how much it holds" and note that they're a "great size for storing last season's clothes." 

"My linen closet was out of control before I bought these," one five-star shopper shares. "I had no room. It was piled full of comforters, sheets, and extra curtains. I bought three of these bags and fit everything from my linen closet into them. They fit stacked at the bottom of my closet, and now I have three empty shelves to place my towels on." 

"These bags have a massive storage capacity," another shopper says. "You get three of them, and I was able to store every single towel I own. I love that they have a clear window so that you can easily see the contents. You can store your out-of-season clothes out of the way. Very nice and functional."The bags come in three colors, including black, blue, and grey.

Shop the Lifewit clothing storage bags on Amazon, and make sure to apply the coupon to save an extra $2. 

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