Amazon Shoppers Say These Antimicrobial Sheets Are a ‘Godsend ’— and They’re Less Than $40 Today

Bedsheets are a very personal purchase. Some people will only sleep on a certain thread count, while others are constantly searching for the coolest fabric they can find. So it’s an impressive feat indeed that one set of sheets racked up a whopping 31,000 perfect reviews on Amazon — and it’s less than $40 for Cyber Monday 2020.

LuxClub’s bamboo sheets are made with bamboo viscose fabric, blended with microfiber and elastic to ensure they have a snug fit. This material comes with a bevy of benefits: It’s soft to touch, temperature-regulating, and wrinkle-resistant.

There is some research that also suggests bamboo sheets can have an antimicrobial effect. A study published in the Journal of Consumer Sciences in 2011 found that when compared to cotton, fabric made of regenerated bamboo had a stronger anti-microbial effect. A study on sock materials published in the Alexandria Engineering Journal in 2018 had similar findings. Still, shoppers should note that clinical research on bamboo fabric is limited and these studies may not show the full picture — so, yes, you still have to wash your sheets regularly.

Still, there are plenty of other reasons why shoppers swear by these budget-friendly sheets. “These sheets are incredibly comfortable — soft, smooth, silky, and most importantly for us, cool! They do not retain body heat at all, but still allow you to be cozy,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “They also have a nice deep pocket and plenty of top sheet for the whole bed (no need to worry if there’s enough for a cover hog!)”

Buy It! LuxClub 6 PC Sheet Set Bamboo Sheets,  $34.95 (Orig. $56.99);

Others echo their sentiment, saying that the sheets feel luxurious, especially for their price point: “These sheets are a godsend. So soft. So easy to clean. So few wrinkles. Would purchase these 100 times over,” another shopper wrote. 

LuxClub’s bamboo sheets are particularly popular with those who get hot at night. “My husband and I are both hot sleepers and these have greatly improved our night’s rest. They also don't ride up the mattress, like so many other sheets have done in the past,” an additional reviewer shared. 

Available in 40 different colors, these bamboo sheets make it easier to get the shuteye you’re craving, according to Amazon shoppers — and now they’re 39 percent off their normal price of $56. For better nights ahead, this is one Cyber Monday deal worth investing in.

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