Amazon Shoppers Say This $20 Lint Roller Doesn't Leave a Single Strand of Pet Hair Behind

While welcoming a pet into your home is overall a joyous experience, dealing with overwhelming amounts of shedding never is. Using a vacuum cleaner can keep hair build-up to a minimum, but constantly pulling it out may easily become tiresome. That's where simple solutions like the Smart Design Floor Lint Roller can be of service — shoppers have called it a "crazy effective cleaning tool" for picking up dog and cat hair in a pinch. 

The lint roller comes with 25 removable adhesive sheets (refills can also be bought on Amazon) that attract dust, dirt, pet hair, and lint within seconds. They can be run across upholstery, car seats, staircases, and clothing and are perfectly safe for use on wood, tile, vinyl, furniture, and even auto interiors. The handle can be extended between 12.5 inches to 45 inches, making reaching tight corners or high spaces a breeze. 

Buy It! Smart Design Floor Lint Roller, $19.97;

Pet owners say the lint roller "picks up everything in sight', without leaving a single strand of hair behind. One reviewer wrote that they were "simultaneously horrified and satisfied" by how much litter, crumbs, dust, and hair it removed in their home. 

"This thing is INCREDIBLY simple and effective. Each sheet alternates between the color green or white, so it is really, really easy to peel off the sheets. My girlfriend and I moved into an apartment with a carpet full of cat and human hair. I bought a 9.5-horsepower Shop Vac to clean it up — still tons of hair. I had the apartment complex manager bring in their professional carpet cleaners — still tons of cat and human hair left. Next I found this roller. I used the entire roll and there is NOT A SINGLE CAT OR HUMAN HAIR LEFT IN THE CARPET. This thing rocks."

Stop drowning in a sea of pet hair and head to Amazon to grab the Smart Design Floor Lint Roller for just $20. 

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