Amazon Shoppers Say This Cordless Bissell Mop Makes Them Excited to Clean — and It’s on Sale

Sure, vacuuming your floors regularly removes dirt and dust, but what about tough grime that just won't budge? That calls for a superior mop paired with a strong cleaning solution — it'll wipe away kitchen spills and mud far quicker than a sponge and elbow grease ever could. So it's a good thing one shopper-loved pick is currently on sale on Amazon. 

The Bissell SpinWave Cordless Spin Mop is an effective cleaning tool that's gentle on floors. The rotating mop pads do practically all the work, effortlessly removing buildup on sealed tile, linoleum, vinyl, and even hardwood floors. With the click of a button, you can control how much cleaning solution is sprayed, and the cordless feature allows you to move freely and tackle multiple rooms at once. 

Buy It! Bissell SpinWave Cordless Spin Mop, $120 (orig. $149.99);

Pet owners and parents claim the spin mop with an included trip tray is a "game changer" for cleaning their homes, saying it saves them both "time and sweat." Others add that the mop is incredibly easy to assemble, use, and store away. 

"Mopping is my least favorite chore," said one reviewer. "This mop is so easy to use I didn't even need the instructions. My daughter and I actually argued over who GETS to mop each week. I had my sister buy this mop and she loves it, too!"

"Really quite happy with this product," shared another. It's "very lightweight and easy to use. Love how it comes with the two different mop heads: One set for regular cleaning and then one set for deep cleaning. When you're done cleaning you take off the mop pads, throw them in the washing machine, and you're ready for the next time."

If your floors need the transformative magic only a mop can provide, head over to Amazon and grab the Bissell SpinWave Cordless Spin Mop while it's 20 percent off. 

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