Amazon Shoppers Say This Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber Cuts Cleaning Time in Half

When it comes to cleaning tough stains and grime, sometimes elbow grease just isn't enough. That's where cleaning tools step in — they can efficiently break down all kinds of unwanted filth in a matter of seconds. At least that's what Amazon shoppers say about the Homitt Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber. Many reviewers claim its incredible cleaning power has saved them a ton of time (and hand cramps) while maintaining a spotless home.   

The versatile power scrubber comes equipped with three interchangeable brush heads for cleaning a variety of surfaces. Use the corner brush head for tile grout, tight corners, or any hard-to-reach spaces. Swap in the concave round brush head for the bathtub, sink, or toilet, or try the flat brush head for larger surfaces, such as tile walls, hardwood floors, or outdoor furniture. All three brush heads are easy to detach and wash when you're done cleaning. What's more, the lightweight, sleek design is easy to maneuver and won't tire out your arms. You can also transport the scrubber anywhere in your home without annoying cords.

Buy It! Homitt Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber, $36 (orig. $40);

Many shoppers claim that the tool makes cleaning a breeze and is easily "worth every penny." They say it's a must-have for making any surface look brand new, from kitchen floors to shower tiles. 

"This product has been a life changer for me," wrote one shopper. "This has enabled a busy person to complete cleaning tasks that I normally would just put off, and [finish] other doable ones in half the time. It is such a pleasure to have your sinks, tubs, chrome fixtures, and glass sparkle with minimal effort. I am almost happy to clean."

"Absolutely love this thing," said another. "Holds a charge forever. I charged it one time and have had it for a few months! I bought it to keep in my bathroom, and it works awesome for the shower, floor, sinks, toilet, and tub. It's super convenient and I find myself cleaning so much more. If I notice an area that needs attention, I no longer push it off until cleaning day, I just grab it out of the closet and it's clean in a few minutes!"

The Homitt Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber is compact enough to be hung up on the wall or stowed away in a drawer, making it a great addition for those living in smaller spaces. 

You can grab your own on Amazon for just $36 with the help of a 10 percent off on-page coupon. 

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